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  1. That is actually the plan - the collect everything that I need or might need and ship together with the car to Germany. :-)
  2. Thanks captden :-)
  3. thanks - any relevant alternatives. Besides an NOS one which? (have to find it first and you have to be willing to pay the price).
  4. Hi - I believe I could be in the need for a new radiator for a P18 model. Searching around I always bump into the champion offering. Has anyone ever made any experience with this product? thanks
  5. Interesting note: I have almost purchased - finally :-) - a 1949 Plymouth convertible that is almost perfect. Some minor things like the flooring needs to be optimised. Has the rubber flooring - which is original - but the material is cracking in many parts already. So I have decided to go down the carpet route - no idea where to get the rubber floor. Also not to keen on the look itself. Initiated a few inquiries - obviously also ended up finding Newark Auto company (dreadful website, but nice service, reasonably priced, quality? I don't know) and approached them. When you go to JcWhitney is them also. That we all knew already. I also approached stockinteriors - slighly more expensive then JcWhitney so maybe better? Well having approached them their response was "You already contacted our production facility hence you kow it all. Thanks". Or in other words - Newark Auto is their production facility. As I had approached them already, stockinteriors did not see the need to help me any further. Now we know :-) The strange thing - they offering is roughly 40 USD more expensive. Well, well, well. So they could have slightly ripped me off :-)
  6. Please let us know what the quality is like. Thanks
  7. Thanks for reading - I was recommended to go the service checkup way and ordered a visit through lemon squad. Shall see what the result is. :-)))
  8. This might not be very representative but I used stockinteriors a couple of years ago for a P15 model. It all went very fine. The quality of the carpet (I did not choose the most expensive quality option) was very good. The fit very fine - but then the fit is not a problem anyway thanks to a trick: The carpet comes in two pieces. The actual overlay takes place underneath the front seat area, hence the overlay is not visible, hence adjustments towards the front and rear end of the floor can be made very easily.
  9. Hi and Hello, I have spotted a nice 1949 Plymouth that I am really interested in the West Palm Beach area. On paper - saying through emails and interactions - all looks good. But then - as good hearted as any seller might be - can you really trust a book by its cover? In other words, I once bought a car in the US without having it being checked by someone else. That was a bit of a mistake I do not want to do again. My problem - I can't simply just fly over from Germany to have a look at one car. That is from a timing and financial perspective just not a feasible act. Hence my question: Would anyone know a person that could stand in for me? That could check this car out for me and let me know his or hers objective point of view? I am not looking for a professional type as such, a simple check up would certainly do. And obviously, all occurring costs would be covered by me. Maybe you happen to have a name that you could pass on to me? Thank you very much for any thoughts and ideas that you might be able to pass on to me. Thom P.S. Thanks also to all those that I have contacted already directly and that have been so keen in helping and supporting me :-) You know who I mean :-)
  10. Thanks and good luck. Do come over one day. I shall be your guide then, even though you wouldn't need one anyway. Thom
  11. I am almost embarrassed to answer the question :-) For two reasons. Embarrassment 1: The decision has been made to go for a 1949 convertible this time. But I do not even own one right now. However, I am currently in talks with somebody. You wouldn't happen to know somebody in the West Palm Beach reason with enough spare time and interest in having a look at a car? I am very uncertain to purchase again a car that "I" or at at least some one has seen in person. Embarrassment 2: I know - actually I knew and made a big mistake - this is not a P20 but the P18 model. Thom
  12. Again thank you and I hope all is well with you :-)
  13. thanks. not sure what happened to me. my brain :-)
  14. I know - certainly the wrong forum - but still :-) I have been googling around and I have not been able to find a Parts List book for a P20 model. A reprint of course. I used to own one for my P15 and felt it being very useful when working on the car. Thanks for any hints. thom
  15. Well - and now imagine this with an Hollywood like German accent:"This is way too much freedom for us. We need structure and order in our country. Not the kind of liberty the US offers." I suspect though, whatever the system is it is not being liked. But if I could choose one I would still go for your kind of flexibility. How confusing that all might be in the end ☺