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  1. Draft tube

    The yellow tube is my draft tube, with a pcv valve that is attach to a vac line, works good..

    My 98 XJ Jeep 2 wheel drive has a 3.55 rear, looks to be a good fit for my 37 or 38 Coupe.....

    When I installed my 5 speed Ranger trans, I made an temp adapter to fit a temp driveshaft, to fit on my Plymouth rearend, Worked ok. I later changed to a Ranger rear, with a Explorer driveshaft..
  4. Overheating!! Time for a Rad flush

    I installed the glass on the hose that comes from the heater and goes to the water pump, easy to see the coolant.....
  5. Overheating!! Time for a Rad flush

    Found these on ebay a few years ago, about $10.......
  6. Overheating!! Time for a Rad flush

    Sight glass used on boilers..

    This is when I installed the TK5 Ranger trans... Ranger trans, Explorer driveshaft, Ranger rearend..
  8. Overheating!! Time for a Rad flush

    I flushed my 38 rad with rain water many times one summer a few years ago. It had not run hot, but needed cleaning anyway. "Soft water", (rain water or from a water conditioner), makes a good cleaning agent. I only added coolant, no water. Several years now since, and the cooling system looks very good.....

    Yes, I used an Explorer driveshaft, that bolted to the Ranger rear, working great...
  10. Coupes you like

    The windshield looks to be a 36, sharp bottom corners. I think Dodge or Desota had headlamps like that.
  11. Age Demographics Please Take The Poll...

    I will be 69 next month. I drove my first vehicle when I was 10, a Jeep truck on a dirt road. My two Uncles traded a 36 Plymouth Coupe back and forth over 40 years. I got to drive the 36 when I was around 12, on a dirt road also. I bought my pair of 38 Plymouth Coupes in 1986.
  12. Generic OD discussion - is it worth it?

    I used three of my stock 3 speed transmissions before I went to the 5 speed Ranger trans. I am very glad I did. Now I have a lower than normal gear for first, great for coming up my steep driveway, and I have a 5th gear that is my overdrive gear. The 5 speed's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears are very similar to the 3 gears in my old 3 speed transmissions. Consider the cost, $50, and $75 for two Ranger trans The driveshaft (Explorer) cost about $15 at the junk yard. The Ranger rears are very cheap to buy. No adapters needed, only a little machine work on the trans front cover to match the 5 inch hole it the bell housing. My 38 is a lot easier to drive now, than when I had the stock trans..
  13. If you could have one more........

    I have been in the search for one of these, FC Jeep.
  14. Prewar Plymouth trim levels

    I have two 38 Plymouth Coupes. One is a P5 Business Coupe, and the other is a P6 Delux. The P5 only has one windshield wiper, the P6 has two.
  15. Coupes you like

    This 50 model belonged to my long time friend Charles in Ohio...