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  1. Thomba48

    carter b&b ID

    Could I ask you another question? What would you say about a modernised set-up like weber 32/36? thanks
  2. Thomba48

    carter b&b ID

    Please do assume that I simply know nothing and then you are getting close 😞 Would I be able to use the U1 for my purpose? Bearing in mind that I shall be using an overdrive in the end it could possibly make sense? What do you think? If I was to use it would I need to change anything? thanks
  3. Thomba48

    P18 Plymouth 1949 carb alternative in Europe

    And I have spotted a d6u1 carb for a 1953 Plymouth. Apparently suited for an overdrive car. Would that actually make sense? Any downs? Any pros? thanks
  4. Thomba48

    carter b&b ID

    Can I actually use a d6u1 for a 1949 Plymouth? What is the downside? Anything better than then d6h1? thanks
  5. Thomba48

    P18 Plymouth 1949 carb alternative in Europe

    What do you all think about the weber 32/36 DGV alternative? Thom
  6. Thomba48

    I need an english translation :-)

    Do please just check. Thanks
  7. Thomba48

    Lindsay McConnell contact information

    Thanks. Can you let me what contact address you were using back then? Thanks
  8. I previously had many engagements with Lindsay McConnell. Great person. Great parts. I have been trying to get hold of him for a while using the contact information that I have. With no success. Has anybody been in touch with him lately? Is he OK? Has his contact information changed? thanks
  9. Thomba48

    Vacuum wiper interchange with a P18

    Thanks. Wiper motor for the P15 model are actually easy to find. Not the case for the 1949 Plymouth. Is probably a market relevance matter.
  10. It must look like to you all as I am building a new car from scratch? Or did I make a very bad purchase in the first place?. I leave that decision to you, but I give you hint. The latter question sounds more true to me 🙂 Any idea what vacuum wiper motors from which car would interchange with the actual need for my P18? Reason for asking? I haven't spotted a decent one for a P18 model, but there are quite a few available for thte P15 model. thanks
  11. Thomba48

    I need an english translation :-)

    Air filter (oil bath air filter 🙂 But you are obviously right 🙂
  12. Thomba48

    I need an english translation :-)

    Yes it is the bracket that links the oil bath filter to the engine block simply for fastening reasons.
  13. Thomba48

    I need an english translation :-)

    Thanks - no, I mean this connector part at the bottom end 🙂
  14. Thomba48

    I need an english translation :-)

    thanks 🙂

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