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    I have plenty of time to work on my vehicle as I am mostly retired . I have had my truck for 9 years
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    My hobbie vehicle is a 1941 Plymouth truck .
  1. There has been some discussion on the forum before on having the ball replaced or repaired . Some people have found that the machine shops don't want to do this repair as it is such an important part safety wise . If you can't find one anywhere else try Rare Parts in Stockton , Ca . 1-800-727-8740 . EDIT ; The link isn't the correct business , you might have to type the address into your server .
  2. My 1941 Plymouth i/2 ton .
  3. I am thinking a heli-coil would be best or you would have to enlarge the bolt hole in the head .
  4. Does your clutch work ? If not , you can easily remove the clutch cover and look things over while someone else applies the clutch pedal . See what moves and what doesn't move when applying the clutch pedal . Block the tires so that the truck doesn't run over you .
  5. The two parts just snap together with the bearing in the middle . I once bought about 20 of these plates that were NOS . Almost all of them had to come apart so that I could lubricate the dried out grease in the bearings . I gently pried the two parts apart with a screwdriver , lubed the bearings , and snaped them back together . Sometimes with just finger pressure and sometimes with pliers .
  6. You might try setting your timing with a vacuum gauge . Try for the highest steady reading . And of course you can use the vacuum gauge to adjust the carb too .
  7. Yes , it is a press fit and you can usually press them together with just your fingers , or a pair of pliers if the plates are out of the distributor . Sometimes the ball bearings between the two plates can use a little grease . If the plates don't want to stay together you might be able to crimp something a little bit for a better fit but they have to be free enough to turn on the bearings .
  8. Good detective work .
  9. I am looking at a Pin Point Parts Specifier for Dodge trucks . For the WC 1941 - 1947 a four speed transmission was an available option . The mounting holes in the bell housing were different for the 4 speed as mentioned .
  10. MZ 4062 was used in a 1940 Dodge car model D14 or D17 . I don't know if it will work with your 1942 vehicle .
  11. If you find a blown head gasket be sure to completely drain and replace the coolant , not just drain it down far enough to do the job . The coolant will have become acidic . A sign of a blown head gasket can be bubbles showing in the top of the radiator when the engine is running , and of course white smoke coming out of the exhaust .
  12. " What do you think ? " I think that you did a very nice job .
  13. I don't know if this will help or not . In my Auto-Lite catalog that goes up to 1951 , The starter for 1942 WC truck is MZ 4115 . The starter for 1942 D22 and D23 cars is MAW 4026 . The MZ 4115 was also in the 1945 WC and in some of the 1946 & 1947 WC trucks .
  14. There is a TC = 1939 1/2 ton , No RC . Nothing else in 1939 with an R or a C . There is a 1938 RC = 1/2 ton .
  15. You could fabricate one in wood or cardboard before you commit to steel .