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    I have plenty of time to work on my vehicle as I am mostly retired . I have had my truck for 9 years
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    My hobbie vehicle is a 1941 Plymouth truck .
  1. My springs are on the rear . These are not the original springs as my truck is 76 years old .
  2. My truck is older than yours so I can't say for sure , but my gas tank is mounted with springs on one end ( two springs ) . This is so when the truck frame flexes , there is some ' give ' and nothing breaks .
  3. Start with the easy part . Are the bulbs burnt out ? Do you have electricity at the bulb socket ? If you have power to the bulbs , see if the ground is bad by running a temporary ground . If no electricity at the bulb then check at the brake light switch for electricity . That looks like a great car .
  4. Your choice . Some think that a 160 doesn't let the engine get warm enough . If you drive in a lot of colder weather a 180 will also get you more heat to the inside of your cab from your heater faster . I run a 160 .
  5. Sometimes you can use a drill bit for measuring .
  6. What vehicle does it fit ? I bought it with a bunch of other parts . It seems to be a high beam indicator . Small red lens that unscrews with a rubber gasket underneath . Three holes in the body to allow some light to pass through the sides . The metal washer above the rubber gasket has a slight taper .
  7. Tom , Use distributor number IAP - 4001-1 when ordering parts . Cap IAO-1003 , rotor IGS - 1016B , contact set ( points ) IGP - 3028ES , condenser IG - 3927G , Breaker plate assembly IAP - 3004 R . These are all Auto-Lite part numbers . I usually find my NOS Auto-Lite parts on ebay . If you don't have any luck finding that breaker plate assembly let me know and I might be of further help . Here is one on ebay for $25 . 222446349012 He doesn't ship to UK but you might ask . If not , I can forward it to you .
  8. I use a few dabs of clear silicone glue . That works good too .
  9. Tom , My Auto-Lite catalog distributor numbers all start with letters followed by numbers , such as IGS-1107 . If you don't have any letters , I can't help . Jerry
  10. Sure .
  11. Just like Merle said . It just slips on there . If it is still stuck , use a little penetrating oil . That isn't a rivet , just a smooth post .
  12. Tom , Are you saying that the contact points are somehow fastened together ? If you just need new points you can order those by your distributor number located on the side of the distributor . I can look up most Auto-Lite point numbers from your distributor number . The best way to service the distributor is to remove it from the engine . It can go back in two ways so mark the location that the rotor is pointing before removal .
  13. I had a complete new drive shaft made up with modern u joints . My old spring perches had to be welded to the top of the Dakota rear end . Then just fresh shoes and wheel cylinders .
  14. I am using the stock drum e brake on the back of my transmission . On my Dakota rear end I saved the rear cables in case I ever want to change things around . Where the cables entered the backing plates I installed bolts to just plug those holes . 3.55 is good if you have any hills to climb .
  15. Red for positive .