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  1. Have any pics from the WPC proceedings? By the way, you can not see the other ocean from Chattanooga, so while its a good shag, there is still quite a bit of America east of there....
  2. I carry a spare distributer all set up, complete and ready to drop in, a fan Genny belt, set of pregapped spark plugs, a condenser, and cuz I have a strange rear u joint I pack one of those, Also have a spare head gasket, headlamp switch fuse, a couple fuel filters. Tool box including torque wrench, fender cover. I have a floor jack, wheel chock and a jack stand. I bring along my jump charger to power a GPS, and a radio and speakers I have mounted in a small box. Triple A card and my wife packs her cell phone. Good spare tire and star lug wrench. 2quarts of oil, some brake fluid,and an empty gas can and a small funnel. So far, on long treks, I have only needed to replace a broken fan belt. I also carry a tow strap and two axle straps in case I can help someone else out with a short tow. Last year we made the WPC meet in Maine with three other cars, 46, 2 49's and a 51, and nobody needed any thing except fuel and oil. We avoided interstates unless they couldn't be avoided. I put about 1600 miles on during that trip. Today we did about 220 miles to and from an AACA meet without a hiccup. Good luck on your preparation and trip.
  3. LTS awl take 3® se¢ond$ to rede wot we rote bfor we PSH snd shale oui?
  4. Startr bndx hngng up? Flwhel hitting DST grd? Noise incrs, decrs, or stathe same with rpm chnge? Sarry, Prf rdr tuk daoff. Shall we lighten up here before knickers get twisted???? Maybe we need to agree to keep texting short cuts where they belong, IDK about you but they irk me. They belong in in the dust bin of communication styles.
  5. I have done three engines using the pattern and sequence similar to the cylinder head. Start by putting the bolts in hand tight with the appropriate socket on medium extension. Then working out from the center using the center out pattern, turning each a half turn with a short handled 3/8 ratchet. Then after adding oil, starting, running up to op temp, checking for leaks and cooling down add another 1/4 turn following the same pattern. 3X no leaks.
  6. I have my extra engine ratchet strapped to a wheel Dollie from Harbor Freight with some wood scraps to keep it upright as the motormount and bell housing are off. Similar to these.
  7. hello do you know if parts on the inside of a 4 door P15 door will fit in a 2 door car door ?  window channel , regulator , door winder etc. thanx




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    2. greg g

      greg g

      Looks like the vertical channels will work and the geared portion of the regulators, the actuator might need some mods.  Looks like the coupe glass support could be shortened to work on the four door glass.  Guess you would need to lay it all out to see for sure.  And mods might limit the vertical travel of the glass.



    3. greg g

      greg g

      Send me your email for the parts number chart.  This format says I am out of space for note images.

    4. wayfarerstranger
  8. No doubt an OD would be a nice addition, but one would need to fall out of the clouds with an installation team to have it happen.
  9. Just ran my numbers, 4.11, 28.3 inch tires, 3800 rpm would be 78 mph.
  10. Body shop painted them when the car was done in 2003. I can't comment on the truck vs car hubs, but the wheel folks should have that figment stuff on hand.
  11. I have painted wheel vintique smoothy model 20's with trim rings on my car. 15 inch, 5 1/2 wide, I think 4 inch backspace.
  12. .
  13. My P15 manual mentions this on page 147 under Engine Oiling System also referenced in a picture caption for figure 29. There is also a section on adjusting the spark plug wires if the oil pump position is accidentally changed. Manual number D13251 covering p15 - p20.
  14. Very nice just noticed its s Plodge. Plymouth body with Dodge grille. Is it a 25 inch motor? What part of Pa are you from?
  15. So the person mixing up the recipe ciphered out by the pignometer, would be a pignominist?