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  1. Houston we have a problem

    No problem Boobs
  2. riding season

    No but I did get lucky with this chick in the back seat of the P-15 after we trashed this party.
  3. Houston we have a problem

  4. scarebird brake conversion

    Me too. Combination of many ailments non of which are any fun. Much more fun to run a drill press than to clean up **** that missed the targeted crapper. Getting old is no fun. George Carlin nailed it in his reverse aging skit. Better to go out as a giant orgasm.
  5. scarebird brake conversion

    Drilling and tapping was a breeze. I used my large drill press and a hand tap. A few months ago I had a good friend in need of a drill press so I gave my big drill press to him as I can no longer use it. Then last month my son was here and had a use for my small drill press so I sent it home with him. Gives me a good feeling knowing that my tools will go to folks who will use them.
  6. Who Is Actually Driving Their Vintage Mopars?

    I pulled a Norm's Coupe. Drove to the end of the driveway and back into the garage. Does that count?
  7. riding season

    My 1957 Schwinn Corvette. 2 speed coaster brake on the rear. Rim grabber brake on the front. Pegged pants, white socks, headlight, and book rack are extras.
  8. scarebird brake conversion

    Best folks to answer these questions would be Scarebird. What do they have to say?
  9. Took me 62 years of hard work to get 52 weeks vacation.
  10. Tappet Wrench

    Google it
  11. Scarebird and Fatman

    Makes me wonder if who ever was having problems with the nut not going on far enough did not have the bearing races driven all the way home???
  12. Scarebird and Fatman

    This is the Plydo kit I installed about 18 years ago.
  13. Tappet Wrench

    What, you don't use sniper ware?
  14. Scarebird and Fatman

    I have the PLYDO conversion on my P-15.