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  1. http://www.autocolorlibrary.com
  2. Carpel Tunnel damage

    I had my CTS reduced arthroscopic ally about 15 years ago. Symptoms were relieved and hands were back to "normal" three or four days after the procedure. That's the good news. Have recently been told its coming back. This time combined with a pinched nerve in my neck that produces sciatica like pain in my arms. Most suggestions for relief after I had a disc removed and had cervical bones fused, is to let a stranger with a five inch long needle shoot some steroids into the area in hopes that it calms down the"irritation"! On a much more serious note having experienced these in a run up to my stroke, tingling, loss of hand strength, dropping things, clumsiness, dizzyness, easily tripping, and falling down more than once or twice in the short recent past, may be indicators of or precursors to stroke. If this sounds familiar do not ignore these minor things. Have yourself checked out, especially if you are 60 +. Educate yourselves on TIA trans ischaemic attack. Hand wrist and arm pain, numbness, lack of grip or strength can be more than getting old or carpal tunnel problems.
  3. '51 218 Rebuild suggestions

    Usually your machinist will make recommendations after the engine is pulled down based on what condition things are in. But an over bore for a little more displacement, a decking of the block and milling of the head will give you an appreciable bump in power. Working the intake and exhaust ports to match the gasket openings will help things flow a bit better. With the offy intake I would call George Asche and get a matched pair of his redone Carters. With the camshaft a bit more duration can't hurt but you don't want anything that moves the power peak way up the rpm band because being much over 4000 is mostly more noise and friction loss with the long stroke design. You don't want to build a race engine for cruising around to the ice cream stand. My modifications pretty much as above but with stock camshaft, and I have no issues, and have had 40000 trouble free miles since the rebuild.
  4. 1950 Distributor on a 1948 P15

    I am running a 54 dodge pick up dist in my 46 in the 56 Plymouth engine. In the trunk is a 52 Plymouth dist that I carry for back up in the trunk. The 56 dist sits on the parts shelf ready to drop in also. Non of these diets share points, rotors, or caps, but the are drop in replacements for 218 230 short blocks. As noted, later modules featured quicker advance curves to account for better gas and higher compression but I doubt you would notice any difference in over the road performance.
  5. Splitting exhaust manifold

    The above^^^ technique is what I would suggest as most in line with the junk yard parts, backyard build theme.
  6. I believe Chrysler and DeSoto engines for the Airflow models may have had aluminum heads. Read something somewhere a good while ago. Weight saving marketing deal???
  7. weird connector(?) what is it for...?

    Being that close to the flasher connector and holder, seems to support it is aftermarket signal light related.
  8. Newspaper Archives

    From spring of 47 before city dales tax enacted. Prices for used cars still high from war years.
  9. Brake light question

    Hydraulic switches get corrupted by old brake fluid, corrosion. Brake light circuits can develop electrical resistance in connections, grounds can get corrupted with age. I just changed my switch last year it made a big difference, I have also powered the switch through a new independent wire with an inline fuse, and run a dedicated wire from the light fixture to a good tight ground. Also make a grounding line from your body to the frame or engine.
  10. Body / Engine Number 42 Dodge

    Plymouth body. Go to the allpar website and search exports. There is a lot of information there on Detroit built exports, Canadian made exports, as nd knock downs which were chassis, drivetrains and body's which were assembled in the countries they were exported to. Pretty good section on Central and South America.
  11. Body / Engine Number 42 Dodge

    The serial number tag was usually aplied to one of the "A" pillars. Some pictures of the side of the car would show if the car is Plymouth based or Dodge. Many export Dodges were plymouths with Dodge trim. Wheelbase for Plymouth based car would be 117 inches. Do the front fenders extend their lines into the front door? What is the length of your engines cylinder head?. Does the car have fuid drive? What is the word preceding the number 412586851?
  12. Battery not charging

    There is a test in the service manual for the generator, but it is not clear if you have a gen or an alt.
  13. The Venerable Slant 6 vs Our Beloved Flathead 6s

    The 225 /6 in my fathers 1960 Dart was rated at 145 HP, the 170 @ 101
  14. Have you done a manifold vacuum gauge reading? With a stock cam and split intake you should pull apx.17 inches at 500 rpm.
  15. I also recall that those carbs didn't like fuel pressure of more than a couple psi. I believe the Mopar pump operates above that level.