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  1. hammered mine out. Tried different hammers, including shot filled, but in the end the big wooden mallet seemed to work best. But it was a long struggle
  2. why because for some reason the wife thinks car parts ruin the table, stain the floor, and generally just make a mess. Maybe I shouldn't have used the dishwasher as a parts washer, (but it does make the chrome shine)
  3. Carter B&B on an IND251, is the same setup I'm running. Only I'm not allowed to bring any of it into the house.
  4. I don't know if they will fit, but curious as to why you didn't look at 1956 for your 1956?,1956,truck,3.8l+230cid+l6,1488225,steering,king+pin+set,7340. For the amount of work, I think I would spend the extra $12 and move to the $50 ones that are on the 1956 list, BUT that still doesn't answer the question if it will fit.
  5. one side runs to the B terminal of the Headlight switch, the other side to the back taillight
  6. On my last fuel pump the mounting gasket, the one to the block would reduce the pump pressure. I had to remove the gasket, and just used rtv sealer and it worked great. The thickness of the gasket was enough to stop a good pump. I bolted it on, without any sealer or gasket and started the truck and it ran great. Pulled it off, cleaned everything, used a very thin layer of the rtv bolted it on.
  7. Unbolt the carb and check to make sure the manifold is dry. If its full of gas or water it won't be starting.
  8. 21 minutes, hows that for service?
  9. then then wrap a rag around your air hose (or even a bicycle tire pump) and blow a bit of air into the gas tank (through the filler neck) this will push the gas down to the pump. If you have a helper you can have them crank it a couple of times when you are giving it some air. this will prime the pump
  10. for priming the pump, I have pressurized the gas tank. Not alot if you have good lungs you can blow into it. Or I have filled the carb float and poured some gas in the carb to get it started, and after a couple of seconds of running the gas appears in the glass bowl.
  11. not a comment on your trucks, I believe the single piston's can dissipate heat better than the smaller dual pistons. Which is why you find the single pistons on the one ton fronts, as they were used for the greater hauling weights and subsequent heat, which resulted in brake fade. The dual pistons were used on the 1/2 tons and 3/4 tons and as 4mula-dlx says should provide better stopping.
  12. don't know if these are better photos
  13. they are the Stockton series 24 Power wagon 16" rims. They built them, the original rims are a 6" offset, these are 4" backspace, the tire shop mounted 215's but I thought the 235/85's looked better even though the front clearance is a little tight. But after driving it has never touched the sheet metal. I will post some better/closer pictures this afternoon.