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  1. 265 Dampner

    "... Is that rubber replaceable if you separate it? ... " There is a business called The Damper Doctor that can replace the rubber . It could be expensive .
  2. 1950 Distributor on a 1948 P15

    It should be fine . Some of the vehicles that have a 25 inch long block have a longer tang on the distributors . Plymouths are a 23 inch block .
  3. 1950 Distributor on a 1948 P15

    The distributor number that you use to order parts is IAT 4011 . It was used in 1951 Plymouth cars . Here are Auto-Lite part numbers ; cap IAT - 1033 , rotor IAU- 1016A , contact set ( points ) IGW- 3028BS , condenser IAT-3076RA . I buy my NOS Auto-Lite parts on ebay for the quality .
  4. carb

    Probably your seat isn't shutting off the gas , clean as has been described .
  5. carb

    They usually come with a carb rebuilding kit . I wonder if you can use a straight edge and a correct sized drill bit as a gauge . With todays gas the guys usually set the float a little lower than what is called for in the old books .
  6. 48 Dodge fuel tank sending unit orientation?

    You MIGHT find that the mounting screw locations are spaced so that the sender can fit only one way .
  7. Rumble seat/ rear glass question?

    I did the exact same thing , only mine were on the door windows of my truck .
  8. 1953 Chrysler Brakes Rebuild Thread

    ... Now I need to have a look for these so called Motors manuals? Hmm.. ebay usually has them at a good price .
  9. Brake light question

    Just to be sure that the problem is the switch , jump the two wires together and see if you now have a brake light . Both the original type of switch and the aftermarket style are available at a good price .
  10. aluminum radiator sacrificial anode

    Reading in April 2018 Hot Rod magazine ; " A good idea for any aluminum radiator " ... a anti - corrosion sacrificial anode in place of conventional the drain cock . The one shown is Flex-a-Lite brand part number 32060 sold by Summit Racing for $11.97 . Opinions are welcome .
  11. Lube door hinges on 1950 Special Deluxe

    I don't know exactly what your hinges look like , but can you reach the pivot points with a Zoom Spout Oiler ? A Zoom Spout Oiler has a long thin tube about 10 inches long and you can dispense oil uphill if you need to by squeezing the bottle . Zoom Spout Oilers also work good for oiling speedometers up under the dash .
  12. 1953 Chrysler Brakes Rebuild Thread

    No it is not a sealed system . When you step on the brake pedal some brake fluid is pushed down to the wheel cylinders . That fluid is replaced by outside air as your master cylinder cap is vented for this purpose . The vent hole in your master cylinder cap and VERY small so you might not have noticed it . It is located in the side of the very top of the fill cap . Newer master cylinders have a diaphram under the cap that is designed to colapse downward and to help prevent this problem of drawing in outside air . Because there is a vent hole in your fill cap , you don't want to completely fill your master cylinder as the fluid will splash out .
  13. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    That is correct . As strange as it may seem .
  14. Battery not charging

    There might be a shop in your area that can test your generator for you . When you bring it in , bring your regulator too . Is there an amp gauge in your dashboard ? If you increase the engine RPM s the gauge should show a charging battery . If your battery is already fully charged the amp gauge would only show a very slight charging .