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  1. Strange sound

    there is a grease fitting on the clutch base (where the bushing goes), but its possible that the clutch pedal is making contact with the steel of the toeboard. Mine does that on release it is a very loud sound, I like it because it lets the pedestrians know to hurry up.
  2. Carter fuel pump inlet size

    1/8 -27 npsf
  3. Movies with Pilot House Trucks

    " Bad Times at the El Royale" featuring Jeff Bridges, Russell Crowe Chris Hemsworth, and my truck. Filming here in BC, but it will be Lake Tahoe 1960 when it comes out. The armoured car is the wheels in the air background The fake snow has been a real PTA to clean, it is like a globby gelatin paper spitball
  4. My original CARTER fuel pump.

    so how often do you get to drive your Truck?
  5. yes the inner steering shaft is threaded for the steering wheel at the top and a worm gear at the bottom (inside the gear box) so basically it is all one piece
  6. as for the steering box, unless you have a hoist, I found you need to remove toeboard, to pull box into the cab
  7. My original CARTER fuel pump.

    I might be wrong, but if you assembled the base with only one gasket you will increase the spring tension, creating a stronger fuel pressure? The rubber stays fixed, and the metal disc (diaphram center) gets pulled down by the lever and the spring pushes it back up, so more spring tension the faster the return. So this should work with one gasket
  8. My original CARTER fuel pump.

    the new one looks taller with one more loop of spring (or maybe same height with a tighter wind to the spring), might give stronger pump?
  9. Tail Light - What is This?

    there is a connector on the frame before the taillights, it is a hard plastic (maybe bakelite) using barrel connectors on the wires. The rubber hose has been added, there are clips that hold the wiring to the frame maybe they broke off and the hose was anti-chaffing? but with a PO its just a guess.
  10. Wheel Cylinders And Shoes

    I had mine relined at a local forklift shop. As for wheel cylinders, you can get the raybestas for $60 Canadian which worked really good, or the napa for less (but I had trouble with the angle the line came in and had to move the two Napa ones to the front as it uses the rubber flex lines) Napa UP 3596 and UP 3595, Raybesta WC3596 and WC3595. So now I got two Napa on the front and two raybestas on the back
  11. Boards for 1 ton box

    Best of luck. With the bed kits coming in at $1000 + I searched everywhere for oak boards and couldn't source them here in Vancouver. With the finished sizing being 10 1/2 you need to find 12" boards (finished size as 11 1/4). I thought about getting 6" boards (finished size of 5 1/4) and glueing them together. For now I ' m using cedar which works to hold all the parts in place and make it driveable.
  12. New Flat Truck Owner

    Looks beautiful
  13. Need measures 14-17-1 lever.

    I think this is my favorite post ever. A guy in Brazil is missing a piece, and a guy (assuming) in Ohio posts pictures and dimensions, and someone handmakes the piece. Fascinating!
  14. Kingpin removal-am I missing something?

    hammered mine out. Tried different hammers, including shot filled, but in the end the big wooden mallet seemed to work best. But it was a long struggle