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  1. scarebird brake conversion

    These photos were posted on a different thread, for a 36 Plymouth, bolt on, no adapter. The caliper looks to be Volvo. I have not found anyway it could be bolted on without an adapter...
  2. Antifreeze and your car

    I ran rain water through, and drained several times during the summer. Before cold weather, I flushed one more time, and added all antifreeze, no water. The all antifreeze has been in about 4 years now. I will drain it this year, and see the condition of rust or not....
  3. Engine swapping

    Don Coatney's engine was a Desoto, so a little different setup on the flywheel I believe....
  4. Happy birthday to me

    Happy Birthday John. What is most important, is that you like your ride, and enjoy it. Here is a photo of my birthday gift to myself in 1986. Mom said it needs a top....
  5. found source for bolt in dual master cylinder

    I cut some bad sections of flooring where the foot area is, and did not have to go under the seat area. The only bracket I had to install, was the blue piece. I made the push rod longer also..... The new Mustang II MC worked great....
  6. found source for bolt in dual master cylinder

    On my 48 I left the original MC on, and added a bracket, and Mustang II MC..worked very good......
  7. 1936 Plymouth No Adapter Plate Disc Brake Conversion

    Here is a couple of photos of the 88 and 89 Volvo caliper. The closest to the original photo so far....
  8. 1936 Plymouth No Adapter Plate Disc Brake Conversion

    Not sure of anything so far 55. I get conflicting info from different sellers. Going by the first posts photos, my best guess so far, is the rear rotor from a 68 1800s, and the caliper from the 1988 Volvo 240.....
  9. 1936 Plymouth No Adapter Plate Disc Brake Conversion

    In the first post photo, the rotor seemed very high. This photo of a 1968 rotor, Volvo 1800S, is for the rear, 4 1/2 bolt circle, seems higher than front rotors. I seen rotor listings of 67 to 74 140 Volvos that suppose to fit 1800S Volvo, but had a 4.25 circle.
  10. 1936 Plymouth No Adapter Plate Disc Brake Conversion

    Thanks for the link. I have not been looking into old enough Volvos for the 4 4/5 bolt pattern. I had researched a few years ago on doing disc brakes, with Explorer rotors, and some type of bracket for the caliper. The Volvo setup would be the way to go, it seems. I will do more research into this... My stock brakes have worked ok, until the last time I drove my 38, and front brakes failed, due to loss of fluid. I still had rear brakes, thanks to the Bronco MC setup....
  11. 1936 Plymouth No Adapter Plate Disc Brake Conversion

    I have not been able to find which Volvo has the 4.5 bolt circle so far...
  12. 1936 Plymouth No Adapter Plate Disc Brake Conversion

    This setup seems to be a early Volvo, maybe a 88 or 89, caliper that has a mounting center bolt holes at about 3.5 inch. The Plymouth mounting holes are about 3 5/8 across the top, and about 5 5/16 from top to bottom. I believe he used the original top rear bolt hole, and drilled the bottom rear hole for the second mounting bolt for the caliper mounting.. The rotor may be an Explorer to get the 4.5 inch lug pattern....
  13. 1936 Plymouth No Adapter Plate Disc Brake Conversion

    The rotor hub section looks very deep. I thought about a setup on my 38, using an Explorer disc...Still use the original hub....
  14. 1936 Plymouth No Adapter Plate Disc Brake Conversion

    The Volvo rear disc is solid, & has a 108mm/4.25 inch bolt circle.
  15. 1936 Plymouth No Adapter Plate Disc Brake Conversion

    The Lincoln, Navigator look very similar.........
  16. Transmission options for 37 Plymouth P3

    The bench seat and floor shifter was no problem...
  17. engine year help

    Does the head on your engine have any numbers that would indicate the year? My 56 has a 55 number on the head.
  18. Do an ebay search of "canister",,,,, "inline",,,,, or "remote" oil filters.....
  19. There are several filter systems available on ebay.
  20. Electric cooling fans

    Now if they would install an electric fan, and an alternator/generator pulling 5 or 6 amps to run the fan and see the HP saved.
  21. Explorer rear end

    In that case, the Ranger rear may be a better fit for your wheels.. I had to add 1inch or so, spacers to get my 235/75-15 "police wheels" out where I wanted them.
  22. Explorer rear end

    With the S10 rearend, you would need to use Chevy wheels. Suggest go with an Explorer or Jeep rear. I used a Ranger rear, and had to use 1 inch spacers.

    With my Ranger 5 speed/218 setup/3.73, my first gear is almost like a "granny" gear, (great in Virginia though), and top gear is great over 40mph. Hope to try 3.55 soon. With a 2.7 rear, my top gear would not get much use, unless I was going downhill.....
  24. New Tachometer

    Look on Ebay, under marine tach. I use one with a white face, works good....
  25. Rear end swap

    I installed a Ranger rear in my 38 Coupe a few years ago. The Ranger rear is very narrow, so I used adapters to get the tires out to where I was happy with. I used an Explorer driveshaft.