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  1. Don Coatney

    ANSWERED Driveshaft - Pinion Angle

    I once had this bolt holding the spring pack together shear off. This allowed the axle to shift on the spring perch and the car began to dog track destroying the rear shock.
  2. Don Coatney

    Overdrive Questions

    Are you sure it is an overdrive?
  3. Don Coatney

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    I like it best when the original question asker gets several good reply's then selects his own answer as the best.
  4. Don Coatney

    Cruise control, anyone? anyone?

    Several years ago I installed a cruise control on a Ford pickup. Used magnets wire tied to the drive shaft. Worked great.
  5. Don Coatney

    1952 Dodge Coupe hot rod

    Looks like your shop is tall enough for a lift.
  6. Don Coatney

    Time for an overhaul...

    Spinning the engine that long with the starter motor is a sure way to melt the starter motor. Short 10-15 second bursts with at least that much cool down time in between starting attempts will insure much longer starter motor life
  7. Don Coatney

    Dirty Oil!

    Zinc same as zddp is a lubricant for flat tappet high rpm engines. In my opinion it is not required in these low rpm Mopar flathead engines. Fact is there is more zinc in modern oils than what was in the oil when these engines were new. However it is your engine, your mechanic, your money, and your choice.
  8. Don Coatney

    50 Chrysler stock rear end measurement?

    This might or might not help. 1948 and 1950 may be different.
  9. Don Coatney

    New speed record today

    I wrenched my foot the other day. Hurt like heck....
  10. Don Coatney

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Cigar or joint? Flower power.
  11. Don Coatney

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    Good to see a real pencil sharpener.
  12. Don Coatney

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    Jerry Lee Lewis for sure.
  13. Don Coatney

    New truck arrive yesterday

    Looks pretty solid. Why do you want to convert to 12 volts?
  14. Don Coatney

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

  15. Don Coatney

    Fuel Tank

    Driving over bumpy ground or rough rail road tracks might show more tank spring action.
  16. Don Coatney

    Non Pilot House sightings

    All that work and it has floppy door handles.
  17. Don Coatney

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    Just another day on the forum.....😎
  18. Don Coatney

    Dirty Oil!

    Curious why you think the engine needs zddp?
  19. Don Coatney


    As Merle said the hose should not be restricted. I have no issue with the 180 degree thermostat but I also have a new 3 core aluminum radiator that is much more efficient than the original radiator. If you have not yet done so I suggest you remove the water distribution tube and clean or replace it. Also remove all the freeze plugs and flush out the block.
  20. Don Coatney


  21. Don Coatney

    Truck stuff for the Man Cave etc....

    Name of the craft brewery. The green car pictured below was used in the label. https://flat12.me/welcome
  22. Don Coatney

    anyone running Lake pipes on their P 15 or d24

    In California when cars race on dry lake beds the pipes are called lakes pipes (plural) as they race on more than one lake. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/fng-question-why-are-they-called-lake-lakes-pipes.324256/
  23. Don Coatney

    oil filter housing leaks

    Look for a NAPA 1062, The cartridge fits but I don't recall if it comes with the O ring. This same cartridge was used in early Hemi V-8's.

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