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  1. John, I like it that your kids are "into" older cars and trucks, but what method is used to determine who "rides shotgun" and who has to sit in the middle ?
  2. BigDaddyO, Thanks for your research. -Bill
  3. I like it and the new paint job looks good too.
  4. Spencer, Where ever you choose to post, attach some photos of your truck. We all want to see it.
  5. The way i painted my caps (which is probably the wrong way) is to "paint" where you don't want the paint to be with Elmer's glue. After that dries, either brush on or spray the color. After your color paint dries (24 hours or so), wipe off dried glue with a rag dampened with water. This does a pretty good job.
  6. John, When you are having hard starting issues when the engine is hot, are you holding the accelerator pedal to the floor (do not pump) to get extra air into the cylinders ? This seems to work pretty well on my car.
  7. Thanks. Enjoyed the video.
  8. Don't let anything hit you....
  9. Keith, You know that you need this little coupe to be a "mate" to your Windsor.
  10. .... but does this double stripe on the street mean "Fishtail when Raining" ????? It's the only thing i can come up with at the moment. The reason I ask is that I have tried it before and it does work.
  11. Cadillac, I am in the same boat as you. The 1950 Plymouths were the last cars with the true wood graining on the dash, and the 1952's were painted just a solid gray. But, my 1951 has this, but I don't know what you call it. I would like to be able just to touch my dash up in a couple of places, but don't know where to start.
  12. I had mine out for a drive today after several weeks of being in the garage. Sunny skies & clear roads. Temp was about 32 deg F after several nights of lows in the single digits. No problems starting and the heater & blower motor works great. Running a 180 deg F thermostat.
  13. Yes, "Campbell 66 Express" was the name of the trucking company. There was a terminal in the town where I grew up. Don't know the location of their home office.
  14. Tim, Congratulations on the anniversary.
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