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  1. DonaldSmith

    New member

    I opened this thread, went to "last page", and wondered why GG40Desoto would resent an e-mail. A look to the previous page showed the context. He re-sent the e-mail. Whew. I thought we had another fight going.
  2. DonaldSmith

    Sleepless nights

    My son-in-law, the oldest of the bunch at his mid-50's, remarked that 50 is the new 35, but 9:30 is the new midnight. Which reminds me, for New year's, my wife and I stayed up til 10:00.
  3. DonaldSmith


    The Fluid Drive was made for stately driving. With the 3-speed transmission, a person could take off in 3rd, and leave it there. Cars with the 4-speed automatic would automatically shift between 3rd and 4th. No clutching except for the initial starting off, backing up, or if stuck at a railroad crossing for more than five minutes. Mother Mopar's answer to the Hydra-Matic. So, don't go through the lower range-upper range shifting unless you really have to move out at the traffic light, or if you can't get out of the clutching habit.
  4. DonaldSmith

    Science Fair

    Yes, "Average" IS. What was I thinking?
  5. DonaldSmith

    Science Fair

    An average of 15 hrs of family time ARE sacrificed. The original word was correct. Common grammatical error. The subject is "hours". Hours are sacrificed. Back to my corner.
  6. DonaldSmith

    Sleepless nights

    When I'm worried and I can't sleep, i count my blessings instead of sheep. Hey, there's a song that goes something like that. I tell my wife, when she can't sleep, to think beautiful thoughts. Gee, thanks, she says. I find myself lying awake some nights. I tell myself that maybe I didn't need that much sleep, figuring all the naps I took that day. So, I'll get into mind games. Systematically plan that minor home repair; anticipate some upcoming event; remember something from the past, until I remember what I should have said; think of something else . Consider bowling pins and the rule of 78s. The pins are set up in four rows; one in the first row, 2 in the second, etc, till there are 10 pins. Next would be 15, then 21, etc. If you set up 12 rows, it would take 78 pins. Our antique clock chimes the hours. Each half day takes a total of 78 chimes. In the old days, before computers, the rule of 78s was used when a car loan was paid off early. Something like a number of months divied by 78 would determine the proration for the last month's interest. Are you asleep yet?
  7. DonaldSmith

    What causes a wall outlet in your house......

    I put several mini-breakers in the original fuse box.
  8. DonaldSmith

    What causes a wall outlet in your house......

    Wiring through the years. My house was built in the 20's. 6-circuit fuse box in a kitchen wall cabinet, flexible metallic conduit. Updated panel in the basement, (1950's?) circuit breakers, large breakers for range and to feed the old panel, 15-amp for newer circuits. Non-metallic-sheathed cables. Newer 100-amp panel a few years ago, large breakers for range and other panels; several newer circuits. Newer cable, with thinner but better insulation. Wire connections - soldered back in the day, wire nuts lately. Old ceiling boxes flush with the plaster, with the wiring connections housed in the fixture canopies. New recessed boxes. Wall switches with ceramic bodies, supplanted by thinner plastic assemblies,with all manner of gadgets. GFCI outlets guarding circuits. Dimmer switches. Incandesent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps (junk!), LEDs.
  9. DonaldSmith

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    I've seen Don's deleted punch line in another setting that did not have a politlcal image attached. Something like: "Nothing's made in America any more. I bought a new TV, and it said, 'Built in Antenna'. I don't even know where Antenna is." Such humor should be preserved.
  10. DonaldSmith

    Interesting photos I have run across.

    The briefly posted "American Gothic" painting had too close a resemblance to persons living. It seems this thread is skirting the limits, keeping the moderators on their toes.
  11. DonaldSmith

    What causes a wall outlet in your house......

    My son had a house with electric wiring. We corrected several outlets by splicing short lengihs of insulated copper wire to the bare ends of the aluminum wire, using special wire nuts with sealant to prevent oxidation. Then we connected the short copper wires to the devices. He sold the house decades ago. I don't think he ever checked to see if the house was still there. I understand that aluminum cable is used in high voltage distribution lines, with special connectors for sure. Appparently aluminum domestic wiring systems were put into the market without sufficient testing. It would not be the first such system.
  12. DonaldSmith

    mufler explosion

    Boom. A few years ago, trying to set my timing, I got it off by almost one plug. My ears rang for a half-hour. I was able to get a standard muffler at the local O'Reilly's. I have a collection of various pipes with various flared ends, and I have a tail pipe expander, so getting a muffler to fit is a small challenge.
  13. DonaldSmith

    Steering Pittman Arm Installati

    Yep, my 47 DeSoto pitman shaft has the four wide slots. But even I would have trouble putting the arm on, 90 or 180 degrees off.
  14. DonaldSmith

    What causes a wall outlet in your house......

    "Plug"? You mean "receptacle"? As a kid we called it the "plugger-hole". "Never assume"!
  15. DonaldSmith

    taillight wiring: remove the headliner?

    I rewired my DeSoto, the hard way. Never got the wrinkles out of the headliner after I reinstalled it. No, you can't just fish the wires through, behind the headliner. You could consider running the wires below the edges of the carpet.

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