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  1. Manifold studs... sealant or not?

    I used Teflon tape on all manifold studs and on all head bolts.
  2. Motor Mounts

    This might or might not help.
  3. 50 Coronet project

    I am using this wire wrap. Believe I bought it from McMaster Carr.
  4. Overcenter Spring Adjust Tool.

    It is in the downloads section of this web page.
  5. Low oil pressure problems

    How many miles do you plan on driving per year? Any cross country trips planned? Do you have a wad of money burning a hole in your pocket wanting to spend it on a rebuild? Your oil 0pressure is a tad low but if your compression is good why not drive and enjoy it.
  6. just for giggles

    Must have been the way he feathered the throttle. blip-blip=blip
  7. OT - What's wrong with THIS picture ???

    Guy who lives in the house where the cushion sign is needs to rake his leaves. And the street line painter needs to lay off the hooch.
  8. Easy gasket to make. Paper grocery bag and a ball peen hammer.
  9. Looking for an industrial manifold.

    You could modify a car manifold as pictured.
  10. Fire Extinguisher Recommendation

    I recall when Mt Saint Hellens erupted and turned Washington State into a dust bowl. All the emergency vehicles installed oil bath air cleaners as they were much more efficient than paper filters.
  11. Goodbye and Thank you!

    Guess I wont get any more pictures like this unless I meet the new owner. Is the new owner local to Fort Wayne?
  12. photobucket restrictions due to 3rd party hosting

    Pasted below is my last communication with Photobucket. I currently have 7474 photos posted on there site. I currently have no problem sharing photos from there site here and elsewhere. For the annual fee of one hundred bucks I am not bombarded with advertisements and happy with there service. Hello DonCoatney! Thank you for your PLUS 100 purchase! Your account has been upgraded and you can now enjoy all the benefits of your new subscription. Order Summary Order Date: 09/03/2017 Subscription Type: PLUS 100 - 102.0 GB Storage Billing Cycle: yearly Subscription Price: $99.99 Next Billing Period: $99.99 will be charged on 09/02/2018 If you have any questions, please contact our Photobucket Support Team at support@photobucket.com mailto:support@photobucket.com. Thank you for choosing Photobucket!
  13. Does fluid drive create oil pressure issues?

    Do a forum search. The hy-drive has been discussed many times. Surprised you don't recall??
  14. 48-50 Grill Bars

    No snow here in the Fort but it has been below freezing all day today.
  15. 48-50 Grill Bars

    Joe, you have snow??