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  1. This is what I had to do to my oil pan.
  2. Your choice, your tape measure.
  3. I am also unfamiliar with this linkage so I cannot offer any assistance.
  4. Suggest you purchase a machinist handbook. It will have torque specifications for all sizes of hardware. https://www.mcmaster.com/machinery's-handbook
  5. Anything can be done if your mindset is failure is not an option.
  6. I don't recall but I used whet ever I had on hand.
  7. Pictured is a P-15 heater. Mounts under the dash as pictured.
  8. Don Coatney Jason Hoffman and his girlfriend Tamisha Matus drove my Plymouth to Fort Wayne for a nice visit. Also with Todd Bracik, Bob and Wanda VanBuskirk, Keven Reeves and his wife Kristin Reeves.
  9. Using these springs is one way to do it. Using this tool is another way.
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