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  1. GregS_53Ply

    Ignition Timing

    Thank you...that makes perfect sense.
  2. GregS_53Ply

    Ignition Timing

    When adjusting ignition timing on a 218 using a timing light, is the vacuum line going to the vacuum advance left connected or is the line removed and plugged? Does the specification in the shop manual for timing at 0 degrees or 2 degrees BTDC include the advance from the vacuum advance at idle? On some later model engines, the vacuum is disconnected and plugged when adjusting timing. Thanks.
  3. GregS_53Ply

    6V to 12V Conversion - Auto Choke

    It is a bi-metal spring, but there is a coil, 'solenoid', that is wired to the starter that 'sets' the choke on...then the bi-metal spring works from there.
  4. GregS_53Ply

    6V to 12V Conversion - Auto Choke

    Upgrading the electrical system to 12 volts and wonder what others have done to convert the auto choke to operate on 12 volts. It's only powered when the starter is engaged, but I would hate to burn it up. Thanks.
  5. GregS_53Ply

    front end rebuild

    Here's links to a couple of articles on the internet that I have used as resource material. Hope it helps a little. http://www.webrodder.com/article.php?AID=52&SID=16 http://www.rodandcustommagazine.com/techarticles/135_0501_1951_plymouth_suburban_wagon/index.html Greg

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