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  1. Jerry Roberts

    Droopy door handle

    I don't know if your handles are the same , but , some have a long square shank that gets bent or twisted and can be straightened .
  2. Jerry Roberts

    1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe brake conversion

    The clutch inspection pan or clutch cover pan has a thick felt seal . One member got some felt from a fabric store and made his own .
  3. Jerry Roberts

    265 Blown Head Gasket

    Um , NO . Not usually . There is a write up on the project . Go to Technical ( along the top headings for the main page ) . Then go to Tech Tips . Also do a search as the topic has been covered many times covering all aspects .
  4. Jerry Roberts

    Engine Noise/Tick at Higher RPM

    Put a little MMO in the gas too .
  5. Jerry Roberts

    1937 Plymouth Sedan Rear Springs

    Dodge , Plymouth , Chrysler , De Soto .
  6. Jerry Roberts

    The purple people eater is slowly disintegrating

    I dab a bit of clear silicone adhesive in three places around the edge of my hub caps , I haven't lost one in several years now that I use this method .
  7. Jerry Roberts

    Fuel pump block off plate

    They sell electrical box cover plates for the homeowner at the hardware store . They measure about 4" x 4" and are nice heavy steel . For making your own .
  8. Jerry Roberts

    coil failure

    There have been several posts on coil failures on these car / truck forums but my coil failure was a little different so I will explain for the next guy . Others have had their coils heat up and that prevented their vehicles from restarting until the coil was cooled down . On my vehicle the engine would sputter after things warmed up and the engine was pulling hard as in climbing up hill . The engine ran fine when it had only a light load . I suspected the more normal ignition problems , points , cap , condenser , rotor , plug wires , timing , plugs and carb adjustment and vacuum advance . After looking at all of those possible problems I realized that it was probably the coil as It happened after warm up . I replaced the coil and all is well again . Afterwards I remembered a faint occasional oder when driving of a hot electrical smell . When I was having problems I didn't think to touch the coil to see if it was too hot , but it must have been .
  9. Jerry Roberts

    1942 Dodge truck wire harness

    If you are restoring to like new or perfect condition , then buy a new harness . If you are not so fussy and have a daily driver , replace one wire at a time and save a lot of money .
  10. Jerry Roberts

    48 Plymouth flathead starting problems

    Some people just replace the flywheel ring gear . Instructions will probably be in your new Motors manual . To put on the ring gear , the gear is heated and dropped in place . as it cools , it gets tight .
  11. Jerry Roberts

    1941 Plymouth Starter MZ-4089 parts needed

    " He said the part number for this part is Autolite Armature MZ-2108. Is that correct? " Yes , those numbers are correct .
  12. Jerry Roberts

    Auto Lite points with separate spring

    Her are photos of the Auto Lite points with the separate spring . It is not so obvious with the parts just out of the box as to how they go together but with the photo it is plain to see .
  13. Jerry Roberts

    Hydro flooded town

  14. Jerry Roberts

    Oil filter canister

    Sometimes the lid gets bent down in the center from use over the years . The clamping bolt then runs out of threads before the lid gets tight . The solution is to pound out the lid in the center .
  15. Jerry Roberts

    Overheat or bad gauge?

    I use tweezers , it's a delicate job .

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