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  1. Thanks to all. For the final round 🙂 - as everything there is I have understood - let us be purely practical. The only question remaining for me is the position of the toggle switch. And its three positions. Left - middle - right. For this final round let us assume that a) I am stupid - not totally true but not completely false either especially when it comes to electrical settings b) the kick down switch will not be installed and obviously c) the OD cable is properly pulled in. So what position should the toggle switch be when I get started under normal circumstances? Left - middle - right? When I momentarily want to get out of the OD - bearing in mind there is no kick down switch - what would then be the right position of the toggle switch? Left - middle - right? And where would the toggle switch be moved to if I wanted to get back into OD again after that - this would obviously than be the normal dirving setting. thanks for additional insights. Might sound easy and strange to you, but I can't seem to be able to be getting my head around it. thom
  2. I will not be able to really respond to your wonderful notes in full depth. But later. What , however, have to make clear immediately: The harness from George did not come with the kick down switch. So if it really is damaged - as I believe it is, but I shall check - he is under no circumstances to be blamed. An important note regarding the reputation of a great man.
  3. The current set-up: OD installed/ usage a George Ash harness simply for simplifying reasons/ the delivered kick-down switch did not seem to work (so I left it away)/ a toggle switch is included. What I do know: Overdrive cable has to be pulled in/ at around 28 mph I have to get of the gas pedal and the OD should move into OD Second gear/ and so forth. My questions: Can I use any replacement kick-down switch or does it have to be a bespoke one for a Plymouth? Lacking the kick down switch I only can use the the toggle switch. What is the correct use of it? Obviously I would not activate it when in first. When I am getting closer to 28 I would then switch it on and then go into OD eventually. The switch I would leave on the entire time until when in the end? The strange thing is - it does not feel as I am actually moving into second gear OD, I only seem to experiencing a change when in third. Could that be an indication for an issue or simply bad handling on my part? thanks/ thom
  4. Thomba48

    Front window weatherstripping exchange advice

    I will keep you posted :-)))))
  5. Thomba48

    Front window weatherstripping exchange advice

    Sorry, that I did not respond any earlier. Was very busy this weekend. Fist of all - thanks again to all your responses. OK, it certainly does sound more difficult than expected. But then so does everything else also whenever I approach this car in order to do some changes 🙂 I do have a shop manual which I have checked thoroughly - but I certainly checked it only after your adives Andy. And yes, I can second your recommendations. Does it always make sense to me? No. Have I done this before? No. Will I need a second pair of hands? Yes. Is there a lot of room for me to bugger it up? Yes. Will I still try it? Yes. The winters are long here, so there shall be a lot of time to tackle this in due course. thanks again. thom
  6. Thomba48

    Front window weatherstripping exchange advice

    Sorry for being misleading. Yes I am referring to the windshield. And the Steele is claimed to be a good fit for my 1949 Plymouth. Thanks for all your advice. Thom
  7. Hi. Soon to embark on exchanging the front window weatherstripping. The material - from steele rubber (found a very good deal) exists. The basic idea also. Is there anything in particular I have to bear in mind? Of course, I should not brake the glas 🙂 What else will I need, of course some kind of sealing gluing material. When looking at the front window from the inside it looks like there is an additional type of sealing material attached to the inside window frame. It almost looks like it is some kind of leather. Will this material survive me unscrewing the frame? thanks
  8. Thomba48

    Worm gear replacement 1948 Plymouth

    Hi. That means that a 1941 version would not work.
  9. Thomba48

    Worm gear replacement 1948 Plymouth

    Thanks. Roller shafts there definitely are https://www.ebay.com/itm/1941-PLYMOUTH-STEERING-SECTOR-SHAFT-AND-ROLLER-NOS-MOPAR-516/401120087463?hash=item5d649ecda7:g:5S4AAOSwt7pXNMXC Would a 1941 differ from a 1948 one?
  10. Actually this time it is not about my car, but the one I previously owned. The current owner needs to replace the worm gears from what he can tell. I did some basic research and it certainly does not look that they are simply lying around on the streets :-). Or in other words - I did not find any sofar. Any idea who sells them, besides the occassional NOS stuff finding its way to ebay. Alternatively, but this would only be the second best solution as he wants to remain stock as much as possible: Would it make sense for him to exchange the steering gear completely with one coming from a more newish car. Which one would that be? Where can the required adapter be found? Thanks/ Thom

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