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  1. I installed the glass on the hose that comes from the heater and goes to the water pump, easy to see the coolant.....
  2. Found these on ebay a few years ago, about $10.......
  3. Sight glass used on boilers..
  4. This is when I installed the TK5 Ranger trans... Ranger trans, Explorer driveshaft, Ranger rearend..
  5. I flushed my 38 rad with rain water many times one summer a few years ago. It had not run hot, but needed cleaning anyway. "Soft water", (rain water or from a water conditioner), makes a good cleaning agent. I only added coolant, no water. Several years now since, and the cooling system looks very good.....
  6. Yes, I used an Explorer driveshaft, that bolted to the Ranger rear, working great...
  7. The windshield looks to be a 36, sharp bottom corners. I think Dodge or Desota had headlamps like that.
  8. I will be 69 next month. I drove my first vehicle when I was 10, a Jeep truck on a dirt road. My two Uncles traded a 36 Plymouth Coupe back and forth over 40 years. I got to drive the 36 when I was around 12, on a dirt road also. I bought my pair of 38 Plymouth Coupes in 1986.
  9. I used three of my stock 3 speed transmissions before I went to the 5 speed Ranger trans. I am very glad I did. Now I have a lower than normal gear for first, great for coming up my steep driveway, and I have a 5th gear that is my overdrive gear. The 5 speed's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears are very similar to the 3 gears in my old 3 speed transmissions. Consider the cost, $50, and $75 for two Ranger trans The driveshaft (Explorer) cost about $15 at the junk yard. The Ranger rears are very cheap to buy. No adapters needed, only a little machine work on the trans front cover to match the 5 inch hole it the bell housing. My 38 is a lot easier to drive now, than when I had the stock trans..
  10. I have been in the search for one of these, FC Jeep.
  11. I have two 38 Plymouth Coupes. One is a P5 Business Coupe, and the other is a P6 Delux. The P5 only has one windshield wiper, the P6 has two.
  12. This 50 model belonged to my long time friend Charles in Ohio...
  13. My little white 38 Coupe on a rod run...
  14. Do keep up the updates, we are all here to help each other keep these old cars alive. Often, it is hard to find information on modifications. I kept the brake system original on my 48, except for the MC modifications, worked good....
  15. Here is another photo from someone on here using a bracket attached to the frame, and still leaving the original MC in place.