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  1. Jerry Roberts

    Intake + Exhaust manifold removal

    There is one nut on the underside in the middle that must be removed from underneath . There have been photos posted of all of the fasteners , perhaps you can find the photos with a forum search .
  2. Jerry Roberts

    Crap Ignition Products

    The distributor cam lube ? I couldn't find it locally so I ordered it from Macs Ford Parts 877-230-9666 , they sell parts for the old Fords . You might find it at a tractor parts supply company . How much to put on ? Hard to say , you don't want it to splash around onto the points yet enough to do the job .
  3. Jerry Roberts

    Crap Ignition Products

    And here I was thinking that I should have done more to help you by offering some of my NOS stash ! I wonder if anyone else has had this problem with the phenolic failing , other than normal wear ? And were the points Auto-Lite ? And did you use the proper distributor cam lubricant ?
  4. Jerry Roberts

    Crap Ignition Products

    Plymouthy , Yes , all of the AutoLite points that I have bought have had the phenolic breaker cam lever .
  5. Jerry Roberts

    Crap Ignition Products

    Ebay usually has the NOS AutoLite parts . I have stocked up .
  6. Jerry Roberts

    Knocking under car during deceleration

    It seems that he found the problem .
  7. Jerry Roberts

    1940 Radiator aftermarket adapted?

    Ed , The one that I used in my truck was not an exact fit at all , there was a lot of fitting and modification and I will not recommend it to others . At the time there was not an economical model available and today I would buy one of those on ebay that bolt right in , even though they are still a little high in price . The aluminum radiators sure cool nicely though .
  8. Jerry Roberts

    Knocking under car during deceleration

    An exhaust pipe hitting the floor ?
  9. Jerry Roberts

    1946 Dodge fluid drive clutch replacement

    Using Parts Voice web site ; Collectors Auto Supply , Blaine Wa . 98230 shows part number 865891 in stock .
  10. Jerry Roberts

    1940 Radiator aftermarket adapted?

    You can run the pressurized aluminum radiator with a non-pressure cap , that is what I am doing with my truck and it runs at 160 degrees .
  11. Jerry Roberts

    230 plymouth

    Some of the cylinder head studs and some of the water pump studs also go into the water jacket .
  12. Jerry Roberts

    Dome Light Bulb Change

    If your lens is like mine , just grab the lens and bezel and pull straight off .
  13. Jerry Roberts

    Oiling the cam in the distributor

    For the grease for the outside of the cam where the points ride ; Sold by MACS Auto Parts they sell products for the old Fords .
  14. Jerry Roberts

    Dome light

    It should not fit flush with the headliner , it must be spaced down a little bit so that the bezel and lens has enough room to snap in place . The original had flat leather washers used around the screws as spacers , perhaps 1/8 thick or less . Probably some flat faucet washers would work here , or just cut your own washers with a Harbor Freight hole punch set .
  15. Jerry Roberts

    Mystery ignition

    ... " of course it's like $250 for a new Switch " ... I don't know if your 47 is a Plymouth or a Dodge , but I see switches on ebay for 1947 Plymouth starting at $14... $30 .

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