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  1. I have been in the search for one of these, FC Jeep.
  2. I have two 38 Plymouth Coupes. One is a P5 Business Coupe, and the other is a P6 Delux. The P5 only has one windshield wiper, the P6 has two.
  3. This 50 model belonged to my long time friend Charles in Ohio...
  4. My little white 38 Coupe on a rod run...
  5. Do keep up the updates, we are all here to help each other keep these old cars alive. Often, it is hard to find information on modifications. I kept the brake system original on my 48, except for the MC modifications, worked good....
  6. Here is another photo from someone on here using a bracket attached to the frame, and still leaving the original MC in place.
  7. Several people on here have used the original MC as a bracket. I did on my 48 Dodge, using a Mustang II as a MC. Worked great. Do a search on here for this system for more brake projects like this......
  8. My 48 Dodge had the best brakes of any of the older cars I have owned. I installed a Mustang II master cylinder, the rest was stock, worked great.. My 38 has front drum, and Ranger drum rear, Ranger master cylinder, has worked great the past few years..
  9. If you drive in snow, or wet roads, you will discover not to lock up your brakes, or you may go in a direction you do not want to go. I prefer my non power assist brakes in winter, less chance of hitting the brakes to hard. My modern daily driver truck with the power boost/ABS is a scary ride. The brakes will not lock up, even when I try. Pulling a trailer that does not have brakes is very scary. My neighbor's truck is almost as bad. He limped into my driveway with no brakes, from a bad rear line. The proportion valve did not kick in. These modern brakes systems, even when new, are not always what they should be...
  10. Yes, I believe this is the reason for "anti lock braking systems"..........
  11. The green blanket headliner came out very good, and still looks very good today. Shortly after I installed it, a friend gave me a very nice tan seat, and another friend gave me tan carpet. I bought a couple of tan blankets to replace the green headliner, but after several years the blankets are still in the bag,,,,,,,,,,,maybe work on it soon, maybe, "put off today what you can do tomorrow".............
  12. I used some of the bubble wrap on the roof, along with the roof insulation I saved from a Mustang, and a Mercury. I attached these with windshield urethane. I used a quality blanked for my headliner. The blanked has two layers back to back, with seams about every two or three inches, easy for installing the bows...
  13. This is one reason I went with the TK5 Ford Ranger 5 speed trans, where I did not have to use an adapter. The TK5 front retainer had to be machined to match the bell hole, about 1/16 difference.
  14. I was just guessing that a 83 to 87 TK5 was just as modern as any 82 to 87 S10 Chevy T5......
  15. My 36 and 37 transmissions have the parking brake with the handle coming up through the floor. My 38s have a cable to operate the parking brake. All my 36, 37, and 38 transmissions would attach to my 38 bell housings. I used one of my 38 bell housings on my TK5 speed install.