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    Have bicycled across the USA in 1976 from Williamaburg Vir to San Fransico Ca
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    retired software Quality Assurance analyst

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    Valley Forge, PA
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    Colleting old Cross reference catalogs to support the antique Moapr cars and Trucks Have scanned these an put on Compact disks. Bicycle collecting and Bicycle touring
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    1939 Desoto 4 Door Sedan that has been judged as HPOF with the AACA.


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    Valley Forge PA
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    own a 1939 Desoto 4 dr sedan

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  1. desoto1939

    leftover parts

    These are the things that this current generation will never experience. In this time and age the kids could not handle the concept and how dare someone else be on the phone when they want to be on the phone so self centered the kids of today. They has lost the concept of sharing. The world is now focused around the ME and only ME world. I grew up in the 50's and I do miss those years live was a sure lot simpler and so less complex. Rich Hartung
  2. desoto1939

    fuel tank sending unit

    Gary you need to 2 wire sender just like inmy 39 desoto. Contact the seller and ask for the correct tank unit or if he does not have the correct unit then ask for the refund for the part and shipping because he sold you the incorrect part. When are you going to stop down at my home? Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  3. desoto1939

    1949 Plymouth clutch throwout bearing assembly

    Here is the information that you need to get the correct assembly and or bearing, This was taken from my Federal Clutch release catalog. Open up the attached document. Bearing number is 1054 complete assembly with the bearing pressed on is 2P-1054. Rich HArtung desoto1939@aol.com 1949 plymouth Clutch release Bearing assembly.docx
  4. desoto1939

    Miller TruBrake Tool

    I already have the Miller MT19 with the 7 sleeves that will fit most of the mid 30-50 vehicles. I have had this tool for over 15 years so the refacer is just the addon tool. I also have the AMMCO brake gage 1750 tool as a backup. It is fun trying to find the old miller tools, but not much luck finding them even at Hershey. The tend to favor the GM and Ford tools and some of the more obscure marques and not the Miller Brand of tools. I have a good collection to support the mid 30- late 40's cars and trucks. Rich Hartung
  5. desoto1939

    Miller TruBrake Tool

    I was just able to complete the required Miller factory tools for adjusting and truing the brake shoes for our early cars. The complete set of tools is called Miller TruBrake System. The total package consists of the Miller MT19 Brake gage which has all of the various sleeves to go over the front spindle and the real axle shaft and the other attachment to set the toe and heel and also mic the diameter of the drums. The second tool is the Trubrake lining refacer tool. This tool is used in conjunction with the MT19 gage. You set the new shoes up with the MT19 gage by using the indicator marked Drum and then you use the refacer to take off the high spots on the shoe to make the perfectly concentric to the drum. This has to be done for each wheel separately. Then you use the toe and heel setting to set the top and the bottom of the brake shoe so that the shoe is in perfect alignment with the drum. I have attached some documentation taken from my Miller Tool catalog to help explain the function of both tools and how they are used in conjuction. Hoping to but up a video of both tools being used on my 39 Desoto after getting the tool. I have the Miller MT 19C tool with the 7 adapters The MT29 is the trubrake lining refacer tool that I just purchased Rich HArtung desoto1939@aol.com Miller Trubrake Document.pdf
  6. desoto1939

    37 Plymouth 4D Sedan Rear Shock Replacement

    I have an old delco shock catalog and did some looking and the rear shock is the same that was used on the Desoto, Chrys, Dodge and Plymouth from 37 and up. so knowing this the same Monroe shock 3100 which is a rear shock will work for your car. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  7. desoto1939

    First drive 1939 D11 Luxury Liner sedan

    you stated that you do not have wipers working. You have an electric wiper motor under the dash it is an autolite wiper motor that was used on 1939 Chrysler dodge and desoto. The 39 Plymouth stillused the old vacuum wiper motor. Make use the 3 wires are connected to the motor they are labeled as A, B and C and they run back to the wiper switch which is also marked withbullet connector as a, b and c and then there isa wire to supply power to the switch. pull the knob a couple of time to clean the contacts inside the switch then turn the ignition key switch tot he on position and then pullthe wiper knob the wipers should work. If not then might have to have it serviced at a good electric motor repair shop. The wiper arms that you have are the original Autolite wiper arms there is specific right and left because of the bends in the arm. These are very hard to find so take good care of the arms they are stainless steel you have a 10 inches wiper blade and the connection that is used is called on the blade a deadlock blade because of havw they attach to the blade. These wiper bladed are not cheap they run around 35-50 dollars for a set when you see them listed on ebay. I would get a set and have extras for future use. Some people change out the arms to a universal arm so that you can put on a direct blade that is cheaper when you find them at swap meets. Call me and I will tell you more about your car since if the 39 Desoto which is the sister car to your 39 Dodge. Rich Hartung cell 484-431-8157
  8. desoto1939

    First drive 1939 D11 Luxury Liner sedan

    There isa better process now instead of resilvering there isa guy that uses a modern plating system that is used on operating room light and it is a special coating that will never dull. The reflectors need to be nickel plated and polished and then he will coat them for $75 and they never dull and are bright like a modern headlight. contact Bill at uvirainc@gmail.com This is the company that I talking about from above here is the information on the process directly from Bill. Headlights 2 (3).pdfHeadlights 2 (3).pdf Rich Hartung
  9. desoto1939

    Headlight Switch

    my first question to ask you is do you have a car manual for your car that handles the repair of your specific model? Most of these factory manuals did have a wiring diagram included in the manual. This would provide you with how the car was originally wired and then you might know some of the answers to your questions. I am not trying to be smart about replying back to you but the service manual is th basic manual that every owner should have in their personal libray to support your car or truck. I would think that the single taillight wire would then feed back to a connector in the truck area and then would feed both right and left taillights. The manual would show this information. rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  10. desoto1939

    Zerk Fittings Cleaning

    The zerk fitting a cheap to purchase. Get new ones and then you do not have to spend the time trying to cleanout old hardened grease. Just unscew the old one screw in the new ones and then use your grease gun with the new grease to lube each part. rich hartung
  11. desoto1939

    Another Brake Question

    if the shoes are the correct shoes and lining then it will not matter.
  12. desoto1939

    Another Brake Question

    Did you use the old original push pins for each cylinder or did you use the new pins. The new pins seem to be longer and have caused some issues with braking so the pin might be pushing out the shoe lining and not permitting it ti have room for the drum to spin. Just a thought rich Hartung
  13. desoto1939

    1944 Dodge farm truck

    I am sorry to say that this truck has been sold. There was a sold sign on the truck a couple of weeks ago and the truck is gone. Rich Hartung
  14. desoto1939

    Lost A Good Man

    Sorry to hear the bad news will miss reading the posts of Bob's travels with cooper with his car in up state New York, may you rest in peace and condolences to his family. Rich Hartung
  15. desoto1939

    23 in head VS 25 in head

    It is not just a drop in type of installation. remember that you now have an additional 2 inches of cast iron motor to deal with. Weighout all of th emodifications that you have to do before taking the plunge. And contact Don prior to making the chnage. Rich Hartung

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