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  1. Best way to adjust the dwell is using a drill motor on the bench to spin the distributor and make adjustments while it is spinning.
  2. Two properly sized "O" rings are all that is required.
  3. Some neighborhood associations can be anal in following the rules. For the first time in my life I now live in a neighborhood with rules. But the rules are pretty relaxed. No out buildings in the back yard. No new fences without prior approval. If you don't cut the grass they will cut it for you for a very expensive fee. However there are no rules about parking on the street or garage doors being closed. If there were garage door rules I would be in trouble. I spend most days in my garage with the door open as that is where my hobbies are.
  4. Way back in the 50's this pie safe was stored in my dads garage. This was the time when Zorro was a popular TV show. So I added the mark of Zorro. This pie safe is now in my dining room and still carries the mark.
  5. I agree, push the envelope. If you do so others will follow.
  6. I do not think that an S-10 ever had a world class T-5. But you can take the tail stock from a non world class T-5 with the desirable shifter location and graft it to a world class T-5 of your choice. A google search will show that this has been done many times.
  7. Glad you are back Jeff. You gave me great full belly laugh that hurts.
  8. For the by-pass or for the heater hose connection?
  9. Fluid drive makes no difference. The speedometer is based on driveshaft revolutions per mile. Both differential gearing and tire diameter will affect driveshaft turns per mile.
  10. The service manual recommends 5 quarts.
  11. Suggest you let the machine shop specify and purchase the bearings. Get the bearings for the final grind. Don't grind the crank to fit the bearings. If the machine shop buys the bearings the monkey is off your back for the final "fit"
  12. Brake light switch.
  13. Sure fooled me. Good luck with your project.
  14. deleted
  15. Depends on what you call issues. With any transmission swap there will be issues.Yes there are kits that claim "bolt on" but they don't mention issues such as floor pan modifications, emergency brake modifications, driveshaft modifications, pilot bearing modifications, throw out bearing holder modifications, ETC, ETC.