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  1. As for the triangular cuts made into the combustion chamber look up an engineer named Samander Singh. His theory of groved combustion Chambers was and likely still is a common modification in single cylinder 4 stroke flatheads use in mic rod and go cart racing. Can't tell from the installed pic but I am thinking this is a rwo piece construction necessitating another gasket for the cooling passage npassage piece to connect to the combustion piece.
  2. greg g


    What are you putting it in? Check Don Coatneys thread regardund his installation of a DeSoto 25 inch into his 48 Plymouth. He has it all pretty documented with photos in. Photobucket album. Drop him a pm if you need a primer on the project.
  3. greg g


    A few years back the folks at Vintage Power Wagons were selling what were essentially Mopar flathead crate motors. They had sourced them as surplus items made available by the Isreali Military forces. Apparently their forces realized that old Chrysler military vehicles had reached the end of their effectiveness and were phased out. This rendered their inventory of reserve/rebuilt engines surplus and they sold them off. Dont know if they were all 23.5 inches or 25's don't know how many the bought or how many were sold or if they have any left but you might be able to get some information through them regarding translating the tags. I believe there might be some searchable discussion on this forum concerning them.
  4. Here is one like mine. Water connections go through knock out hols in the fire wall. Bolts through fire wall with an angles spacer. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1946-1947-1948-Plymouth-P15-Dodge-D24-Power-Wagon-Mopar-Deluxe-Model-36-heater/254113709824?hash=item3b2a5b7f00:g:~NoAAOSwRYNcXMHX&redirect=mobile
  5. Those that resemble large C clamp. This type works well, they can be had for less from different suppliers. https://www.jegs.com/i/JEGS/555/W89409/10002/-1?mrkgcl=1239&mrkgadid=3328190836&adpos=1o5&creative=330726016703&device=t&matchtype=&network=g&jegspromo=nonbrand&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiIe6zN2s4gIVy7fACh2BqQPuEAQYBSABEgIkDvD_BwE
  6. Lead pudding??? Use card in removal.
  7. As Tim mentioned replacement parts are specific to the distributor not the year. Since it is much easier to change the parts on the bench or in a vise, pull the distributor mark the rotor position and mark the vacuum advance position so it will go back in correctly, then take the number that starts with an IAB,IGS, or other three letter combination followed by numbers. The that info to the store Napa, quality car care and car quest sellers re better sources than auto zone, advance etc. But that number is critical to getting the correct tune up parts.
  8. https://www.gearx.com/malone-single-versarail-bare-roof?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIusWVp4Wr4gIVRb7ACh1w_w6rEAQYByABEgK5sPD_BwE Whachu packin?
  9. I have noticed some old guy driving my car lately also! What's up with that???
  10. Here's another one level ground 30 to 50 third gear run. It ain't bragging if you can back it up...
  11. A few years back I want down state to visit with the late Bob Drown and attend their local car show. Since it was early fall and I wanted to minimize the amount of night driving I would do, I plotted a return trip as close as possible to as the crow flies. I don't remember without a map what roads I traveled, but being it was a nice road and a nice day, I pulled over to set up my camera to record a portion. This road was climbing up the foothills of the southwestern corner of the Catskill Mountains. As I was pulled over a Toyota pick up went by going a bit above the 55 mph state speed limit. By t he time I got the camera situated and recording the pick up had. 30 to 40 second lead. So I made it my mission to see if I could catch him before he got to the top of the hill. Roll down the window, put your elbow on the door frame and enjoy Catch that Pickup.
  12. Wow that thing really moves thanks for the ride.
  13. Also lookaround your area for a brakeshop that caters to trucks, commercia vehices and light construction vehicles. These places can put new friction material on your current shoes, and emergency brake. I can't recall if it was 40or41 that had stepped front wheel cylinders. Smaller diameter piston on the front shoe and larger on training shoe. Great car enjoy.
  14. Well, I guess at fill-up time I will just add 255 miles to the odo reading and carry on. That should give a 20/25 mile reserve.
  15. Some have said if your sender is a two wire that they work on measuring the resistance through the winding on the sender making them voltage dumb. So no modification of the circuit is necessary. Can any one verify?
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