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  1. Jerry Roberts

    1941 Plymouth Starter MZ-4089 parts needed

    " He said the part number for this part is Autolite Armature MZ-2108. Is that correct? " Yes , those numbers are correct .
  2. Jerry Roberts

    Auto Lite points with separate spring

    Her are photos of the Auto Lite points with the separate spring . It is not so obvious with the parts just out of the box as to how they go together but with the photo it is plain to see .
  3. Jerry Roberts

    Hydro flooded town

  4. Jerry Roberts

    Oil filter canister

    Sometimes the lid gets bent down in the center from use over the years . The clamping bolt then runs out of threads before the lid gets tight . The solution is to pound out the lid in the center .
  5. Jerry Roberts

    Overheat or bad gauge?

    I use tweezers , it's a delicate job .
  6. Jerry Roberts

    Throw out bearing blues

    I would call the rebuilder and see if they have any ideas . I guess that you must have tried adjusting where the pedal arm attaches to the shaft .
  7. Jerry Roberts

    New to the Forum!

    Click on his name ; Skrambler on his post . Just below what then shows is " message "
  8. Jerry Roberts

    Howling when hot

    So the howling is probably not from low gear oil .
  9. Jerry Roberts

    Fuel not getting to all cylinders

    " ... I turned to distributor cap around to 180 degrees from where it was ... " These distributor caps fit on only one way . If you want to turn your distributor 180 degrees you must pull the distributor from the block and turn the shaft , and then put it back in the block . Edited 1 hour ago by TylerB46
  10. Jerry Roberts

    P15 Brake Pedal Draft Seal (Grommet?)

    I just bought a pair of pedal shaft seals from DCM Classics and they are nice thick rubber . To stretch them over my non-removable pedals I warmed them up in the weather and coated them inside and outside with plumbers grease , the grease that is used for o-rings . I also greased the pedal itself , top and bottom , and made sure that there were no sharp edges on the pedal to tear the rubber . I had to use a putty knife to help slide the first one over the pedal , it provided some leverage and the putty knife was also without sharp edges . The second seal I was able to put on without the putty knife for some reason . I half expected the seals to tear during this struggle but they went on O K . At some point during assembly the seals were at least partially inside out so greasing both the inside and the outside is necessary .
  11. Jerry Roberts

    Check these guys out

    Good place to shop and they just keep expanding their stock . I am a happy customer .
  12. Duffy , Here is where I got my information : Also I used the site ; PartsVoice to search by part number . You might find a booklet like this on ebay .
  13. Duffy , The correct part number for the 1941 WF-32 column jacket bushing is 395800 . For trucks up to serial number 81365033 Detroit built or 86501901 L.A. built . That part is also shown at Collectors Auto Supply and also at Deception Pass Motor Parts , Anacortes , Wa . 98221
  14. My book says for 1941 WF-32 ; Drag link ; tube part number 574501 , ball stud 51354 . Available at Collectors Auto Supply , Blaine Wa . 98230 . Verify with them .
  15. Sometimes you can take a bearing to a shop that specializes in bearings and have them match it up with a replacement . There is such a shop where I live . Rare Parts in Stockton California might be able to help with the drag link , they can be expensive though . Have you tried the usual sources ? Roberts Motor Parts , Bernbaum Auto Parts , Vintage Power Wagons . Do you have a parts book that shows the part number ?

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