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  1. Need 6v help

    Thanks FinnGT. I shall have a look :-)
  2. Need 6v help

    Well ish :-) The more packages are being sent to you the more postage you have to pay :-( Whatever you go for - any sort of shipment to Germany from the US is both a hazzle and a costly investment. Unfortunately. Hence you info is kindly taken on board :-) thom
  3. Electric Fuel Tank Locking Cap parts wanted

    Great and really great cars. Thanks again
  4. Electric Fuel Tank Locking Cap parts wanted

    Thank you very much for sharing this with us.
  5. Need 6v help

    Did not receive a message?
  6. Electric Fuel Tank Locking Cap parts wanted

    Just out of interest: Fast n Loud? How real is it and how much staging does take place? :-)
  7. Electric Fuel Tank Locking Cap parts wanted

    Great cars!!! And yes, I am realllllyyyyy into accessories. So that one shall be added somehow :-)
  8. Need 6v help

    Thanks for that insight. Actually, the content doesn't matter these days any more. It is the value that counts. Everything below 150 €, so roughly 170 USD, is import tax free. Only the 19% vat is required to be paid on top. Only! Above that additional and varying import duties are being added. Sending something as a gift can work, but these buggers are often very hesitant if the package is eg. heavy or large etc. In that case the gift message occasionally does not work.
  9. Need 6v help

    Thanks for your generous reminder :-) I have noticed over the years that you may purchase some stuff in Germany it still never is somehow exactly right. So - fortunately Plymouth don't break that easily - if something is on the agenda I prefer to get it shipped over from the US. With parts like these that is OK. Obviously, when weight becomes an issue (e.g. I am contemplating with a dual carb set-up maybe next year) the shipping plus tax often doubles the original purchase price. Very unpleasant indeed. Off the topic!! :-) Never really do understand the issue of import taxes these days anymore besides governments enjoying the regular income source :-(
  10. Need 6v help

    thanks. just wanted to be on the safe side. Andy Bernbaum, Rockauto has all of the above. thanks for your kind support :-)
  11. Need 6v help

    Jumping in, any recommendations in regards to a good 6 volt positive ground coil product to purchase online? Same regarding the coil and condenser. Thanks
  12. Electric Fuel Tank Locking Cap parts wanted

    Thanks Mr. Lucky :-)
  13. Hi and Hello :-) I have an almost complete set of the above. Not the actual MOPAR one, but it looks and feels the same. And certainly does the same. So that is fine with me. However, and that I unfortunately didn't know at the time of purchase, the pack is missing the mounting screws (not a massive issue) and the mounting lugs (a real issue). Especially the latter one are essential and I have not yet found an alternative solution. Hence my question: Does anyone happen to have a spare set of screws but most importantly lugs available that I could purchase? Obviously there is no need for these parts to be "new". thanks PS. For reference purposes I have attached a picture. What I do need are those "4" items just underneath the tank display next to the gasket
  14. What spark plugs?

  15. What spark plugs?

    Just a brief question: Anything to bear in mind in regard to spark plugs for a standard 1949 216 engine? Can I buy any type/ brand? Any particular recommendations? thanks