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  1. The service manual recommends 5 quarts.
  2. Suggest you let the machine shop specify and purchase the bearings. Get the bearings for the final grind. Don't grind the crank to fit the bearings. If the machine shop buys the bearings the monkey is off your back for the final "fit"
  3. Brake light switch.
  4. Sure fooled me. Good luck with your project.
  5. deleted
  6. Depends on what you call issues. With any transmission swap there will be issues.Yes there are kits that claim "bolt on" but they don't mention issues such as floor pan modifications, emergency brake modifications, driveshaft modifications, pilot bearing modifications, throw out bearing holder modifications, ETC, ETC.
  7. Old Sun Tachometers used a sending unit.
  8. The wolf whistles I have seen run om manifold vacuum not cylinder pressure.
  9. Now I understand. For my initial block flushing I used some used 10 foot hydraulic hosed that I got for free and ran them into a trash can. Once everything ran clear I connected the radiator and continued to run the engine for several hours on the live test stand to sort out a few bugs. B y doing this the engine was ready to drive once it was installed in the car.
  10. Just a thought. I am not one whom likes to do things twice or more. Why not do it right the first time. If you are broke down on the side of then road a temporary fix might be in order. But why spend money on a band aid when starting from scratch? This is just my opinion and not meant to be offensive. But it seems spending the money now to do it correctly will save money in the long haul.
  11. This might or might not help.
  12. If the head is off it is the best time to clean out the hole. Use a gun cleaning wire brush.
  13. You need a speedometer calibration box. Click on the link below.
  14. A bit of paint and a brush can cover and preserve with very little cost.
  15. I used a 4 bolt flywheel because that is all I had. Suggest you measure carefully as your components may be different than what I used.
  16. If there are not enough options already here is another. These ribbed hoses will not collapse.
  17. Yes, Aluminum. I do not have a part number.
  18. I measured my SS pipe over 15 years ago. I don't recall the length but it is not difficult to find out. A little long is better than a little short.
  19. If you are having problems with the Fatman stuff I would think they should be your first contact. How can you expect any one here to answer the problems with parts purchased from them?
  20. What combination of components are you suing? A 251 crankshaft with a 218 flywheel? If so that may be a problem.
  21. I have never had that much difficulty removing a water pump. I see yours is mounted using studs and not bolts. That may be why you are having so much trouble. Suggest you double nut the studs and see if you can screw them out.
  22. When I assembled my 251 I had one bad rod bolt. I called George Asche and he sent me one.
  23. Yes remove the core plug in the head. I self tapping sheet medal screw and a claw hammer works well for removal.