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  1. What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    The oil pressure line should have a a rubber hose that matches the size of the metal line. The hose is used so that if the engine moves then the metal line willnot flex and then get a metal fatique spot and then the oil will run out of the line and also be pumped out while the engine is running. Rich Hartung
  2. What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    yes you can find the NOS OLD OLD stock oil lines but remember that they will be approx 60+ years old. Iwould purchase brand new rubber lines just my suggestion. Not sure if Andy B is selling brand new lines or the old NOS oil lines. Rich Hartung
  3. What Kind Of Oil Filter Fitting?

    Bingster: You need to get the proper oil line rubber hose asnd not the fuel line rubber hose. I have a Mopar streamliner catalog and onn the engine section in the catalog it shows the oil line hose being connected at the same location as on your car and then the metal oil line runs upto the oil pressure guage. Look in 1947 desoto oil line on ebay you will find one. Do not use the fuel line hose becasue the line is smaller on the oil line and so is the rubber hose. Just did a search on ebay and there are several brand new rubber oil line hoses starting around $18. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  4. Hershey swap meet this week 10/4 to 10/7

    yes the tools are reduced via the use of the ez-pass. i have had one for 10+ years. Several years ago Ohio did not recognise the PA ezpass. The best buck in town becasue you do not have to wait inline and have extra cash on hand for tolls. But I hope you had a great time at Hershey it relly is a super huge event. I have been going for 30+ years. Rich Hartung
  5. Draft tube

    you have the optional filter unit instead of the long by-pass tybe. if you loosen the bolt then there is a filter element that has wire mess and this is you downtube filter assembly. These were an optional equipment. So this is factory equipment. rich HArtung desoto939@aol.com,
  6. casting number 668755-5 Mopar?

    Checked my 1936-42 Master Parts book for Desoto and it is not listed in this catalog so that rules out Desoto. The number would be inthe lates thirties range. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  7. I went to Hershey this past week and i found some pictures and documentation on how the Miller tool C3291 is used on the powerflite trans.  i posted this currently on the forum.  I know you had some information on the tool but you had stated that you could not also find any pictures of how the tool was used.  Thought this might help.


    Rich Hartung


  8. Several months ago I came across a Miller factory tool C 3291. We could not find any documentation on the tool and or even pictures of the tool being used in any MoPar factory repair or service manual. While attending this years Hershey event my friend whio was also selling Desoto parts handed me a copy of the Powerflite Transmission Shop Manual. While paging throught the manual I found several pictures of how the tool is used and also the doumented way the tool was used. The tool is used to adjust the Powerflite Transmisson Kickdown front Band. I have attached some of the documentation on how the tool was used. This another reason to always check shop manuals when going to a swap meet you never know what new information might just pop up. Select the link to the Miller tool C-3291 to view the factory information. Never stop looking for documentation it is out there someplace and eventually you will find the information Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com Miller tool C-3291.pdf
  9. 1930-58 Airtex Fuel Pump catalog

    While attending this years great Hershey Swap meet and car Show I was able to purchase a great original catalog for the AIRTEX Fuel Pumps. The dates that are listed run from approximately 1930 to 1957. The catalog does cover Chrylser, DeSoto, Dodge, Dodge Trucks, Plymouth and also the other major car and truck manufacturers. This is a great resource and reference catalog for anyone looking for information on the correct fuel pump for their car or truck. The catalog has been now scanned to a PDF format and is now available. Hershey is always a great place to find the old literature for our cars and trucks. Rich HArtung Desoto1939@aol.com
  10. Parts search and research

    posting a picture of the clip would help. You might contact restoration supply in Winber PA. They carry alot of the clips and their catalog has pictures of each clip so if you can post then we might beable to point you inthe right direction. rich Hartung
  11. Mopar Wayne:


    I have an Autolite catalog that covers your car. This will show you all of the major electrical components and the original Autolite compoents that were originaly installed on your car.

    This is the type of documentation that you will need to support your efforts to keep the car running in the future.  The cost of the Catalog is $20  and this includes shipping to your home. The catalog is scanned and put on a CD that you download and save on your computer.

    If interested then contact me, Rich HArtung 20 Driftwood Drive, Audubon, PA 19403

    cell 484-431-8157

    1. Mopar Wayne

      Mopar Wayne

      Thanks for the information, I will probably get it at some point. Thanks



  12. Oil Filter Engine Fittings

    Bingster show us some more pictures of where the other metal line are going. From what I can see these two metal lines should go to the oil filter and the other connection should have a metal line that goes to a rubber hose and then this connects to another metal line that goes into the oil pressure guage. This is how it is on my 39 desoto. Rich Hartung
  13. 1931 Desoto Flathead Six

    after the original poster asked a question about piston I spoke to this gentleman and sent him some original piston information that came from my Thompson products catalog regarding the correct pistons. I have not heard anything back from this owner if he has or has not gotten the correct pistons. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  14. 1946 Chrysler Desoto Hubcap and badge red paint

  15. The famous grand daady of all swap meets Hershey starts on Wednesday 10/4 and the car show is on saturday 10/7. I will have two vendor spots on the ORAnge fIELD ROW oad SITE 7 & 8. sTOP BY IF YOU ARE THERE AND SAY HELLO AND TAKE A REST. THE WEATHER REPORT IS GOOD AND THE TEMP WILL GO UPTO AROUND 85 THIS WEEK. WEAR GOOD WALKING SHOES BECASUE THE ENTIRE SITE IS ON BLACKTOP. HOPE EVERYONE HAVE SOME LUCK IN FINDING THE PARTS THEY AR ELOOKING FOR. RICH HARTUNG CELL 484-431-8157