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  1. 1955 C1B Build Thread

    Maybe it could be out of adjustment? Or possible the clutch was on the fritz anyway? If pressure plate, maybe the springs are worn out? I think you can buy rebuilt clutches 10" and 11" from Vintage Power wagons. Or have yours rebuilt. There's a shop in San Jose called B&A Friction the does rebuilding and sells new parts. Also, Tennessee clutch might have some parts and services available. I got my 11" disk from them and 11" plug n' play pressure plate / housing from B&A.
  2. It is owned by a gentleman from Linden - "Bosker" Guadagnolo. It has a V8 with hemispherical combustion chambers. I heard that he also has a '56 300 and another vehicle which I can't remember.
  3. I love Tim and Steph's PUG....I mean COE. AND...glad to see last year's evidence made the journey with "Brendt" and Julie. Ooops, I mean Brent.
  4. Some of my favorites.... Ted's '36 pickup from La Honda, CA (right...a '36?) Mark's very nice '50 Plymouth sedan. And DD's dash with restored gauges and custom tach.
  5. Uh oh...is that a tow truck in the "night scene" photo? Looks like you were on highway 25 on the way to Hollister... Looks familiar to me, especially the one lane portion. That's a beautiful drive.
  6. Whose Truck Got A Workout?

  7. The lawn WILL be mowed, I'll see to it! ...and the RR ties stacked.
  8. Chevy Parts in a Mopar Flathead

    What Chevrolet (designed) pistons will fit a Chrysler flathead? I started with Chevy-designed valves for my 230, but they were made by ...SBN, ? Can't remember. Only because the Chrysler design valve guides made by the same company (and others) were too big of an ID, resulting in more clearance than I liked. So I started with Chevy design valves with thicker stems, but had to machine the hell outta them to shape the length, stem recesses, and seating surfaces to be a Chrysler design. If I had to do it again, I would install bronze guides in the cast iron guides and keep the original valves.
  9. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    ...And that means a proper hitch, wiring harness, chains, and brakes to go with it!
  10. What's stopping y'all from just driving "it"? down here? Haha
  11. "On the Road Again" with Phoenix

    Will you be building a dedicated area for the cat, within this camper?
  12. I would caution against adjusting valves based on decibel readings.... actually, if you can hear the tappets, it's a good sign, because you know there's clearance. If they're tight, they will be quieter. Tight setting beyond specs will result in hotter valves and less power. 98-102 db...yeah, almost as quiet as a freeway at 10' distance.
  13. Todd Build Thread

    Too late, but what about a Detroit diesel??