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  1. So are you going to report your completed repairs on the threads you have opened for these repairs or must everybody guess if the repairs have been completed?????
  2. This is very hard to answer as I don't understand "K- wad- padt little while-It really sounds load now" Can you better explain?
  3. Some things have a torque specification and some do not. I use a speed wrench on oil pan gaskets and only tighten enough to slightly squeeze the cork gasket.
  4. Google Champion Radiator. They sell a 3 core Aluminum radiator that is close to a direct bolt in and it is well made and very efficient.
  5. Why do you need a 4 row? What engine are you running?
  6. Although a couple cylinders are low you should have enough compression to start the engine. Once the engine is running the compression may come back. Let it run for a while and see what happens..
  7. No such thing as a fluid drive transmission. Fluid drive is simply a fluid coupling between the engine and transmission. What transmission do you have in your vehicle?
  8. Some of the manifold studs penetrate the water jacket. Simply remove the leaking stud and put some pipe dope on the threads, reinstall it and you should be good to go. Same with some of the head bolts as they also penetrate the water jacket.
  9. At the time I did this (about 17 years ago) I don't believe there was an adapter available. So as not to contaminate this thread follow this link to see photos of details.
  10. This might or might not help.
  11. Where in Michigan are you located?
  12. Broke down on the side of the road for 7 days. 31 people stopped by to help. Might be time to call AA
  13. Nice truck. As was mentioned the Spitfire head was a Chrysler only head in the states. Might be different in Canada. Nothing special about the head except the Spitfire logo. So your engine may not be original. If you can post the engine numbers found on a raised "boss" above the generator on the engine block (as seen in the photo below) someone here should be able to tell you what engine you have.
  14. Think about this for a minute. Unbolt the strap from the generator and push the generator as close to the engine as is possible. Then install the belt around the generator pulley. Once the belt is installed then pull the generator away from the engine and re-install the strap bolt. Then finally tension the belt per the book and you should be good to go. Why is this so difficult to do?
  15. I believe oil pump/distributor indexing is done only to make it easier for mechanics out in the field to make tune ups easier. If one understands how the system works the oil pump can be installed any which way and the engine will run well.