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  1. Jerry Roberts

    Cowl Vent lever

    Note that part of the mechanism has two shallow notches in it , that is so the vent can be opened to the half way position or full open .
  2. Jerry Roberts

    Cowl Vent lever

    Here you go , from the Yahoo forum .
  3. Jerry Roberts

    Cowl Vent lever

    Al , If you don't get a photo here , go to the yahoo web site forum for the 1939 - 1947 Dodge trucks . there is a large photo section there and they probably have a photo of the vent mechanism on file . I was missing my vent handle and made one from a butter knife , it looks pretty rinky-dink but it is hidden under the dash and only the nice butter knife handle shows . You will need to sign up on the Yahoo site .
  4. Jerry Roberts

    Interest Growing in Mopar Trucks

    You are right Ed .
  5. Jerry Roberts

    Interest Growing in Mopar Trucks

    Dodge 1/2 ton trucks 1939 - 1947 ; 1939 = TC , 1940 = VC , 1941 - 1947 = WC . The 1941 Plymouth truck was PT 125 . If I remember correctly the 1940 Plymouth truck was PT 81 .
  6. Jerry Roberts

    Vacuum advance enlightenment

    On the side of the distributor there will be a metal tag . it might be under that silver paint . I can look up most part numbers to fit Auto -Lite distributors 1938 - 1951 .
  7. Jerry Roberts

    1933 PD rear brake junction

    This doesn't exactly answer your question but maybe you should just replace those two brake lines that might be the originals . You must have tried to tighten them already . Brake lines are cheap .
  8. Jerry Roberts

    Temp needle adjustment

    Greg , now that you mentioned this , it changes things . The first thing that you should try is to move the needle back to the low temp position . You do this by supporting the flat bar with the slot in it with your finger and push-bend the needle back into position . This will also move the needle back from it's too high position . I once found a needle that was loose on the shaft . The needle in the attached photo pulls right off with pliers , your needle may be attached differently .
  9. Jerry Roberts

    Temp needle adjustment

    I usually use tweezers to adjust the tiny arm .
  10. Jerry Roberts

    NAPA Signal Flasher

    ebay is another good source for nos 6 volt flashers .
  11. Jerry Roberts

    New to me 1947 WD-21

    Some of the guys on the site for the 1939 - 1947 Dodge trucks have done this . The rear of the engine stays in the same place and the extra room needed is taken up in front . The radiator gets moved forward . I don't remember if the U shaped part the holds the radiator gets reversed or not , perhaps just use the forward mounting holes . Modify the front mounting bracket for the engine too . Probably the same modification used on the Pilot House trucks for the longer 25 " engines also .
  12. Jerry Roberts

    I'm Hearing Something New...A Bearing Howling?

    You will find that the old bearings that you pull have a number on them . If you have trouble finding them through the usual sources , try a shop that specializes in bearings .
  13. Jerry Roberts

    Work bench height

    I like my work bench higher than normal so that I don't have to stoop over . I often work on the open tail gate of my truck with a pad on the surface to protect the paint and I can sit on a chair .
  14. So might this be an indication of a scam ?
  15. Jerry Roberts

    Speedo drive pinion oil seal

    Frieda , The beebe5 trans is a 1937 Plymouth , yours is a 1935 Plymouth trans , my trans is a 1941 Plymouth truck trans . The seal from DCM fits nicely in my trans .

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