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  1. 50 Coronet project

    I've been wrapping wires with regular, cheap black plastic electrician's tape, only to have a gummy mess later, when I have to undo some of it. Cheap adhesive on cheap tape. The existing wires were wrapped with a plastic tape without adhesive, with the ends tucked under the previous lap. Friction tape - hmm. Or maybe someone has found a premium electrician's tape that doesn't get gummy. (Do electricians have wire nuts? They would look at you funny if you ask.)
  2. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Salt on the roads eats cars, but I'm sure it saves lives. I've got my DeSoto sequestered in the garage till Spring when the roads are clear of salt. Sometimes I'll venture out early, after a few good rains wash the salt away.
  3. Self parking car

    People will be able to text safely, while the car does the driving.
  4. Self parking car

    Someone developed a parking assist package for a Cadillac, with the spare tire mounted in the trunk to drop down and move the rear of the car side to side. This Continental version seems simpler and woud require less modification of the car. Now there is a self-parking feature in some cars. What will they think of next? Automatic braking at obstacles? Self driving cars?
  5. Exhaust Vibration

    I think that your exhaust pipe is hitting something as it vibrates with the car is in gear, the clutch out and the brakes on. Your muffler pipe hangers incorporate a flexible strap to isolate vibrations. Maybe the hangers are not installed correctly.
  6. 1948 Plymouth Rat Rod

    Who should help you get it there? Ralph, Ralph.
  7. Dim instrument lights

    Could it be that someone put 12 volt bulbs in a 6 volt system? You can buy 12 volt bulbs almost anywhere, but they would be very dim. Yes, take a bulb out and check the model number.
  8. Took a ride this afternoon

    Before the age of large rubber tires, tractors had lugs on steel wheels, as seen in Pflaming's post above. I remember seeing old road signs that read: "Tractors with lugs not allowed on pavement" One could imagine why.
  9. Keep right?

    When walking down the aisle of a store, or a church, or whatever, I keep to the right of someone approaching. Of course, in the good ol' USA, we drive on the right side of the road. You chaps across the pond and in Oz, you mates with the steering wheel on the right side of your cars, when someone is heading toward you in the aisle, which side do you go to? Inquiring miinds need to know.
  10. How do I remove these 2 bulbs?

    Usually, for an old bulb, you push down and turn counterclockwise, until the bulb separates from the base. Then you remove the base with needle nose pliers. But it's a burnt-out bulb anyway. You might want to put bulb grease on the new bulb, so it will come out easily forty years from now.
  11. Spitfire head

    Dpollo said that the Spitfire head would lower the compression ratio, and stated some bore and stroke dimensions. I guess I don't understand. Don't the pistons rise to be level with the top of the block, regardless of bore and stroke? I can see different heads having different combustion chamber volumes. I could see a problem with a head cast for a small bore, but used with a large bore. The pistons might kiss the head at the edges of the combustion chambers.
  12. Dim headlights

    Is 4-4.5 volts the generator output at idle speed? Generators need rpms to have adequate output. That's the advantage of alternators. They have good output even at idle speeds.
  13. Is the H.A.M.B. down?

    My son works on computer systems for a company that does invenory control. They back up very frequently. Some employee opened malware, thinking it was from someone within the company, and the compnay was faced with a ransom demand. My son merely restored the most recent back-up and deleted the data with the embedded malware, avoiding paying ransom. Further, he instituted a way of determining whether a message was truly coming from someone within the company or from the outside. Smart boy.
  14. Logic Behind Passenger Door Key?

    Some jurisdictions prohibited entering or exiting a car from the traffic side. The driver had to slide over the seat to or from the passenger door. So the key lock was on the passenger side.
  15. Ignition lock question 48 Dodge ?

    It seems that a PO had a modern ignition lock in my 47 DeSoto, which I replaced with a '40s lock. You could wire a modern lock to turn the key all the way clockwise to start the engine, and/or use the starter button.