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  1. greg g

    start with 12V, run on 6V

    Is the starter close to the exhaust manifold? Is the heat riser for the intake on the starter side? I had a VW Rabbit (Golf) with a similar problem, l made a sheet metal heat shield that fit between manifold and starter. In addition, l got some metal 3 inch clothes dryer ducting and rigged it up to provide ambient airflow from behind the grill directed toward the starter. This solved the problem. Wonder if you might have some armater sections that are bad ? You said you had put new bushings, did you test the armature? You might want to pull the starter and take it to a shop for a thorough test.
  2. greg g

    Carb Tune up and misc

    Make sure you check the freedom of movement of the step up jet. Located internally, it functions t provide enrichment for power after the initial shot provided by the accelerator pump. Its default is to be open due to its internal spring. A manifold vacuum signal holds it closed at high vacuum periods like idle and part throttle cross. When vacuum drops, when you increase and hold open the throttle, the spring pulls the tapered needle out of the jet. Make sure when you remount the carb that the slot in the gasket lines up with the small hole in the base of the carb, that is the vacuumvacuum path for the step up circuit.
  3. greg g

    Time Mark

    Just time it with a vacuum gauge then you can put it at TDC for #1 on compression and the pointer should line up with the marks, probably between 4 & 6 degrees btdc.
  4. greg g

    MoPar's Syracuse Nationals

    We will be spectating at the various hotel parking lots around town in the evening. What part of Syracuse are you staying in? Maybe l can do a drive by. When are you arriving? (pm me with details if you refer them not on the open forum) There are a couple of local cruise in where many of the cars show up. Thursday evening have one on Taft Rod near the airport, and one in Sylvan beach at the east end of Onieda lake, both will have 350+ vehicles.
  5. greg g


    In the post with the screens showing the illustrations, note the different size of balls the check valves. It is imperative that they are in the proper positions for the accelerator pump to work. The other item to check is the step up valve. If it is stuck open or not getting its proper vacuum signal it will cause an over rich fuel mixture. This will cause poor running, sooted plugs, low gas mileage, heavy gas smell in the exhaust, and sometime gas oder in the oil. The valve and piston should move freely against the spring pressure. A vacuum signal from the intake manifold passes through a passage through the carb to hold it closed at idle and cruise with high vacuum. If the signal is absent, the spring holds the piston and needle valve open at all times. What plugs are you running?? Champions are notoriously poor quality these days. Been running AC 45 for years with great results. Just pulled one the other day, after 15000 miles it looked so good, I put it back in and have assumed the others look the same.
  6. greg g

    Went to the Chevy dealer., what did I find?

    Like the liscence plate. Had a friend who had a 51 with the tip toe semi auto. It was defiantly a leisurely conveyance. Wonder if it has been redone?
  7. greg g

    48 Windsor Hood to Radiator Seal

    If you are speaking of the rubber that fits between the sheet metal and hood, l downloaded a Plymouth pattern several years back. It was in the download section on this site. They are mirror image so one pattern is all that's needed. An old inner tube can be used or a rubberized canvas or such.
  8. greg g

    Carb Tune up and misc

    Best to keep all your ?? In the same thread then all your answers are in the thread especially if it tune up, driveability related. Intake vacuum for an engine in good condition should 20/21 inches at around 500 rpm. Keep in mind that ign timing is also a component of the vacuum reading. As such you can set your timing using the vacuum gauge. Set the carb first. Then loosen the dist hold down, and move the dist. till the highest steady vacuum reading is attained. Then snug the dist. and road test. If you encounter knock or ping, retard the timing till it disappears. Your truck will now be set for altitude, fuel,and your right foot. If idle is high adjust at the carb idle screw,not idle air bleed.
  9. greg g

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    Forgot the rubber inlet hose, they can look fine on the outside but be rotten on the inside. They can be sucked closed by the fuel pimp.
  10. greg g

    New to the forum, Here's my dilemma

    Remove the rubber hose on the inlet side of the fuel pump. Introduce some low pressure compressed air through the line to the tank. Listen for bubbles at the gas cap. There is an oillite filter at the pick up in the tank. Also assure you have the correct gas cap. I believe you cap should be vented. This allows air into the tank to replace the gas that's pumped out. Take it out and run about 15 miles, shut it off, remove the gas cap. If it sucks in a bunch of air, that could be your problem, especially if as you say you can run 30 minutes before it shuts down.. Also looks like you have a slight fuel leak at the carb inlet or from the gasket around the float bowl. Clean it up, see if you can snug stuff down a bit. Be gentle do not over tighten. In fact you might want to loosen all the screws holding the top of the carb on then re tighten them in a star pattern, doing a couple go rounds, till equally tight.
  11. greg g

    Kubalwagon build

  12. Kinda wonder where the 15 bucks goes, most clubs host a show to raise money for club expenses,some will tell you half the entry fee goes to a charity they might align with, some say it defrays the cost of the venue. Most around here are eight to 12 bucks. The Mopar group charges ten but it supports the local trauma burn center. The flyer should tell you what's going on.
  13. greg g

    With great inheritance........

    The D30 engine goes along with 49 Coronet or Meadowbrook for 1949. The Coronet was the upmarket model with the most standard bells and whistles. Does it say Gyro magic any where? Dashboard, rear bumper, on the trunk lid? Wheelbase should be 123 inches. Serial number, the identifier Chrysler uses for a complete car assigned sequentially as frame engine and body were all together on the assembly line should be a round or rectangular tag revited on one of the a pillars.
  14. Well the flyer says cruise in, far as I am concerned that should be open to any thing that shows up. I would think that with that kind of attitude, the Over the Hill Gang will be obsolete, toasted by their pretension in the near future.
  15. greg g

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    You need to ask the seller which carb numbers it fits. The "IAT, IGS, etc from the side of the distributer body. There some small differences in the advance curves through the years but, l am running a 54 truck dist in my 56 car engine with little ill effect. If he can't answer don't buy. Did you try to adjust the timing to see if you could get a higher reading from intake source?

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