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    Restoring a B1F 128 will be a wrecker for parades when done.
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  1. billschwindt

    How Many Pilot House Trucks Have Survived?

    I have 3 2 restored and in show condition
  2. billschwindt

    Door latch spring b2b

    check Joes Springs on E-Bay. I've had luck there. Good luck. Bill
  3. billschwindt

    S-10 Chassis for B1B body install

    Hi , You can make anything fit ,but I have done this and used a Dakota It has correct tread width its all Mopar has a variety of engine , disc brakes A/C you asked and this what I recommend. Click on my name you will see pictures.S-10 is too narrow, you would have to have special wheels made . With older Dakota you would have many choices.
  4. billschwindt

    Fuel pump question

    Gaskets or shims are NOT going to change fuel pressure!!!! The spring inside of pump will change pressure, but it is not adjustable.
  5. billschwindt

    Leave it or paint

    Paint it , rusty looks lazy & cheap. you asked I answered..
  6. billschwindt

    Best Junkyard IFS swap for 1948 Dodge Pickup

    I have done the Dakota complete frame front to rear, works fine. Right width, right wheel bolt circlr, and best of all its all MOPAR and easy to find parts for.
  7. billschwindt

    Door latch parts

    Im looking for springs for 49 bif door latch to cure drooping outside handle
  8. billschwindt

    1950 dodge b2c suspension upgrades

    Hi there. If you want my opinion I would do the Dakota frame swap if I were you, I have done it and think it was the right thing to do , you have right wheel width , disc brakes , several engine choices, fuel injection, A/C, P/S. I have pictures on this site in several places.Bought donor from insurance co. as a total, it all went together very easy if you have fabrication skills.You will have to shorten frame , just remember measure twice & cut once. Good luck. Use Dakota firewall & floor moving it back 3 inches is a big help.
  9. billschwindt


    looks good , I under stand how much work it is but what else are you going to do ?
  10. billschwindt

    Finished Floor

    Many hours in floor.
  11. billschwindt

    Engine Compartment - Right

    A/C works very good even if I have to say so.
  12. billschwindt

    How Many Pilot House Trucks Have Survived?

    I have 3, two of them restored
  13. billschwindt

    Two 49 Pilothouses

    Two trucks , one as original as can be, the other one not quite so , its on a Dakota 4X4 w/A/C P/S .
  14. billschwindt

    1934 1 1/2 ton dually 65mph?

    Very nice, looks like you did it right. I dont think you will ever make a cruiser out of it . I have a 49 1 1/2 ton B1F 128 with a 230 engine that has head cut .080 it will run 55 MPH but doesnt like it, still fun though!!!!!
  15. billschwindt

    ANSWERED 49 on dakota

    Tire size is P255/70R16. The wheels are stock Dakota wheels, powder coated dark gray.

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