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  1. Don Coatney

    My Scarebird Install 1948 Dodge part II

    The panties I don't wear do get in a twist when all the eggs are not in the same basket. Hard to track a project or question when there are multiple threads from the same person asking the same question. And hard to know when the question has been answered and some closure can be given when there are several threads about the same issue.
  2. Don Coatney

    Negative Ground

    As I said the circuit on a DC system must be a complete loop from a battery pole to the opposite pole of the same battery in a parallel circuit. Then and only then can voltage be present and measured.
  3. Don Coatney

    Differential Vent?

    This might or mightn't help.
  4. Don Coatney

    Negative Ground

    On any DC circuit the loop must be complete to both battery poles for anything to function irrelevant of ground polarity. It is possible to have a dual voltage automobile as pictured below with both a 6 volt positive ground generator and a 12 volt negative ground alternator both systems sharing a common ground.
  5. Don Coatney

    Me and the Meadowbrook

    I did on my dual chamber master cylinder.
  6. Don Coatney

    Vacuum Booster fuel pump NOISE

    The vacuum advance line at the carburetor port has little vacuum at idle but the vacuum increases when the accelerator is pushed. Unlike the manifold vacuum that is high at idle and high when decellrating but gets lower as the accelerator is pushed.
  7. Don Coatney

    Boiling fuel

    Corn oil. Table 2.1: Gasoline and Ethanol Gasoline Ethanol Flash Point -45°F 55°F Ignition Temperature 530–853°F 793°F Specific Gravity 0.72–0.76 0.79 Vapor Density 3–4 1.49 Vapor Pressure 38–300 mmHg 44 mmHg Boiling Point 100–400°F 173°F Flammable Range (LEL–UEL) 1.4%–7.6% 3.3%–19% Conductivity None Yes Smoke Character Black Slight to none Toxicity Lower than gasoline Solubility None Highly Reference: The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
  8. Don Coatney

    Put My Dog Down Today...Been A Rough Day

    Have had several dogs and other animals in my life. Of all of these my last dog (Mick Jagger) could sing with the best and even took a liking to Plymouthy Adams. After he was gone my wife and I decided no more animals as it was too tough to say goodby. So I bought my wife an electric cat from Amazon that meows, purrs, and loves to have its belly rubbed. It will be with us forever. Soft and cuddly pet with fur inspired by real feline breeds Features VibraPurr technology for purrs that sound and feel like real purring Movements that mimic a real cat Authentic cat sounds Companion Pet and Care Guide Soft and cuddly pet with fur inspired by real feline breeds Features VibraPurr technology for purrs that sound and feel like real purring Movements that mimic a real cat Authentic cat sounds Companion Pet and Care Guide x4 1.5V C Alkaline Batteries included
  9. Don Coatney

    Boiling fuel

    Have you lowered the float level in the carburetor?
  10. Don Coatney

    crankshaft question

    This is what I did. Installed a bearing to replace the bushing.
  11. Don Coatney

    Another 230 build thread

    Been there, done that😎
  12. Don Coatney

    She's broke!

    Have you had any overheating issues? I have seen more than one piston that looks like this pictured below on high mileage engines. Usually this sounds like a ticking noise and after the engine is running a bit hot.
  13. Don Coatney

    Vacuum gauge question

    Book finally arrived. 411 pages long. I have not started reading it yet. Of interest this is the third book published by members of this forum.
  14. Don Coatney

    Need a photo of installed points.

    My apologies, I was incorrect in my response. I got a new set of points from my stash and assembled them on the bench. The copper does indeed go on the outside of the spring. Goes to show my memory is not what it used to be.
  15. Don Coatney

    Need a photo of installed points.

    Incorrect information.
  16. Don Coatney

    Need a photo of installed points.

    This might or might not help.
  17. Don Coatney

    crankshaft question

  18. Don Coatney

    P15 dash headlight switch 910507 vs 990547

    I am not sure what switch the Didges used.
  19. Don Coatney

    Kubalwagon build

    We talked for about an hour. Thanks for posting his shop. Last saw him about 50 years ago.
  20. Don Coatney

    6 volt positive ground alternators with brackets

    This might or might not help.
  21. Don Coatney

    Speedometer goes no higher than 15mph

    Someone has to say it so I will. Next time. you get up to 15MPH try shifting into second gear. 🤩
  22. Don Coatney

    Kubalwagon build

    His son sent me his phone number and I will call him later today.
  23. Don Coatney

    Speedometer goes no higher than 15mph

    On the back of your speedometer you should find a lubrication port. The one in the photo was not installed correctly at the factory. It should be pointing upwards as gravity makes it work. A couple of drops of light machine oil may get you up to speed.
  24. Don Coatney

    P24 Timing

  25. Don Coatney

    Kubalwagon build

    Thanks Dan. Allen and I both got out of the army about the same time April 1968. Allen at the time living in Keene NH. I was living in Ohio in May 1969 and Allen drove a VW to Ohio and we went to the Indy 500. At the time Allen said he was working at a VW dealer in the shop. He went back home and we lost contact with each other. After your posting I did a search and found a few things about the Beetle Shop. Ian made a comment on this webpage saying his dad Allen started the business in 1977 and ran it until his son took it over.

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