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  1. greg g

    Vintage Glovebox Goodie

    Traveling salesman's necessity. Can't make sales calls with loose buttons and frayed hems.
  2. greg g

    Left over part

    Yep that's what its for.
  3. greg g

    Twenty years. . .

    Don't remember when I signed on (maybe 2001) but the page was still in its first edition. I remember we were posting (pics) in the title line when pictures were included because it warned the folks on dialup connections that it might take a while for a message to open up... Things have changed, members have come and gone, but in my experience it is still one of the best and most informative source for Mopar (and sometimes other interesting) stuff on the web. Thanks to GTK and the mods for their efforts on our behalf.
  4. There are these guys too. Not a recommendation, do your due diligence as with any consumer goods results may vary. https://www.damperdoctor.com
  5. greg g

    Someone is going to be making new rear drums.

    Uh wonder what quality assurance procedures will be going into these castings? After all brake parts are what might be considered critical parts for safety of all on the roads. Not familiar with what the factory did to assure minimum standards, but these have what specifications behind them? Who is going to be pouring these? With the lack of quality showing up in after market brake rotors from some retail sales outlets, it is worth considering.
  6. greg g

    cooling circuit pressure....

    The simple way to tell is the location of the overflow tube. If it originates from a turret on the radiator expansion tank or on the filler neck below the bottom gasket on the cap, it is a non pressurized system and the cap doesn't matter because it can not build pressure as the vent is below where the cap seals. If the overflow opening is in the filler neck between the top of the cap and the bottom gasket then that indicates it it designed to build pressure. Before 55/56 most systems operated in the 3 to 7 psi range. This is where the proper cap is necessary to assure your components, radiator, heater core, and hoses don't fail due to over pressuring the system.
  7. greg g

    Oil or Hydraulic Fluid

    You are that the m6 requires 2 fluids. The hydraulic fluid goe into the fluid coupling between the engine and transmission. These units seldom need servicing unless they have a bad seal. You don't need to change the fluid as a maintenance procedure. You should check the level and top up if needed through the access panel in the floor hump. The transmission takes another separate lubricant.I will let the folks with m6 tell you what they use. The m6 is a two range unit with 2 gear in low range, and two gears in high range. In normal operation, low range is not used. Typically after backing out of your garage, high range is selected using the clutch and shift lever and then driving around is done in high range using the brake and gas pedal only. If you run into a situation where you need to pull a building off its foundation, climb a 30% grade or drive on the beach, then you might need to use low range. If I recall, the top speed in top gear of low range might be 28 mph. The selection of high range should be through an adjustable rod and a mechanical movement of the linkage. Assure that it is properly seleting high range. The Imperial Club website repair section has some very helpful trouble shooting guide, maintenance procedures, and mechanic training materials. The All Par site also has a good section on the M 6 , how to use it and care for it. Even though it has a clutch, it is meant to go between ranges, or to select reverse. It is not necessary to use the clutch for normal driving.
  8. greg g

    Grinding Gears or Clashing

    What transmission is your car equipped with. Please don't answer fluid drive. That is not the transmission. Do you have a manual three speed or the semi automatic?
  9. greg g

    47 ply convert $82,000 on EBAY

    All that and an obviously altered serial number plate. Renders it valueless, IMHO.
  10. What other changes have you made to your engine? Different camshaft, valve modifications, change to compression ratio, exhaust modifictions.? What did you intend to run and how are you going to handle linkage? The engine will only suck so much air, whether it enters through one hole or three volume will remain pretty much the same. There might be smoother flow which all help but air volume through each carb will be a third of that entering through a single. Jetting will need to reflect the reduced flow through the individual carbs.
  11. greg g

    Ford to quit NASCAR?

    Time flies!! We have been to a couple oval tracks and been the Watkins Glen a time or two. The noise and rumble of 40 + 700 HP cars is worth the experience but not habit forming. Like road courses and short tracks but all these 400 to 500 mile mile and a halfs all look the same except for the color of the walls.
  12. greg g

    Ford to quit NASCAR?

    Heard the France family was asking some wall street bank to assist them in evaluating their assets. Seems like what you do prior to filling for reorganization, or prior to a sale. NASCAR has troubles. Sponsorship is down, attendance is way down, around here the cable channel and our cable company are having a pi$$ing match, so the first part of the season was lost for viewers. The up coming All-star event is questionable. Races are too long and the stages are contrived. Being that they weren't on TV, I didn't miss them. As for F1 Who ever wins pole usually wins the race unless there is a crash or screw up in the pits. The best racing is in mid pack amongst the Saubers, Mclarins, Renaults, Force Indias, Torro Rossos, and lately the Haas Team, and all they show is the leader with his 12 second lead. So basically you have six cars that will nearly always finish 1 through 6, and 10 of the other 14 who might do well enough to grab some constructors points if the finish. It is all getting predictably and boring. At least Indy car has some good racing but still the same 8 or 10 up front. Pretty much think motor sports is an old and unhealthy horse.
  13. greg g

    No-good Benny

    At our house it goes something like this; Caller We have noticed you have recently stayed at one of our resorts. As a result you have won a free Cruise...Me, Warum hast du hier angerufen? Was hast du gesagt? Sie müssen eine Ozeanreise machen. Nein, ich werde seekrank. Bringt mich zum Erbrechen! Usually followed by dead air...
  14. greg g

    Hello from Scotland

    We all gonna fit in a coupe???

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