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  2. When considering mods to the flathead, always Google Studebaker...
  4. I filled on my uncompleted 1941 plymouth coupe...I wish I could undo it . Thinking go grafting one in from a parts car.
  6. I have a castoff GM steering gear with arm and rods that was removed from 1941 Dodge. The Dodge's owner installed a Nova rear clip that was popular back in the day. The arm from the Dodge box was drilled out. Only the spline from the GM's arm was retained within a cylinder whose diameter fit into the Dodges drilled. The GM spline was inserted in the Dodge arm and welded (maybe the negative aspect of this modification). On the positive side, it opens up many more nix options.
  7. I guess They're not all 318s either but point we'll taken I agree with polys.
  8. Thanks Frank as you could see, I was having problems posting You're Welcome Andy
  9. Look hard... This is on. 1957 Plymouth Savoy Scroll down to see the fatty... And as I said, look hard
  10. Look hard... This is on. 1957 Plymouth Savoy
  11. FYI the flathead sixes that wre in the late sixties mopars (let's say torsion bar suspension cars 1957 and later had motor mounts on the sides (to correspond with the wide block 318s and the big blocks).These were achived with a different plate between the block and the timing chain cover. Check it out!
  12. $418.12 today... as per
  13. How about the frame. The 41 has an x braced channel frame the 47 and all the way to 56 has a ladder braced "tube" frame. No big jump in the front suspension basically the same except for the bright idea in 55 when the shock is centered in the coil spring. The master cylinder was designed to have an integral pedal pivot too. It wall hit the fan in 57... suspension, engine ( except for those with flatties), transmission, body and interior are completely "out of this world".
  14. The economy line Plymouth Roadking models offered till the early 40's didn't always have vent windows (some do). You will see this on a google image search and old brochures. That being said, the top of the doors/ windows of 1940's and 1948's are very similar.
  15. This is what I wanted to do to my P12 (1941 Sp Deluxe Coupe). I was going to take some length out of it, (maybe a foot from behind the door). Looks like a a removable canvas carson top. I did this sketch about 20 years ago.' alt='5536292766_2c613e0f33.jpg'> '41 Ply Roadster by myergens, on Flickr[/img]