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  1. Harold, I didn't think about that. You are correct. The "PLYAD" would have been at the bottom of both lenses, so there would have been a left and a right.
  2. To my untrained eye, it "appears" that the slanted lens are for the Business coupe and the flat faced lens are for the Fastback. Most of the Suburban photos I saw on the internet showed a reflector in the center of a flat faced lens. The reflectors on the Business Coupes and Fastbacks were below the lens, in the chrome lens holder.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies, and thank you to PT81Jan for the identification.
  4. Can anyone tell me the name of this wrench ?
  5. Ned, I have used radials on stock wheels on my car for about 16 years with no problems, but my tire store did provide a set of these valve stems for the oval stem holes. These also stop full wheel covers from walking.
  6. I didn't start collecting license plates until i got my Plymouth in 2002. Right now, i am trying to collect one Mississippi plate from every county (82). I grew up there and my car is from there. As mentioned earlier, the older plates are hard to find, and when you find them, they are pricey. And, I have a few plates from other states. It is a fun hobby.
  7. Sam, With reference to the service manual sketch, did the top of the new lower motor mount you received fit inside that pocket and touch the bottom of the top motor mount ?
  8. Frank, H-E-(double hockey sticks). We had a class in our high school that was tougher than that - UNDERWATER Basket Weaving 201 !!!!
  9. Are you using a PC or Mac ? If using a PC running Windows, downsize your photos in Paint. If you wish a step-by-step instruction using Paint, message me. I'll be happy to help you.
  10. This is not a cheap route, but i have seen some powder coated pieces (not personally, but on YouTube) done in "chrome" and they look pretty nice.
  11. John, I like it that your kids are "into" older cars and trucks, but what method is used to determine who "rides shotgun" and who has to sit in the middle ?
  12. BigDaddyO, Thanks for your research. -Bill
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