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  1. Great Books That Feature Our Cars

    Personally - this books series https://www.amazon.com/Cars-Fascinating-40s-Challenges-Changes/dp/0785362746/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1522508819&sr=8-1&keywords=Cars+of+the+Fascinating+'40s%3A+A+Decade+of+Challenges+and+Changes functioned as my shopping book before I first went into purchasing a classic car. Every single model of every US car from 1941 to 1949 is included, great pictures, interesting stories. Is also available for the 1930s to 1970s time period. I literally purchased this item to see what I might fancy prior to really knowing next to nothing about vintage US cars.
  2. Just checking on the master cylinder front. The prices on ebay range from 90 to literally 250 USD. Is there a quality difference that I should care for, after all it is quite an important part :-) Thanks for your enlightenment.
  3. Hi. Should anyone have the parking light gasket for a P18 and/or P17 at hand I would appreciate you letting me know the exact dimensions. Mine just crumbled away the moment I opened the screws. I want to cut this gasket myself using a gasket material I have lying around. thanks
  4. ignition coil replacement

    As usual wiser again thanks to your help. Went for a bosch 6 volt ignition coil with bracket which I purchased through amazon in Germany right now. Not as nice looking (:-)) silver etc. I shall check if the connector works with the connector in the car. thanks
  5. ignition coil replacement

    I am not getting any wiser :-(((( My car has the original ignition coil installed. It is totally banged and shattered and not working anymore. Hence, I bought a box standard 6 volt ignition coil. Realising only later - as I obviously should have upfront that - a. the connector to the distributor is different in my current set-up b. the bracket on my original ignition is not one you can replace and take off (but it is a ignition coil with a bracket attached). And yes - you obviously knew that :-) Bugger :-( Found one ignition coil with bracket on offer for over 350 USD. No! What can one use instead? Which ignition coil comes with the same distributor connection as the original one? What bracket do you use to attach the ignition on to the engine block? thanks
  6. cardboard heater duct Cranbrook 1953

    3d printing should be the move forward for so many things. Had the same idea in regard door sill replikas. I wasn't able to find any suppliers due to many reasons: Mostly length and overall dimensions. thom
  7. Nut bolts engine 218 missing - what size?

    thanks. Mine is not sooo different. Smaller in number terms. But these particular items I simply can not find anymore. Bugger :-((
  8. Hi - yes, me again with a stupid admission. I looks like I have a lost a bag with screws and nuts. They are no way to be found. Now, after 3 hrs I have given up. Could anybody help me with letting me know what type and size I need to get for: Those three nuts that fix the oil filter, the ignition cable etc. to the engine block. The screw on top of the cylinder head to which the ground cable of the battery is being attached to, Thanks - and yes I know I am scatterbrained :-) :-(
  9. cardboard heater duct Cranbrook 1953

    You are welcome
  10. cardboard heater duct Cranbrook 1953

    I should have one heater duct for a 1949 with me in a couple of weeks. If it is of interest to you than I could obviously provide you with some measurements. However, I do not know if the 1949 differs from yours. thom
  11. What sill mats to get for 48 coupe?

    What is the perfect glue? I have an original set of sill mats (in very good condition) with metal and studs (however not all of them are available so glues is needed). Thanks :-)
  12. Convertible Top Hydraulic Motor reproduction

    Capt den. Now I feel bad. You have shattered my hopes :-) Well most likely you are right and everything was for nothing. Fact is, so I checked today, they haven't even looked at it since I handed it over. So they may not even be able to something about it. Lol
  13. Convertible Top Hydraulic Motor reproduction

    Hi just to update you. I decided not to go for the obvious and easy option (as often) of purchasing a replacement motor. Instead I hunted down a shop that is looking into the matter and claims to be able to solve the issue. The place itself is totally fallen out of this time, run by the father and his sun (not sure who is who :-), cramped with tools and items to repair, with no service orientation "We shall let you know when it is ready", the response to "When that could be?" was "Certainly this year, but we shall not promise anything" but a real interest in these "Old things" as the person very warm-heartedly said. So in a way cool :-)
  14. everdry kit

    I have the same set-up - what wonders me the most: with the mounting base in place the spark does not recess as far into the cylinder head than without. Is this not a problem?