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  1. When you do this be sure to run a ground wire to sender flange . Also your sender probably will go in the tank only in one position as the holes are not symetrical.
  2. From my experience , if it has a larger chamber , that chamber would be used for the front disks .
  3. Some of the speedometers and gauges have a piece of semi-clear plastic wound around the opening for the bulb . The plastic does turn more milky over time and you might be able to just remove the plastic with tweezers . Others have found brighter bulbs .
  4. The underside part often comes up on ebay , for more photos if nothing else . Dodge Central of Michigan shows one ; Spare Tire Carrier part number B-606 with bolts at $255 . For 15 " , 16" , and 20 " wheels , for the guy who doesn't want to make his own .
  5. Isn't that " float pin " just a short steel rod ? If so , perhaps a hobby shop of a hardware store would have a rod that you can cut to fit .
  6. " So I do have to have a 2 wire sending unit? The one wire unit on my car now won't work, right? " Why don't you try using your one wire sender connected to ether terminal number one or two . Lift the float with your hand and see what happens . You will probably also have to ground the sender . The reason that I say this is because there is an aftermarket sender for the trucks that hooks up to only one of those two terminals marked 1 & 2 . .
  7. Some of the guys have been running their 6 volt starters on 12 volts . I would be checking out the mechanics of the starter . Worn parts ? sticking parts ? Weak parts ?
  8. The last one that I put in that didn't line up , I was able to see what was going on by shining one of those very small flashlights into the area . When I could see what wasn't aligning , I just adjusted the alignment and it went right in .
  9. I would not put any anti freeze in it yet as you might have to clean it up off of the floor . And i would just use plain water for the start up and check for leaks . After you find no leaks , then put in the good stuff . Also you are correct to not let the engine idle for a good period of time , that is what the experts have told me . You have pre lubed with pressure so I don't think that you need to remove the cover of your oil pump .
  10. NOS Carter Ball & ball carburator on ebay . Item number 233166500186 This one has the dashpot but probably can be used as normal .
  11. There should be two heavy ' pins ' holding the bell housing to the block . Drive the pins to the rear and you will get more clearance to slide the bell housing to the rear .
  12. It looks like the pivot cover should have a gasket at the bottom too .
  13. The part in your circle is a set screw , it is loosened about 1 turn in the photo .
  14. I am trying to identify a windshield wiper pivot cover 883087 . It is marked DG , probably for Dodge and it has the CPCD mark . Thanks in advance .
  15. It will work just fine , I have a 2.94 with 218 / 3 speed . If West Texas is hilly country , you might not like it though .
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