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  1. steering wheel 1194926

    I sold it long ago . I listed it for a starting bid of $ 60 and the bidding went up to $200 . It was in real good shape .
  2. Seats

    1939 through 1947 . The larger trucks also have the same size cabs . Also some of the later power Wagons .
  3. New to Plymouth Forum with questions

    Just an interesting side note on this chart ; Commercial Car is what mopar was calling the pick ups at this time . And PT stands for plymouth truck .
  4. Clutch pedal adjusting collar question

    These two photos are for the 1938 - 1947 Dodge trucks . They could be correct for your 1936 . From the shop manual . Note that the free play was increased in 1939 to two inches .
  5. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    It was an option . There are many for sale used on ebay with the replaceable inner filter element .
  6. Oil pressure Gauge fitting

    John , I will put it in the mail in the morning . Jerry
  7. Oil pressure Gauge fitting

    See attached photo . The line size is the same as 1/8 th inch brake line . I can send this fitting to you if you want it , You could then use a brass compression union to connect your two lines or use another method of attachment .
  8. New gas tank

    You might not have to ship it as there are a lot of these places around the nation . A radiator shop in my city handles the gas tank renew business .
  9. Wrong Differential?

    Send Bernbaum a photo or two and some measurements .
  10. Need 6v help

    Mopar Wayne , Looking in my Auto-Lite catalog ; your distributor model number IGS-4207A1 uses vacuum chamber VC- 2082R . Hagen's Auto Parts in Puyallup , Wa . ( 1-253-845-7020 ) shows one at $60 and your core .
  11. Need 6v help

    It has been posted here before that Terrell Machine in Deleon Texas will repair your vacuum advance with new parts . You probably would want to have it running like mopar designed it to run .
  12. How to remove 1950 B2B master cylinder

    Your truck has been sitting for 23 years , most likely everything in the braking system will have to be replaced or rebuilt . If you want to fiddle with your master cylinder to see if it will hold pressure , you can make a plug from a portion of a brake line so that the fluid doesn't run out when you apply pressure to the piston .
  13. 1953 b3

    I'm guessing that he wanted to drill and thread the steering knuckles for the disk brakes . Easier to do off from the truck , so he removed the king pins .
  14. Dash lights

    Yes it is a lot cheaper . Just run one replacement wire at a time and you won't get them mixed up . Be sure to use wire that is heavy enough , some of the wires must be heavier than others . The downside is that your homemade wire harness probably won't look as nice as the mail - order harness .
  15. Weight of a front P15 Fender

    " Would anyone have a guesstimate on what a front fender weighs? " ... Do you have a bathroom scale ? Weigh yourself , pick up the fender and weigh yourself with the fender and subtract the difference . Or easiest method is to put the fender on the scale if it will balance . Oh I see now , the other guy has the fender .