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  1. Jerry Roberts

    brake fluid pressure

    Also some of the members have had the inside of a rubber brake hose collapse and block the return of brake fluid .
  2. Jerry Roberts

    Light Bulbs

    ebay has lots of 6 volt bulbs .
  3. Jerry Roberts

    Misses at higher RPM

    One of the guys on the forum had this problem . He found that he had left out a separate spring that was found still in the box . Not all of the point sets have this separate spring though . His points were floating at higher RPM ' s .
  4. Jerry Roberts

    Optima 6v battery

    If you don't get in the cab to start your truck , don't let the onlookers stand in front . Your truck might be in gear . They wouldn't be too impressed with that . 😜
  5. Jerry Roberts

    Optima 6v battery

  6. Jerry Roberts

    Where to mount fuse block

    Water can splash up under the hood , I would put it inside , someplace where you can reach it easily .
  7. Jerry Roberts

    Show your tools.

    Here is a set of ignition wrenches size 5/32 to 3/8 by Craftsman . I have had this set for 54 years and have never used some of them but others have come in handy .
  8. Jerry Roberts

    38 RC pickup, carb issue

    Relays are used for things that draw a lot of amps like headlights or dual horns . You won't need a relay for the electric fuel pump .
  9. Jerry Roberts

    Smokes after 8 minutes of running

    " ... I pulled the head. I put on a new gasket and tightened according to proper order and torque. I have attached a picture of a leak. It is the bolt the throttle linkage sets upon. I assume I need to take it out, put joint compound on it and tighten it back down. ..." Several of the head bolts go into the water jacket , so if you haven't put sealer on the head bolts , you need to do that . Then retighten the bolts after warm up . I retighten mine several times .
  10. Jerry Roberts

    Engine back finally

    I am going to guess that the plugs are there to keep junk ( and fresh paint ) from falling into the holes and that new plugs will be going in .
  11. Jerry Roberts

    48 1 ton leaking master cylinder

    Rebuild or replace depending on how it looks inside . Some of us are having the old master cylinders sleeved with brass or stainless steel so that the next time it happens you can just pop in a kit .
  12. Jerry Roberts

    fuel gauge

    So are you using a sender from Tanks Inc that uses only the number 2 terminal ?
  13. Jerry Roberts

    fuel gauge

    It sounds like your new sender wasn't made to match your vehicle , perhaps a generic sender ? On the back of your fuel gauge you have three terminals ; one marked IGN for voltage in , and two other terminals marked 1 and 2 that go to the sender in the tank . On the original sender in the tank there would be two terminals marked 1 and 2 to match with the two terminals on the gauge . There would have been no ground terminal on the sender . Can the seller of the new sender inform you on how it is supposed to be hooked up ? On a side note ; I have seen two different gauges that didn't work until I filled the points . you can very gently look at the points and see if they are bright and clean . I don't know if any of this can be of help to you .
  14. Jerry Roberts

    Exhaust studs and heat riser

    Vintage Power Wagons sells the studs too , you could get everything shipped together .
  15. Jerry Roberts

    Looking for a new worm gear

    austinsailor , what did you ever do to repair your steering gear box ?

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