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  1. Skrambler

    Calling all 41 Plymouth owners

    Will the reproduction glass be decals? Or be etched into the glass as the original were?
  2. Skrambler

    1941 Headlight trim ring, what years fit???

    Wish I was able to help, but my extra rings are 2200 miles from where I currently am. Keep me in mind if you are still looking in a month or so.
  3. Skrambler

    Dash help

    It is the heater control switch.
  4. Skrambler

    Replacement fog lamps for '39 Dodge D11?

    Came across these today, so I thought I would post them so you can see what I can offer.
  5. Skrambler

    Replacement fog lamps for '39 Dodge D11?

    Seems to me that I have a pair of MoPar original Appleton Electric Company fog lamps. Would they foot the bill?
  6. Skrambler

    Chrysler 1941 parts needed!!"

    I still have the deck lid (trunk lid) for FREE! Hate to see it go to the junk man but next time I trip over it, away it will go....
  7. Skrambler -  I sent you a private message.

    1. 40plyguy


      Are you able to put some pics in the ad? Wondering if the lid has the handle and trim as well. Thanks

    2. Skrambler


      If you send me an email address, I will send photos.

    3. 40plyguy
  8. Here I go, again! Giving it heck trying to organize my garage. I know this is a mistake, but the Better Half won the coin toss!!! I am sure that after this is all said and done, I will not be able to find ANYTHING! LOL! For 17 pieces of the below clip. I had purchased them, I believe for a Plymouth project decades ago. Never marked them as to what they were for. Anyone know what their purpose was? Anyone interested in them? Thanks once again, gang, for all the knowledge you share.
  9. Skrambler

    41 Plymouth door lock shaft lenght?

    Raylloyd Thanks for your reply. I am actually looking for the length of the shaft on the locking mechanism. The lock on the passenger side door that one would insert the key into to unlock the door. On that mechanism is a "square tail". Need to know the length of that tail piece. Thanks again.
  10. Would anyone happen to know the length of the square shaft on the backside of a 1941 Plymouth door lock assembly? Thank you!
  11. Skrambler

    Mystery MoPar Body Clip. Anyone need them?

    Thanks Guys! Well, if there is anyone that would like to buy these, I would let the 35 piece go for $15.00 plus shipping. 42 Plymouth! Neat car, but I never restored one. Thanks again for your time responding.
  12. Maybe you can sell them to Restoration Supplies? They love getting stuff like that to use as patterns so they can add it to their inventories.



  13. Skrambler

    Mystery MoPar Body Clip. Anyone need them?

    LOL! I can not even remember what project car I bought them for!
  14. Hello Folks. There has been some talk about molding clips here lately, and it reminded me that I should see if anyone can either I.D., or is in need of the below molding clip/clips I have in the below photos. I bought them for a project YEARS ago, and found that they did not work for my application. Stuck them in a drawer and there they have sat. I have 35 of these. They need a new home. Thanks.
  15. Skrambler

    MoPar Radiator number.

    Hi again Folks. I have exhausted my search. Looking for what MoPar radiator number 851645 originally fits? All I have been able to find is that it is a Radiator Core, that has been re-built? All my books are for Plymouth line, only. I have to assume this is for another MoPar. Thanks in advance guys!

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