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  1. Don Coatney Jason Hoffman and his girlfriend Tamisha Matus drove my Plymouth to Fort Wayne for a nice visit. Also with Todd Bracik, Bob and Wanda VanBuskirk, Keven Reeves and his wife Kristin Reeves.
  2. Using these springs is one way to do it. Using this tool is another way.
  3. Suggest you get a thermostatically controller for your electric fan.
  4. Don't get me wrong. Your car, your choice. I agree with the chrome rims. I am not a fan of lowering.
  5. I had to modify my oil pan. No big deal.
  6. Car looks great with the existing tires, rims, and ride height. What do you expect to gain by "setting her low"?
  7. Under your seat. First thought is what did you have for lunch? Second thought. Check your driveshaft for something wrapped around it.
  8. I started circulating that book with a note to read and pass to another forum member. Someone failed to pass it on. It was a very funny book.
  9. Matching the dots has nothing to do with where the distributor rotor is pointing. That is a function of correctly indexing the oil pump.
  10. Tail lights get power from the head light switch
  11. Dual filament bulb. Bright side brake and turn, dim side tail lights.
  12. Bright bulb is dual purpose (brake and turn signal) Dim bulb is tail lights
  13. I also used to hang out on inliners. Lots of good information and good folks.
  14. If you pushed the pedal with the drum removed you most likely over extended the wheel cylinders and possibly blew the seals. Your having to adjust the brake shoes in order to replace the drum is an indication that the wheel cylinders are overextended. You should never push the pedal with the drums removed.
  15. Lost another one. I just found this. Allnutt Funeral Service – Loveland Raymond “Randy” St. John, May 30, 2018 Cremation to take place. No services will be held at Randy’s request. Visit Tribute Send Flowers
  16. The fluid return port in your master cylinder may be plugged. This can happen if the pedal free play rod is out of adjustment.
  17. Plugs may look clean but my guess is they are not clean. You need to buy a plug sand blaster.
  18. Many coolant into the oil problems come from a blown head gasket usually between cylinders number 5 and 6.
  19. If your 41 Plymouth has the original engine (23") head the 47 Desoto engine (25" ) head the distributor shaft length is different and the two distributors are not interchangeable.
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