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  1. John-T-53

    ID This Valve

    My machinist friend has seen those slots on the head before, just on "very old stuff" he said. This one appears to be factory cut. And yes, the keeper groove on this one appears to be unique! The screwdriver lapping method (especially if you had a strong magnetic one) sounds more reasonable than the rubber suction cup method - those dang suction cups always slip off.
  2. John-T-53

    ID This Valve

    It might make a good piece for a trophy...perhaps? "Tuff Trucker" award?
  3. John-T-53

    ID This Valve

    the top...
  4. John-T-53

    ID This Valve

    I found a valve while building a fence on my property last summer. Buried about 18" down, where a post was going. I've been curious what it goes to, maybe some experts here know... It's definitely from a flathead something. length: 7 1/8" stem: 3/8" head: 1 3/4"
  5. John-T-53

    Who has the oldest B1b?

    If you're going to be spending some nights "in the dog house" might as well make it to fit your own needs. That way when it's mandatory, it'll actually be enjoyable. If it's on wheels, all the better!
  6. John-T-53

    A108 van frame

    The "frame" might already be separating from the body on its own!
  7. John-T-53

    Motor and tranny swap

    Do you have a build thread already going for your project? If not, please start one. There's a lot of good information that could be shared and it seems you're setup for doing it right.
  8. John-T-53

    51 B-3 2 ton brake cylinders

    Re-sleeving and rebuilding service: Karps power brake in Pomona, CA: http://www.karpspb.com/
  9. I'm late to the dogpile, but yes...the answer is yes. I'll pass this along to the Linden crowd once again. Thanks Lyle!
  10. John-T-53

    $450 to Paint a Set of Wheels?!

    Absolutely No confidence if looking at a computer screen, or a print of a scan or color copy. The only way is to have the original chips in hand, and I'll bet that these are as true to color as when they were new, unless exposed to the sun for a few decades. If faded, a little rubbing compound would easily expose a fresh layer. But even then, the new color match is only as good as the knowledge and skill of the person making the new batch. You can still get original paint chips from vendors on ebay, at swap meets, or through ads in Hemmings.
  11. John-T-53

    water out housing for non bypass

    A hard to find part. I found one by calling up Vintage Power Wagons. I'd give them a try.
  12. John-T-53

    $450 to Paint a Set of Wheels?!

    Hope your jack stands are sturdy sir. What about the corrosion protection factor that paint has to offer?
  13. John-T-53

    218 Oil Filter question

    I did my annual oil change and sent in a sample for testing, strictly for curiosity purposes. Included in this test is insolubles (particulates) in the oil that the filter is supposed to remove. Well it turns out that the Napa 1080 is doing a good job, see attachment. Next year I'll try the Baldwin JC-405 depth media sock element and re-test and post the results here. Although 0.1% would be hard to beat! No more assumptions, here is data: 53 DODGE-180811.pdf
  14. John-T-53

    218 Oil Filter question

    I'm still using the Napa 1080 / Wix 51080. Not too short, fits good and easy to change. I install with tight fitting steel washers on the top and bottom of the element to seal it to the tube better, otherwise there is no seal (EDIT: the felt washer integral to the element is too big to make a seal with the housing tube). And a 1/2" spacer at the top to hold it down a bit from the top.
  15. could be considered a crude "IED"....haha

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