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  1. grady hawkins

    What is it?

    My D24 has a metal one and is quite useful if your emergency brake does not hold well on a hill and you have fluid drive !
  2. grady hawkins

    Speedometer Question

    From end to end, how long should a speedometer cable be for a 1948 Plymouth 4 door Special Delux be??
  3. grady hawkins

    Time Mark

    I can not find a time mark on the harmonic balancer on my 1948 Plymouth. Was there ever one put on the balancer??
  4. grady hawkins

    Saw this on FB. MOPAR option or custom?

    " TWO " Cool !
  5. grady hawkins

    D24 Styling

    I note on the bottom of the emblem on my D-24 the letters U.S.A. are printed Not sure of the history why but I like it!
  6. grady hawkins

    Hood Emblem Paint

    My D24 emblem has USA in gold color at the bottom
  7. grady hawkins

    What some of us got up to in England, today

    WOW! Great pics
  8. grady hawkins

    Got the time?

    I found a NOS d24 clock on e-bay but it was priced over $500 dollars! I decided to remove the clock and install a quartz movement which cost less than ten dollars. A slight modification with a cut off to make room for the Quartz movement and put the clock back in the car. The double A battery should last a year or more and the clock is accurate with in a few seconds a year.
  9. grady hawkins

    I'm going to contact these fellas.

    I would also be interested
  10. grady hawkins

    New 1947 P-15 owner

    Great looking car!
  11. grady hawkins

    Brake shoe thickness

    .200 is what my Chilton list When I had my shoes relined they put a thicker lining on the shoes and I could not get the drums back on!!
  12. grady hawkins

    Pedal problem!

    I spent along time trying to get the air out of my D24 brakes after installing a new wheel cylinder. My wife as helping bleed the brakes and after several frustrating hours, I discovered she was pumping up the CLUTCH pedal! Gotta love'em!
  13. grady hawkins

    54 Plymouth Won"t Run

    I have had a similar problem that turned out to be water in the gas !
  14. grady hawkins

    I.D. Spark Plug Wire

    I have those on my D24 There is metal cup which goes between the plug and the head which the boot fits over making a water tight seal The metal cup and boot came as a unit and I attached each to my plug wires .I don't know if you can buy a preassembled set or just the metal cup seperate
  15. grady hawkins

    ECI front Disc brake conversion Kits

    Thanks for all the good information As I want to keep my stock wheels .I think I will stick with the original set up a bit longer

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