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  1. A resistor for the 6 volt coil is cheap and a common item .
  2. Also to answer your other question ; Yes the pistons will shoot out if the drum isn't on and you step on the brake pedal .
  3. That is not bad at all , the 1/2 tons are like that . There was a thicker military radiator in my 1/2 ton that DID require removal of the front sheet metal , but that is probably not the case for your friends big truck .
  4. The guys who pave the streets with blacktop .
  5. One thought is that the bigger cars had a bigger bolt pattern for the wheels to go with the bigger drums .
  6. Well , if no one has a solution for just the spring replacement , i have seen the flipper handled cranks on ebay . I know that they can be expensive but take your time shopping for a good price .
  7. I give the vehicle a good shake before I crawl underneath .
  8. I did basicly the same as Adam , only on my truck , and after rebuilding the drum brakes . Brake fade is very real and scary . I sold my front drums and that helped pay a big portion of the cost for the conversion . I have had to do two emergency stops with the discs and some quick stops at highway speeds .
  9. I meant only to say that there is no additional information to be gleaned by going to the facebook advertisement . Nothing else implied .
  10. Plymouthy , I don't have facebook either and I viewed the ad through the posted link . You are not missing much though , shows milage at 123 K .
  11. You don't want to use anything less than 5/16 " line . Find an auto parts store that has a good selection of fittings to see what fits . Find a power source that doesn't have much voltage drop .
  12. It sounds like it is working well , but don't you need a bigger brush ?
  13. One member just bought wire and coiled his own .
  14. One member has had very good results with Tuff Stuff on his headliner . Sold at Walmart auto department and also O Reillys .
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