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    Colleting old Cross reference catalogs to support the antique Moapr cars and Trucks Have scanned these an put on Compact disks. Bicycle collecting and Bicycle touring
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    1939 Desoto 4 Door Sedan that has been judged as HPOF with the AACA.


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  1. I have used the Airtex Electric pump onmy 39 desoto for over 10 years without any issues. MAC is buying the carter and then resale cost involved. I use my electric pump as a primer after the car has sat for a while. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  2. I have serveral cross reference catalogs and manuals that will provide you with parts number to support the upkeep of your Plymouth. Contact me at desoto1939@aol.com rich Hartung
  3. someone has done a lot og silver overspray notice the silve on the spark plugs and wires. rich Hartung
  4. This is rich Hartung with a 39 Desoto. I looked inmy 1936-42 Dsoto MAster Parts manual and I can not find the number that you have on the trans case. The number that I can find is 631840 and this is for the standard transmission case the overdrive case is number 670919 and these were used on 1938 and 1939 Desoto. I have a lot of cross reference catalogs about the early Desoto soplese contact me I live near Philadelphia PA Desoto1939@aol.com
  5. Marc: This is rich Hartung with the 39 desoto. I sent you a PM this evening about the Spicer U joint Catalog that I have copied and put on CD. rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  6. Marc:


    This is rich Hartung with the 39 Desoto. I have a Spicer U joint catalog that I have scanned and is saved as a PDF. The nice part about this catalog at the end is a cross reference section to all of the major U joint manufacturers and by knowing the number of the Spicer u-joint then you can find the specific u-joint of another manufacturer.


    I can copy the catalog and send it to you for the cost of $25 which includes the shipping and the CD mailed to your home.  This is a great catalog to have for your parts information. Let me know if you are interested


    This will permit you to search by the various manufacturer numbers and also when you go to a swap meet you might even find the correct ones it also has a Mopar Par number cross reference so that also makes it easier to cross reference to other manufacturers.

    Rich HArtung


    cell 484-431-8157

    live near phialdelphia PA.

    1. MarcDeSoto


      Thanks so much for this resource Rich!  Marc.

    2. MarcDeSoto


      I will let you know if I need it.  Marc.

  7. SMS is still open but I have heard bad results about their product and customer service. Not just once but numerous times. Rich Hartung
  8. Just to let everyone know that Barron Labonney Automotive cloth is no longer in business. They have closed their doors entirely. Hampton Coach is stillin business. I was told this by the past president of the Plymouth owners club. I was on the LB webpage last night to confirm the information. Sad lose for all automotive restoration shops. Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  9. I have one from K&D and I have used mine several times especially when replacing a water pump. It makes is much easier to get the bolts out of the fan blade hosuing. So you loosen the generator and get some slack on the fan Belt. Then reach in with the 1/2 inch socket and get it on the fan blade pully bolt then spin the fan blade clockwise and then the bolt will unthread itself and you do not get any skinned kunckles and then do the opposite to get the bolt re threaded in the pully. You can find these on Ebay and older Desoto mechanic gave me my tool and I have it in my tool roll up bag inthe truck in my 39 Desoto. It will work on any car that has 1/2 bolts. Rich Hartung desoto1939@aol.com
  10. Have you tried to use some sandpaper on the area where the white mark is on your vibration dampener. You might find that the lines are there but they have been covered over by rust and oil and other things. If the white dot is a good reference and the engine runs well at that indicator then I would just then time it to the white dot. You do have a reference point and then can time by advancing or retarding the dizzy as you feel necessary. Also why spend the extra money for a new and or even repaired vibration dampened while this one is working correctly. Just my thoughts on the issue. Rich Hartung
  11. Eneto-55. The guy that has make the kits GrainIt has all of the metal plates with the various wood grain patterns. The grain is etched into the plate and is the real image of the various graning patterns. There are several different patterns based on the various styles and patterns that were used by each car manufacturer. So you do need to know what pattern you want to duplicate. Purchase the appropriate plate and the rollers it will same you a lot of aggravation and wasted time. His home owners kits is very good and the process is simple. I have done several of my window garnish moldings and was asked by a major restoration shop when I showed the owner an example of what I did if I would do the wood graining for a 1936 Essex that they had in the shop. I turned down the opportunity because I personally felt that I could do the job but my personal quality of workmanship would not be up to their standard because the shop has a very good quality reputation show this shows how easy the finished product can turn out with some time and practice on your part. Also you can sell the kits to another car owner that is looking to do the same. Granted the finished product will not be as perfect as you see when you go to Hershey and on the Very High priced cars that have been totally restored but at least you can say with pride that you did the work at a fraction of the cost and if your car is a driver then we do need it to be perfect in every way. Call me and I can explain the total system and process Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  12. I purchased the homeowners kit from Grainit several years ago. They also did a lecture session at the AACA annual Meeting and I was able to try their kits at the meeting. It is very simple to use. Go to their webpage a view their powerpoint show. It just takes time and remember that you are trying to duplicate a wood pattern and as they say wood grain is not perfect. take a look at some wood graining on your own furniture the graining does not always meet all the lines so you can make mistakes and the eye will let you have the small imprefections. callme and I will explain how the process is done. I live near Phialdelphia PA I will send you a Private message with my phone number Rich Hartung Desoto1939@aol.com
  13. Leave the trickle charge on all the time the turning off and on defeats the purpose to keep the battery fully charged. rich Hartung
  14. I do see these rubber insulators on ebay and have been sold by Frank Mitchell Try this on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Willys-MB-Ford-GPW-A1660-Ignition-Autolite-Distributor-IGC-Rubber-Grommet-G503 cost is $5 this might be what you are looking for. rich hartung
  15. OK for the dizzy that you have the wires are numbers as Autolite Primary Lead IGS-181 or for Echlin LW6 Ground Lead Autolite IAT-14 Echlin LW1 these were all used in the Plymouth from 1940- 49 Richard hartung desoto1939@aol.com
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