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  1. Skrambler

    1939 3 window plymouth coupe

    I'm with DJ194950
  2. This is just brilliant! I FULLY understand this guys situation!
  3. Skrambler

    41 Plymouth Door Seal

    There was never a seal there... Barely a seal on the hinge side of doors that was held in place, on the body by a thin piece of tin and a couple of sheet metal screws.
  4. Skrambler

    Lost A Good Man

    A great loss, for sure.
  5. Skrambler

    Wind Wing mounted mirrors.

    Well, well! Thank you, Plymouthy for your expertise! I will look into those.
  6. Skrambler

    Wind Wing mounted mirrors.

    Well, I did come up with an old photo, but, it really was not taken to highlight the mirror and mounting area. Sorry. I will attach it with a little luck anyway. You may be able to see the wing window assy. and the one screw that is in place. Again, not a great photo but all I seem to have.
  7. Skrambler

    Wind Wing mounted mirrors.

    Hummm. I will have to look in some old photo files to see if I have a photo or not. Thanks for your reply. I will post if I find one!
  8. Skrambler

    Wind Wing mounted mirrors.

    My inquiry is where in the world does a person find new or replacement outside mirrors for 39,40, or 41 Plymouth convertibles? The wind wings are mounted to the door with two large slotted screws and these mirrors I am looking to find are mounted in place of one of those screws. I have seen them on cars before, but never for sale. Did Jay Fisher ever make these? Thank you.
  9. Skrambler


    Maybe if CL demanded personal banking information, like the Bay, posting and deleting attitudes would change.
  10. Skrambler


    Well, at the very least the last posting put you 1 posting away from 27 thousand !
  11. Skrambler


    I recently sold my 39 Plymouth rumble seat convertible on CraigsList. I only had it advertised locally, but it sold to a fellow 2900 miles away! I did include a phone number, as I feel it should be required. Both parties are happy!
  12. Skrambler

    New to the Forum!

    Welcome, Chuck! Sounds like a nice project! I am certain that I have several of those emblems here. Drop me a P.M. (private message) and we can take it from there. A few posted pictures your car would be neat to see also! Happy Motoring!
  13. Skrambler

    Calling all 41 Plymouth owners

    Will the reproduction glass be decals? Or be etched into the glass as the original were?
  14. Skrambler

    1941 Headlight trim ring, what years fit???

    Wish I was able to help, but my extra rings are 2200 miles from where I currently am. Keep me in mind if you are still looking in a month or so.
  15. Skrambler

    Dash help

    It is the heater control switch.

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