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  1. This might or might not help ; Some have had their dampers repaired by The Damper Doctor . They should have a lot of professional information .
  2. There is a military 1/2 ton 4x4 that is a WC 1941 & 1942 and 3/4 ton military 1942 - 1945 WC' s. The civilian WC ' s are 1941 - 1947 1/2 tons . Vintage Power Wagons is also a good place to get parts . www.vintagepowerwagons.com
  3. Did you retighten your head gasket after the initial warm up after the rebuilding ? If the head gasket is leaking you might see bubbles when you look into the top of the radiator when the vehicle is running .
  4. Try Bruce Horkey's Wood And Parts . 507-831-5225 in minnesota I see on his web site a tailgate for the 1939 - 1947 dodge trucks without a script for $ 331 . Measures 48 1/2 inches . Repop .
  5. The original gauge can usually be repaired . There is a link to the instructions somewhere in this forum , but i can't find it right now . A utube search might turn it up .
  6. Do you have the usual heat shield on your fuel pump ? When you touch the fuel lines are they hot ? Some guys have re-routed their lines away from the exhaust manifold ... as much as they can anyway . Others have wrapped their lines with insulation or covered the lines with rubber tubes .
  7. As Don said , the drum would keep the brake cylinder from over extending . And I am not trying to bother you Martin , but how could you see the wheel cylinder parts moving when you were inside the car pushing the brake pedal ? One way to see if your wheel cylinder is working is to jack up the wheel and have someone try to turn the wheel while you apply the brake .
  8. Check out " Zoom Spout Oiler " it has a long thin plastic straw and a squeeze bottle . It works good for lubricating things that are uphill . A telescoping spout .
  9. Yes , J B will " let go " . It is good stuff , but it can be removed .
  10. See if the needle is somehow stuck . see if you can nudge it back to the middle . Gently .
  11. Lots of seals have a part number stamped on them . If you have a part number you could try ebay . If there is a shop in your area that specializes in bearings they might be able to help with the seal too .
  12. When you do this be sure to run a ground wire to sender flange . Also your sender probably will go in the tank only in one position as the holes are not symetrical.
  13. From my experience , if it has a larger chamber , that chamber would be used for the front disks .
  14. Some of the speedometers and gauges have a piece of semi-clear plastic wound around the opening for the bulb . The plastic does turn more milky over time and you might be able to just remove the plastic with tweezers . Others have found brighter bulbs .
  15. The underside part often comes up on ebay , for more photos if nothing else . Dodge Central of Michigan shows one ; Spare Tire Carrier part number B-606 with bolts at $255 . For 15 " , 16" , and 20 " wheels , for the guy who doesn't want to make his own .
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