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  1. Bingster Thanks for the update on the project. Some of us did not know if you were making progress. Glad to hear that you have the fan belt installed. So you are making progress and keep on going. Rich Hartung
  2. Bingster, It seems as if you are going from one project to another project on your car but never fully completing any one of them. Have you gotten the issue fixed with the generator and the radiator belt? Now that you flushed the radiator system and engine block did you have the spark plugs insterted into the head or were they just loose and not snugged down like they should be with the copper metal gasket? The flathead MoPAr heads would get water into the indent if rain did get into the engine compartment. My 39 Desoto has the butterfly style hood and some time water does drip into the indent of the plugs.So soakup the little bit of water and then start the engine to get the head warm and hot and the little bit of water will dryup. Also you should start the car to insure that there are no leaks where you disconnected the various hoses. So I guess we can assume you have the fan belt installed and the belt is now fitting perfectly on the generator. Rich HArtung
  3. Ok so now the length of the belt sounds as if to be tooo short did you take a measure ment of the total lenth on the outside diameter of the belt that you and compare it to the measurement that I gave you. Rich Hartung
  4. I advise everyone to personally call their antique insurance car carrier to ask the appropriate coverage questions as to how their car or truck is covered when they have the car in a consignment shop or museum. I did this immediately after the article was posted and Grundy Worldwide stated that my car would be covered. Prior to putting my car in a consignment shop I would get a copy and any statement in writing from the underwriters to clearly state your coverage. DO NOT and I again say DO NOT assume anything alwasy get it in writing if in doubt. Cover your posterior it is your investment and hard earned money. If on a trip and your car is on a tour the car is covered becasue you are on a car trip. Rich Hartung n
  5. Bingster: Now you state that you will see if you can get the belt off. So I am confussed, Have you been able to get the belt over all the pullies lower pully, water pump pully and also the generator pully and have the generator moved out to have the proper tension on the fan belt? Not sure now what issue you are having with the belt. Please update us so we all know where you are inthe process. I provided you witht he total outside measurement of one of my fan belts that was used on my 39 desoto and according to one of my other posts the same size belt is used on the 47-48 desoto. Please update us with some information. Rich Hartung
  6. Love the steering wheel. I guess the owner must have hands and fingers of steel or some other material inwhich he will not cut up the hands when the wheel turns. Sometime stupid does as stupid is. Not my cup of tea and i feel a real dangerous vehicle. How does this pass to be on the road????????? rich Hartung
  7. mlozier: This is the same reason that I have been collecting the old cross reference catalogs on the various compnents such as suspensions water pumps fuel pumps miller tool speedometer cable autolite parts. The more data that you have the easier it is to support your car and or truck especially when they are over 70+ years old. Rich Hartung
  8. Bingster: I just went into the gargae and I had a spare belt for my 39 Desoto this belt is the same that would be used on your car. I tool a tape measure and measure on the outside circumferrance from a starting point and then ended at my starting point and the total length is 50 inches outside measurement so think of a circle and measure the outside totally around. Rich HArtung
  9. If the paint that was used on your truck was a single stage paint then the paint has faded over time and is hard to match. Two stage is what is used on our modern cars and the second stage is a clear coat to help prevent fading and also permits the body shop to blend the repair section but over spraying from the damaged area unto the two adjacent area that were not damaged. The clear coat is then applied and this is what giced the shine and the colors old and new paint will blend together. You might find a fabulous paint store inwhich someone has a great eye for color and they could try to match as close as possible. Rich Hartung
  10. Do you use a straight hose for the top hose or a curved hose?. If you have a straight hose it is very simple. Measure the outside diameter of the water oulet that is on the top of the engine block. The other end that is on the radiator at the top of the tank should also be the same outside diameter. Then measure the distance from the middle of the outlet on the radiator to the middle of the outlet on the engine block. Add a few more inches for extra length. Then go to any good autootive store NAPA etc. Also for a straight piece of radiator hose with the inside diameters and then get a piece of the appropriate length. You might have to get a longer piece but just cut to length. Think out of the box a straight rad hose is generic just like heater hose the diameter and length is all that you need. Rich Hartung
  11. I have an Atlas replacement Specification catalog all Desotos from 1938 to 1950 used the same fan belt the number was 628. My booklet does not show the lengths so I you do some reserach your might beable to find the correct length for your desoto. I have taken my belt of several times and have not had any issue with getting the belt over the pulley and then generator. If you plan to tkae the gen off the mounting braket it willbe so difficut to hold up the gen and try to bolt it back onto the support braket. You might have to move or pivot the braket that is connected to the water pump loosen this nut just enought so you can move the braket arm . Push the gen all the way up against the bloc and then belt should slip right over the gen pully. If this is not working then you probably have an incorrect belt. Also provide the generator model number this is an easy task just read the information on the autolite red tag on the gen body. If you want help then you have to provide information. Rich Hartung
  12. Maybe a blown headgasket. rich hartung
  13. Let us know what is listed on the red tag on the generator and then we can tell if you have an original gen that was put on your car. Rich Hartung
  14. saw your question the set does not seem to be complete need to know your year and make of car or truck. I will look up which sleeves should fit according to front and rear axles.


    Rich Hartung

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  15. gARY I HAVE A FACTORY HEATER IN MY 39 dESOTO. Most heater were installed by the dealer along with radio's and other accesories. One wire would be to a speperate heater control switch or knob that ran the blower motor. Contact me and i will send you some pictures of the factory MoPar heaters You need to stop by and look at my 39 becasue it is the sister car to your 39 Dodge I have a lot of factory dealer sheets and accessory sheets and dealer special instruction and dealer bulletin for 38 and 39. Rich Hartung