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  1. Robert Horne

    Anti-theft devices

    I had problems with someone trying to take my 70 Mustang, that I only drove on the weekends. The ignition switch was found on the floor often. The car could not be started, since I kept the car's battery behind the seat of my work truck. I kept the radio knobs off, so no one would take the radio also. This worked several years, until I sold the car......
  2. Robert Horne

    1956 Plymouth Suburban 230 fuel pump

    These pumps are available on ebay for about $30 or $40, for a 56. My 56 has one like the one with the glass fuel filter....
  3. Robert Horne

    37 Plymouth 4D Sedan Rear Shock Replacement

    On my 38 Coupe shocks, I used Monroes , mid 80s mid size dodge car.....
  4. Robert Horne

    Starter upgrade?

    My 38 Coupe, with an engine from a 36, had the starter pedal on the floor. I bought a 56 engine that had a 54 starter with no solenoid that I added a wall mount solenoid so as to start with a start button. Worked great, but I later found a 12 volt 56 started to replace the 54....
  5. Robert Horne

    230 dodge engine

    I used a 56 starter on my 36 engine, and I could use the my 36, 37, 38 starter on my 56 engine... There was a change in the 57 as to the length to engage the starter. With your 53 bell, you may have to use a 56 starter...
  6. Robert Horne

    Bob Drown

    Same here, on the covered bridges....
  7. Robert Horne

    Replacement Gas Tanks

    I have seen Jeep XJ tanks on ebay, that may fit.
  8. Robert Horne

    new headliner

    Excellent job. I used a Walmart blanket for material on my 38 Coupe headliner. Still looks great...
  9. Robert Horne

    speedometer calibration

    My wife did not see the beer also......
  10. Robert Horne

    speedometer calibration

    Work,,,,that is what the wife is for,,,right?
  11. Robert Horne

    speedometer calibration

    I went with a borrowed GPS unit to test my 38 Coupe. My speedo was faster than the GPS at slow MPH , and the speedo was slower at higher MPH... I believe since I lubed the speedo cable, numbers may be more accurate...
  12. Robert Horne

    Lost A Good Man

    Always enjoyed Bob and Cooper's travels, photos, covered bridges.............RIP Bob.....
  13. Robert Horne

    36 vs 37 Plymouth Identification

    My Uncle's 36 Coupe had knee action shocks on the front suspension.
  14. Robert Horne

    Drivability in the mountains

    It is hilly here in southwest Virginia. My 38 Coupe does very well in the curvy hilly areas. The 5 speed makes a lot of difference compared to the three speeds I hade used before. The 3.73 is better than the 3.9 I had before. I believe a 3.5 would be a better option for my Coupe....
  15. Robert Horne

    37 Plymouth Sedan Resto- New Member

    .The 98 Jeep inline is what I have thought of for some time. my 98 runs great, 2 wheel drive. 3.55 rear gear.

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