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    Colleting old Cross reference catalogs to support the antique Moapr cars and Trucks Have scanned these an put on Compact disks. Bicycle collecting and Bicycle touring
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  1. my 39 desoto has all right hand threaded bolts and they did not use left handed threaded bolt or nuts in 39. so therefore black drums. Rich Hartung
  2. black on the drums. I used regular spray paint from a rattle can and mine have been good for 30+ years on 39 Desoto. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  3. The anchor bolt or otherwise known as the eccentric pin yes does have a metal retainer with a felt washer insde the retainer. The fel would not het any grease but only some light oil and clean oil not used motor oil. Also no grease on the end of the push rod where it goes into the piston and rubber cup. You might put some old lubreplate on the end of the pushrod where it hits the back of the brake shoe also some lubraplate where the metal of the brake show might rub against the backing plate limit the use of grease so it does not get on the brake linings. Rich HArtung desoto1939@aol.com
  4. So I would think that since the ing swith is not fully turned on then the electrical circuit is not complete and permitting the electrcail current to flow from the coil to the dizzy to complete the flow to make the spark plugs fires and start the car. I also havea foot starter lever and the engine canbe cranked over without the key turned on. and the car willnot fire up. Rich Hartung
  5. the 1935-39 cluster gear is different than the 1940 and above so you will need the specific cluster gear for your tans. I know this CG is not really found out in the swap meets but they are available. I sent you a lisiting of the various catalogs that I have scanned as per your request. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  6. I had the clutch and pressure plate replaced on my 39 Desoto and also motor mounts at the trans and front and still had some vibrations. We had to replace the original vibration dampener which was part of the lower crank pully. After replacing the dampener then the vibrations went away. Just another thought to your issue. Also when we put on some rear motor mount they were red in color and we determined that they were also too hard so when with all black rubber ones. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  7. Sam HAve you contacted Steele rubber products. They make new motor mount with fresh rubber and should be softer. Yes the NOS mounts can harder up over the years so if they are around a cheap price might be too hard to use in a car or truck. Always ask for new rubber. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  8. I would want to know the person that rebuilt the carb so in case if there is any issues you could go directly to him to get the carb fixed. Also stated totally rebuilt so I am assuming that all brass bushing were replaced and made to fit properly without any slop. The carb was soaked and also put in an electroci bath cleaner solution was the venture tube replaced and all internal parts replaced. Very high cost for a rebuild not knowing all of the info on the carb. buyer beware Rich Hartung
  9. Hemibear: This is rich Hartung I sent you a PM about the cluster gear. Desoto1939@aol.com
  10. It all depends on how each state handle antique cars and the registration. In PA you can use a year of manufacture plate on your antique. But you first must purchase the regular Antique plate and then pay an additional $75 to register the Year of Manufacture Plate. Also note that most states used a two plate system and then went to a single plate system. So if you have a year of Manufacture plate and not both plates then someone else might have already registered their car with the other plate that matches yours. If this happens then you can not use your plate. Also you would be reguired to have the regular antique plate in the truck of your car. In Pa the regular antique plate is good for life and you own the plate so the cost of paying extra for a YOM plate is not worth the extra money for me. I have a YOM plate on the front bumper and the regular antique plate on the rear of the car and this works just fine for me. The front plate informs people at car shows what year the car was manufactured and it did not cost me anything else except the cost for the plate. Rich HArtung Desoto1939@aol.com
  11. I do not understand how the wiring would make any difference the current is completed when the brake fluid pushes up the metal contact and makes the circuit complete. Rich Hartung
  12. have you replaced the rubber flexible fuel line that connects to the FP and the metal line that is along the lower right side of the radiator. The line might be so old that the rubber in the line has collapsed and is blocking the flow of the fuel into the pump and then into the carb. Also are you getting any gas into the fuel bowl in the carb. Is the float adjusted correctly also might be a stuck needle in the float area. Rich Hartung
  13. has anyone ever stated why the switch willnot work with Dot 5 fluid. I have been using Dot5 for over 32 years and have only replaced one brake light switch. I have used NOS switches and not new ones so I donot understand why they should fail. Possibly bad manufacturing process. The dot 5 is silicone and should not corrode the contacts. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  14. First suggestion is to get a set of already predilled brake shoe lining for your car because the holes are countersunk and they have to be at the proper depth. It also depends on the size rivet and the number of drill holes in the lining.. I have relinded sevral sets of my brakes shoes for my 39 Desoto. I live near Philadelphia pa. If you want to callme you can and I can provide you with some detailed information on rivet size, proper number for the brake lining and other information. I have several brake lining catalogs with this info. Rich Hartung Cell 484-431-8157 home 610-630-9188
  15. Look on ebay or contact Andy Bernbaum in Mass. Rich hartung
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