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  1. 1950 Spitfire problems

    This may or may not help.
  2. Need 6v help

    The wire in question is a special wire and needs to be very flexible. I believe you can get a replacement at most auto parts stores. Also you can use an electric drill and a power supply such as a battery charger to adjust the dwell (point gap) with the distributor spinning on the work bench.
  3. Dodge 265 headmilling

    This might or might not help.
  4. Interesting photos I have run across.

    This is me a few years back using a GPS to find Reg Evans.
  5. Over Heating

    That is totally incorrect. The spring on the thermostat goes towards the engine block. When the thermostat opens hot coolant enters the top of the radiator and cools as it drops to the bottom of the radiator where it returns to the suction side of the pump to be circulated through the engine.
  6. Over Heating

    With the radiator cap removed, engine running at a fast idle, can you see any water movement in the top of the radiator tank?
  7. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    The car is sitting in my shop next to my D-24. If you want to buy it and chop it make me an offer.
  8. The Lowered Stance Picture and Build Thread

    Glad you asked. When I did my build several years ago I installed a dodge charger differential. In the process of doing so I installed a pair of lowering blocks. These blocks served a two fold purpose. They corrected the leaf spring pin pilot hole size and they effectively lowered the car 1/4" on both sides. I really like the new stance. And to correct the uninformed, the wheels are chrome but not chrome reverse. And for those of interest here is a photo shop of my car in full dress race form.
  9. How many moose could you stuff into the back of that? And it is 4 wheel drive. Get it..
  10. 265 Engine Color opinions

    I dont think the SPITFIRE lettering was ever red from the factory. But I am positive the SPITSFIRE lettering never was in the factory.
  11. California & The Internal Combustion Engine

    I have enjoyed and collected old cars all my life. Guess my grandkids will have to enjoy other old collectibles such as pocket pagers, hand held non electric toothbrushes, doilies, ash trays, and such.
  12. L-Head 6 valve removal

    Also stuff a rag into the "wells" that lead directly to the oil pan from inside the valve covers to prevent the keepers from swimming in the oil pan.
  13. L-Head 6 valve removal

    Then you may have to tap them down. But it should not take much force. Be gentle.
  14. L-Head 6 valve removal

    Use of a magnet may help pop the keepers out.
  15. Finally here is a picture of me taking a picture

    All right I will sneak in one quick photo.
  16. This is how I do it with out monkeying around.
  17. Finally here is a picture of me taking a picture

    I do but she is way too liberal and refuses to wear a bra so I best not post it here.
  18. 265 Engine Color opinions

    I did Mopar blue. I have a red spitfire head I will install some day.
  19. Dual (Split) Exhaust Manifold

    Pictured is a modified factory exhaust and intake manifold setup for dual's.
  20. Charging problem

  21. Leave it or paint

  22. Leave it or paint

    Guess I don't understand slam it. Are you going to slam it into a brick wall? Slam it into a big tree? What benefit would slamming it have?
  23. How to keep the mice away?

    I have never been able to smell moth balls. My fingers are too big to get there little legs apart.
  24. 2 Cars for sale, NE Indiana, NW Ohio, Not Mine!

    Check your PM's (private message)