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  1. =PlyPals=

    6V LED taillights?

    First of all, thank you for the replies! @ Greg G: I changed a year or 2 ago the lights with new bulbs... difference was noticable, but it was still very dim... I'm quite sure my original electrical system works fine and is grounded decent. That is why I'm thinking to switch over to LED's... Nonetheless, highspeedmotors was indeed the shop I contacted without receiving answers... too bad, because I found out it was the only supplier for 6V positive ground LED's... @ Dennis_MN: I looked at the link you've sended, but they don't specify if it is positive or negative ground... @ MoparAl: please let me know indeed... (they were 6V positive ground??) UK is closer to Belgium as the US Cheers 'n greets
  2. =PlyPals=

    6V LED taillights?

    Anyone knows if they are available? On ePay you find them... only for 12V. I know there is a company that sells LED "bulbs" for 6V... But when mailed, I never receive an answer... Is it because I live in Belgium? Who knows... Anyhow, I want to "upgrade" my taillights (and brakelight) for better visability during darker days.
  3. =PlyPals=

    Front Door Locks

    I did a lock-swap 1 1/2yr ago... I have to say that it was one of the easiest jobs to do... only loosening 1 screw/side... but remember to keep a long needle or long piece of stiff wire metal close by! You'll need it to guide the lock back in it's place! Without that,it's a nightmare... but believe me, as a mechanical noob, I thought this was a laugh! Maybe someone has the time to take his/her shopmanual ... to make a scan of that perticular page... (I would like to take mine, but a friend of me has it for the moment... mea culpa!)
  4. =PlyPals=

    Pinstripe trunk

  5. =PlyPals=

    Pinstripe hood

  6. =PlyPals=

    Pinstripe rear lights

  7. http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=533508 not too many Plymouths to be seen... but mine was there ;-) found at least 4 pictures on the net of my car. Have fun watching!
  8. =PlyPals=

    P15 4door sedan with scallops???

    Finally... the lowering job is done! +/- 4" in the back (thanks to the new leaf springs) and a 1 1/2 coil cut in the front. And a member of the club took the liberty to pinstripe it. I must say, I think the result is golden! See for yourself! (not yet attached are the fender skirts and hub caps...)
  9. =PlyPals=

    Trouble shifting

    And what about the gear shift lever stud? Some time ago I had that problem... the rubber was cracked and thus I had no possibilities to shift... (okay, I know you can shift between 1st and reverse...)
  10. =PlyPals=

    P15 4door sedan with scallops???

    for as far as I can see, and hear... the P15 body lines aren't the best for scallops... lesson learned :-D
  11. =PlyPals=

    P15 4door sedan with scallops???

    no seafood on my car,please Thanks BobT! I can't say I like those graphics on the cars... especially the flame job... it gives me the shivers!! Going to ask on the Hamb as well...
  12. Does anyone have (a) picture(s) of a P15 4door with scallops?? Trying to get an idea on how that looks... Greetz and cheers! =PlyPals=
  13. =PlyPals=

    Illistrated Parts Catalog

    They are also listed on eBay... Last week I bought hood to fender bumpers there. Fast shipping and correct! Even to that far far away lil' country called Belgium ;-)

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