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  1. What do you mean by body code? Then DeSoto model number is S 14,. That's the number that should be on the engine above the generator.the cars serial number should be on one or the other front door pillar.
  2. I had have a whistle, starts about 45 and continues higher pitch and louder till 60. Doesn't happen when shifting manouvering at low speeds or with the windows up. Drove me nuts for about two months. In October of last year, I had to have my wedding ring cut off and resized, in October, I had some health issues and lost about 35 pounds. Now my ringer is to loose to stay on my finger so I started wearing it on my middle finger but it never felt right. I was rusteling around in my dresser drawer and found a ring that was my father's, it was a bit smaller so I started wearing it as a guard to keep the wedding ring from falling off. Now this all happened during the winter. Fast forward to spring , jump in the P-15, crank her up roll down the window and take off. Get up to cruising speed elbow goes up on the door, left hand goes out on the opened vent window, whistling starts . Slow down, pull over open hood rev engine no whistle, back in up to speed elbow out hand up whistle starts. So apparently with my hand on the vent window the air goes into the setting of the ring wistles around and exits through the hole under the setting.. Damed thing will even play a tune if I move the ring around and change speed. Now if only I had a chug for rythm, I could be a one Plymouth band...
  3. Did you read your spark plugs, is your acceleratorpupm passing enough gas? Where is the linkage set for the accpump stroe, there are three positions. Did you soak the account pump leather piece in oil before installing it? Did you check your step up circuit?
  4. H series were equivalent to 800 or 825 tires. Generally unless other wise indicated were 8/85 aspect ratio. The 800 would mean the tire when inflated on the rim was approximately 8 inches wide at it's widest point, usually some where between the tread and the bead. These were mounted on lager cars like Chryler New Yorkers,Buick Roadmasters, Lincoln, Packards and such. These letter ceries came out in the late sixties and continued till radial tires became common in the US.Muscle cars of the era got wide ovals and such, these were generally 70 aspect.
  5. Getting broken link or 404 errors on each picture file maybe post the link to your flicker album rather than the individual pictures
  6. 205 are too short make speedo read 10 mph faster than actual speed I have 225 75 15 on my rears with no issues. But the OP hasn't said if his are 15 or 16, or if reuse of stock wheels or different rims.
  7. greg g

    Oil answer

    This says motor oil on both the qts and gal containers but they do have the other as mentioned. In this store the lubricating oils were with the hydraulic oils. But do read the labels.
  8. greg g

    Oil answer

    Just visited my local Tractor Supply store. They have on the oil shelf, their Traveller brand NON Detergent SAE 30 in quarts for 3.49 and gallons for $13 and change. They also have SAE 30 single weight detergent flavor. SAE 30 is recommended for all operation above 32 degrees f. If you operate below 32 down to 10 degrees SAE 20 is the advised viscosity.
  9. Pull your oil dipstick, does the oil on it smell of gas. You can also pull the spark plugs from cylinders 3 and 4 to see if they are sooty, wet or fuel fouled. If your carb is dumping raw gas in to the manifold these two plugs would be the most likely fouled, and most likely to miss fire when the raw gas is introduced while turning. Blowing out a muffler is a pretty clear sign there is raw fuel being blown past the exhaust valves from incomplete combustion. Another thing I might do a compression test to check for leaky valves, which could be a result of this condition if it's been going on for a while. But I will go back to float level. Even if set to factory spec, todays gas will expand more from heat the the old stuff the factory designed for. I would recommend it set 2/32nds lower than factory. The only time that setting might cause a problem is if your driveway is channeling the road up pikes peak or if you live in San Fransisco. Hope you can fix your problem and begin to enjoy your rides.
  10. Chug could be an exhaust leak, louder under load quiet at cruise, check the manifold to block gaskets. Have you recently had your intake exhaust manifoldmanifolds off or apart?
  11. How many have one??? There is a fellow here with a nice 51 Coronet convertible. Says he bought it from California, all original except for paint, numbers matching. Engine number starts with a T. It matches his registration document.
  12. Engine number was stamped as it was assembled, the engine number on the frame was after the engine was installed, body number was assigned by Briggs when it was stamped. The serial number (on the door post) was assigned by Chrysler when the car was ready to leave the assembly line. So these guys who say their early Mopar is a numbers matching car is kinda funny. Matching what???
  13. What size are currently on the car? Do you know how wide the rims are?
  14. Got one three years ago, use it on the deck spring and fall, use it every other year on the garage floor, flagstone walk way and wood retaining wall. Did the whole house once, blast out the garden tractor deck every once in a while. Think it was on sale at Harbor freight for 79 bucks then had a 20% off coupon. Can't complain for that kinda outlay. It has a detergent reservoir but never used it, couple different spray heads.
  15. Hmmmm! Even mother Mopar used the DeSoto grill to customize cars...
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