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  1. Don Coatney

    brake fluid pressure

    Make sure the pictured hole in your master cylinder is not plugged. The fill cap for the master cylinder is vented so no pressure can build up.
  2. Don Coatney

    Adjust headlights

    If you don't want to drive the 10 miles try McMaster Carr. They will send it directly to your mailbox quickly.
  3. Don Coatney

    found in car

    That should buff out.
  4. Don Coatney

    Twenty years. . .

    I don't recall when I first joined this forum but it was before I bought my P-15 somewhere around 2000. Somewhere in my stash of things I have the discs that GTK sent me with all the postings of the first software are version. It has been. lot of fun over the years and I have met several good friends. Thanks GTK!
  5. Don Coatney

    Grinding Gears or Clashing

    Try this. Instead of shifting into first gear shift into second gear first then shift into first gear. Second gear is synchronized and will stop the main shaft inside the transmission from rotating and allow you to shift into first gear with no grinding.
  6. Don Coatney

    Lower shock mounts

    Pictured is a P-15 factory shock mounting bracket.
  7. Don Coatney

    Oil or Hydraulic Fluid

    Sort of like buying extra strength ether.
  8. Don Coatney

    Cooling System Techie Talk

    Before ethylene glycol was widely used as automobile anti freeze an alcohol based anti freeze was used. As alcohol rapidly evaporates especially when heat is applied the alcohol antifreeze had to be checked and adjusted frequently. I recall going to the garage with my dad every weekend in the early 1950's as he adjusted his anti freeze in his 37 Packard. I would slide down the fenders and play the grill like a banjo.
  9. Don Coatney

    Mystery project

    So what is going on in the hood today? 😀
  10. Don Coatney

    Part #s for preferred 12v condenser

    When converting to 12 volts you will need to use a ballast resistor to drop voltage to the coil and points. Therefore your original condenser should work.
  11. It appears your manifold is set up for double barrel carburetors. Several folks here are using the Carter Webber carburetors on there two carburetor manifolds. These have progressive linkage and work well. I am not sure how they would work on a triple setup. Nice looking manifold.
  12. Don Coatney

    Another brake adjustment option

  13. Don Coatney

    I need 12 Volt

    I have a P-15 with 12 volts negative ground and a D-24 with 6 volts positive ground. I am happy with both. Starter cranking speed is a bit higher on the 12 volt car. But with healthy engines in both cars starting is not a problem as far as the electrical system. I also have a 6 volt positive ground alternator in the D-24.
  14. Don Coatney

    Modern Thermostat Equivilent?

    Did it look like this?
  15. Don Coatney

    1950 DeSoto fuel pickup problem

    Is your fuel gauge working and accurate?

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