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  1. These folks can make you a new cable to your custom length.
  2. This photo is from a P-15 for sale on faceplant. Asking price $12,500. Looks like a copycat.
  3. This is picture of the exhaust system on my P-15 that I sold.
  4. Still waiting on an answer???
  5. Out of curiosity what are the engine numbers on the old tired engine? These numbers can be found on a flat spot just above the generator as pictured below.
  6. Hold on boys and girls. Men have been doing women work for a long time.
  7. champaign cruisers 20th annual 4th of july car show
  8. Piston expanders or piston ring expanders?
  9. I assume your 1947 D-24 is a fluid drive car. Why do you use 1st gear and why do you use the clutch? In my D-24 fluid drive car I back out of the garage and use the clutch to shift to 2nd gear. That is the last time I use the clutch. I easily accelerate from a dead stop in 2nd gear without using the clutch. When it is time to shift to 3rd gear I drop the lever to neutral and put a slight downward pressure on the shift lever and it slips into 3rd without grinding. When I come to a stop light I move the shift lever to neutral and put a slight pressure upward to the 2nd gear and when the slow down speed is correct it pops into 2nd gear without grinding and without using the clutch. I hold the brake until the light turns green then hit the gas and repeat the above procedure.
  10. This is the recommended clutch people.
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