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  1. Don Coatney

    True to its nickname.....Doggie Dish.

  2. Don Coatney

    Fan blades. Mounting

    Enough already. Save the soiled britches stories for the Maytag forum
  3. Don Coatney

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    EXTRA, EXTRA. Read all about it http://theoldmotor.com/?p=150241&fbclid=IwAR0J_rjOu1g-Tq9YZQTW21meWCI6m-gNW-ppzUIrWRAyu1iNICgJIlV7RbI
  4. Don Coatney

    Dirty Oil!

    Go to the downloads section of this web page (located at the top of this page) and read the factory PVC section.
  5. Don Coatney

    Zerk Fittings Cleaning

    Back in the 1950's when I was hanging out at the neighborhood gas station learning how to change oil and grease cars if we ran across a zerk that would not accept grease we would heat it with a propane torch until it would accept grease. Granted the hardened grease that caused the blockage got pushed downstream but the logic was it is better to have a small amount of hardened grease than no grease at all.
  6. Don Coatney

    Dirty Oil!

    I agree it is your money and do with it however it makes you feel good. But I am still waiting on a report of a failed cam and failed lifters due to no zinc additive in a Mopar flathead engine. As I have said many times you can feed your dog food on the bare floor or in a diamond studded food bowl. The dog don't care but if it makes the owner happy to buy the diamond studded dog food bowl then by all means do so. Same with zinc additives. The car don't care but if it makes the owner happy by all means buy it.
  7. Don Coatney

    Deleted thread regarding aftermarket parts quality...

    I agree that would be good if it worked as it should. Ebay has such a system. Twenty years ago the ebay rating system worked well. However these days I see that several venders can somehow erase any bad reports and that allows them to maintain 100% positive ratings. John Lydgate > Quotable Quote “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.”
  8. Don Coatney

    The D.C. P15 Update

    This might or might not help.
  9. Don Coatney

    Veterans' Day

    I am a bit late but here is the link to the Veterans Day thread I started 10 years ago. If you like we could ask a moderator to combine these threads.
  10. Don Coatney

    Veterans' Day

    My thanks to all veterans.
  11. Don Coatney

    Another 230 build thread

    I found a NOS fork on eBay several years ago. You will also need these two springs.
  12. Don Coatney

    lifter adjustment question 35,462,165,195,165

    Can you post a photo of the 3 wrench lifters? Is the third wrench required for a jam nut?
  13. Don Coatney

    Did you vote today????

    I exercised my prerogative this morning. Line was about 20 minutes long all inside the building.

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