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  1. bach4660

    coil need to be grounded?

    sounds like its shorting at the distributor. There is a bakelite sleeve that insulates the small wire that passes thru the Dist. After 70 years it breaks when you look at it. I would check continuity between the coil wire and the dist case, and would guess you have a short. I fixed mine with the body of a bic pen, using the clear plastic as the insulating tube.
  2. bach4660

    Stockton Wheel in California

    thank you. Rims were 16x7 and the rubber was 235/85.
  3. bach4660

    Stockton Wheel in California

    these are my stocktons for the 1 Ton, bought them in 09, the rim is great.
  4. bach4660

    Hand Crank a 218

    I do it for show, great fun. Never realized how much quieter it is OUTside of the cab. I do chock the wheels cause I don't trust the park brake.
  5. bach4660

    Wiring question

    out of curiousity as a late 1955 is it a positive ground 12 volt?
  6. bach4660

    Non-Resistor Spark Plugs

    its my understanding that the resistor only pulls out electrical interference. As these motors have rudimentary electrical systems, I don't think it would make a difference either way. (using resistive or non resistive)
  7. bach4660

    Hydro flooded town

    exactly under the "B" on the map. Set up the tent on the edge, great spot for the night
  8. bach4660

    Hydro flooded town

    Went to Carpenter Lake in BC. Was a town of 800 in the 1930's, then about 60 people late 1950s then the HydroElectric company dammed the river and flooded the valley, including the town. Now they are servicing the dam and released all the water. Apparently Hdyro workers came in and removed some gas pumps and other items for relocation to a local museum, when we got there this is all that remains. It doesn't look like anything but when you start walking around you can see the houses, streets, etc. We found about 5 cars, now just skeletons, one had the glass of the door, the coiled regulator spring and the aluminum door handle, all other sheet metal was gone. One of the photos is probably a mine car or rail car judging by the wheel, but the thing that had we thinking was only one of the cars had a motor/tranny. All the rest did not. They had differentials, one had the seat, frame rails etc. Were the motors valuable? did the Hydro company remove the motors for environmental reasons? (this was the late 50's)?
  9. bach4660

    Can I use remote oil filter

    keep reading to post 42
  10. bach4660

    Oil Filter Gasket

    my canister is kinda rough on the top edge, the only thing I have found to work is cork, but I hand cut them because as you have read so far there doesn't seem to be ready made gasket. On the top where the bolt goes through I use fibreboard gasket, also hand cut.
  11. bach4660

    missing on couple cylinders

    pull the number one plug, connect the lead, clamp or secure the plug to the block and crank it over. If no spark you have a problem with the lead or the Distributor.
  12. bach4660

    My original CARTER fuel pump.

    a difficult number to find. I think the ratio is 6.6:1 but don't know how to calculate the compression
  13. bach4660

    My original CARTER fuel pump.

    I think on these motors you need a difference of 25 to be definite valves, I think 5-10 difference between cylinders is within limits
  14. bach4660

    Strange sound

    there is a grease fitting on the clutch base (where the bushing goes), but its possible that the clutch pedal is making contact with the steel of the toeboard. Mine does that on release it is a very loud sound, I like it because it lets the pedestrians know to hurry up.
  15. bach4660

    Carter fuel pump inlet size

    1/8 -27 npsf

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