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  1. Oil Filter Dilemma?

    If you are indoubt of the correct size then measure the diameter of the inside of the canister then measure the center rod diameter then measure how deep the canister is in capacity. Then go to your local napa store with these measurements and they should beable to find something close that willfit. Might not be perfect but it will work to filter the bypass oil. I use the NAPA 1010 gold filter in my AC canister and it works for me. rich hartung
  2. Seat Covers USA

    Hey Don the original 70 year old seat covers look great. They are nice and tight and seem to fit the contour of the seats very well. They look to fit better than the ones that are custom made in the above link that the other members was showing. Quality counts. Rich Hartung
  3. Seat Covers USA

    after looking at their webpage ns saw how some of the covers fit over the examples that they are demonstrating I noticed that alot of the seat covers were not a great fit and they had bulges and pockets. i would be concerned that if this is the quality that they show on their webpage and they should be showing their best quality then I would wonder about the fit on a car seat that is over 50-70 years old. Just my 25 cents worth of observation. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  4. 1946-1948 Chrysler Plastic Dash parts repros?

    The same issue with replacement gas tanks for the 1937-1939 Mopar cars. They make poly tanks for the cars but no one is reproing the steel gas tanks. You would think that there would be a market since the tanks are allthe same size for 1937, 1938 and 1939 Chrysler, desoto, Dodge and Plymouth. There isa guy in the south that is making SS tanks for the 39 but they are not original and are made for street rods. Tied to convince him to make and original and people would pay to have a SS tank. This vendor lists on ebay under 39 Plymouth gas tanks. Rich Hartung
  5. wet blasting

    I think the big issue would be the amount of water needed to blast the old paint off and then the metal would be wet and then get rusty especially where you could not dry the metal. No sure if this is a good idea. Rich Hartung
  6. Took a ride this afternoon

    I live near Lancaster County here in PA and as you might know this is a very big Amish and Mennonite framing community. You still see the farm tractor being used inthe field witht he all steel wheels and the lugs on the rims along with the horse drawn farm equipment with the Belgian and Morgan horses. Still a nice site to see the Amish using the old and tried and true methods give them a-lot of credit. Happy Holidays to everyone Rich Hartung
  7. Increasing generator output?

    The other option is to go to a single wire 6volt alternator. rich Hartung
  8. 1939 dodge business coupe restoration

    after the paint has cured. Use the plastic vinyl style fender welting. This acts as an anti squeek material and also when you wax the fender if you get polish on the vinyl it will not stain the welting. i used this onmy 39 desoto. Rich Hartung
  9. 46 Desoto Carb

    John do a serach on ebay for 1946 Desoto Carter Carburetor kit would be my first place to look becasue the old carter kits contain all of the smallbrass parts. The newer kits do not contain all of the internal parts. The real number is stamped into the flange of the airhorn. Also the number you provide is not the carb number. The number will be on the flange on the top of the arihorn with standard trans the carter carb would have been an EX1 with fluid drive trans and vacamactic trans then the carb would be EV1 the EV1 rebuild kit would be Carter Kit 1367C Hope this helps. If you order any kit they will need to know the model number of the carb. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  10. Need help identifying an engine part

    uberchin sent you a PM about a good used and tested sisson choke. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  11. P20 fender welting shape

    the desoto airflows and chrylser airflows had the fender welting stained the color of the car. This was taken directly from the airflow club but allthe other had black or the optional stainless steel fender welting. I did my 39 desoto with the pastic welting becasue it acts as an antisqueek material and does not collect water. Also withthe plastic style if polish gets onthe plastiv vinyl you can wipe it off with out leaving a mark or stain fromtje polish. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  12. Ball and ball accerator pump

    then the correct kit for your carter carb is the carter kit 1012B. this is taken from my carter information. If you can get the proper kit then you can compare the accel rod. As someone stated above maybe the bottom portion of the carb was replaces. Also look for a used carb c6j1. Just did a check on ebay and there isa nos carter rebuild kit for the c6j1 and it is only $20. Iwould suggest that you get this kit as a spare to compare partss also these old kits do not come up vary oftern and at 20$ this is a great prices. 1938 Plymouth Carburetor Kit Carter C6J1C6K1 this is the listing title on the bay. Also in the kit there are instruction and the rebuild instruction might provide some more definate information about you current carb and then yo might beable to see if the bottom half of the carb was replaced. worth the $20 investment. rich hartung
  13. Ball and ball accerator pump

    First Question what is the carb number that is on your car? I looked in my AEA manual and for 1938 Plymouth there were four different carbs: C6J1, C6K1 or B6H1,B6J1 I also noted that there were two different Acceleartor pumps used carter number 64-40S and 64-41S. Not sure if this will help buy by my collection of catalogs this is what I came up with. Call me rich Hartung cell 484-431-8157 live near philadelphia PA.
  14. Need help identifying an engine part

    I noticed that you have a spring attached to the metal arm that pushes the choke throttle closed onthe carb. At that point on the choke arm should be a metal rod that goes throught the hole and then connects at the top of the carb to the choke plate. I also like the suggestion of splitting the nut and then putting on brass nuts also use antizies lubricant on the threads. Rich Hartung
  15. Need help identifying an engine part

    It is called a sisson automatic choke. The wire runs off the starter selinoid. There is a bimetal plate under the main body of the choke. The choke is triggered when the car is started and then the heat fro the manifold heatss the bimetal plate and then this permits the choke to release itself. I have a manual of this choke and the setup for it. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.comj