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  1. 1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Can you tap the pin one way and then the other way until it loosens up ? With penetrating oil . You probably tried that though .
  2. How do I remove these 2 bulbs?

    On the dome light just pull the bezel and lens away from the rest of the fixture .
  3. IFS question

    Do you have radial tires ? They make a big difference from the old bias ply tires on the grooved roads . Welcome to the forum .
  4. Fall

    A nice fall day for a drive .
  5. Starter inside

    See ebay item number 371073307224
  6. Starter inside

    No I don't . ebay has some Auto Lite starter field coils for sale right now but the closest numbers I see are MCH- 3005S .
  7. Starter inside

    A little more information ; Field coil package MCH- 3005CS contains MCH- 1009C and MCH- 1010C . Field coil package MCH- 3005 ES contains MCH - 1009E and MCH- 1010E .
  8. Starter inside

    Looking at the Auto Lite catalog ; Starter MCH- 6103 uses field coil package MCH-3005 CS . Starter MCH-6106 uses field coil package MCH-3005 ES . So there is a difference .
  9. Vacuum advance for 48 dodge B1B

    The Auto Lite vacuum advance part number is VC 3147 for distributor number IAP 4101 1 . ( VC stands for vacuum chamber )
  10. Views From The Old Dodge

    Doc , This might be of interest to you . This 6 volt rear wiper motor was sold for Chrysler 1942 - 1948 , De Soto 1942 - 1948 , Dodge 1946 - 1948 . and Plymouth 1942 - 1948 .
  11. B1B Project / progress thread

    That nut that you are searching for might be the same thread as the nuts that hold a faucet in place in the home . A hardware store might have it .
  12. Auto choke issues P20 '50 Special Deluxe

    Can you take a piece of wire and tie your choke open ? That would tell you if your choke is not opening as it should .
  13. New 1950 dodge Truck to me

    If you think that the wobble might be in the tire itself , switch tires and rims left to right and look for a change . Or put on the spare and look again . If you pull the tire and wheel and spin the axle , it might be hard to see any deflection .
  14. 1950 Water pump removal/installation

    Also at least one of the bolts that mount the water pump to the engine goes into the water jacket . Did you seal the threads ? On the backing plate , I usually remove the plate and use sealant on both surfaces .
  15. 1950 Water pump removal/installation

    '... I do imagine metal plate behind my P18 pump can have some holes too. Do you think it is possible? " Yes it is possible , I had one with holes on another make of car . Did you seal the gasket on the back on both sides ?