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  1. Me and the Meadowbrook

    Deep in our family history is the tale of the time our father ran out of gas in his 47 DeSoto Suburban full of kids. We were traveling at night, and the nearest gas station was closed. My dad borrowed a small, enameled potty chair, and headed to the station. He returned with the potful of the necessary essence to get the car running. Then he proceeded to the station, and since the pump was left on, he filled the tank. Being an honest man, he slipped the dollar and change under the door of the station.
  2. Electronic distributor

    You guys are scaring me. I put a Pertronix system in my 47 DeSoto; so far, so good. But any moment, when we're far from home... When I installed the Pertronix system, I added a junction block to the inside fender, near the distributor, and I drew diagrams of how to connect the points-type ignition vs. the Pertronix system. Fine, but I dread having to redo the everything along the side of the road, including setting the timing. Maybe I'll just buy an extra Pertronix Ignitor.
  3. Put A Lift Kit Under My '53 Today

    Maybe you would want to cushion the wall, so you can push the car all the way against the wall.
  4. What some of us got up to in England, today

    It looks like all the steering wheels are on the left. Don't stick out your arm if you are close to the curb. (kerb?) Are these all, or most of them, imports from the States? (States: Canadian shorthand for the United States of America. What do the Brits call the USA, politely, of course?)
  5. Front Suspension

    Old Bob Hope joke, or so I was told. He asks one of the women on the tour to put her hand in his pocket. She says, "Oh, I'd feel crazy." He says, "Put your hand in further (farther?*) and you'll feel nuts". Maybe we all need our own corner. *Farther, a matter of distance; further, a matter of degree. Take your pick.
  6. fluid drive downshifts

    Hey, that Dodge is a Town Sedan, of which we have spoken recently.
  7. Front Suspension

    I've heard of giving up one's life for a friend, but nuts? That's just nuts. Andy, show me the corner; I have to go there.
  8. rear main side seals, 230

    So that's why I can't turn my engine by pulling on the fan blades, even with the plugs out! To move the engine to top dead center, I had to remove the screen from the bell housing and put a pry bar to the flywheel teeth.
  9. Charging problem

    I looked in the "electrical" section of the shop manual for my DeSoto, but didn't find a step-by-step procedure for "generator not charging". Instead it talks of a generator bench test, and various tests for the regulator. Some experts will have to chime in here.
  10. Charging problem

    Has your ammeter been working? Headlignts on, needle goes negative. Assuming the motor is running above idle, the generating system should start to move the needle back to neutral. If the battery is not fully charged, and the headlights are off, the needle should show positive, until the battery is more fully charged.
  11. No reverse or first gear

    Part of your "H" pattern is working. Second Gear is Up, and Third Gear is Down. That part of the linkage is working. That's the control rod that works the forward lever at the transmission. You pull the gearshift toward you, and you think you should get Reverse at Up and First Gear at Down. But the linkage is not transferring that back-and-forth motion to the transmission. Something from your motor mount work or rubber bushing work may have thrown the selector rod and linkage enough out of adjustment. Loosen or disconnect the selector rod at the steering column, and manually push the rod so that the "C" shaped lever at the transmission is as far back as it goes, engaging Reverse or First. How far off is the upper end of the rod from the rest of the linkage? Is it possible that the selector rod got bent, which would shorten it? Has the location of the transmission to the steering column changed? In cases like this, the solutions are elusive, but finally found to be something simple. Good Luck. (I just noticed something in the instructions for adjusting the selector rod: The transmission should be in neutral, while taking the slack out of the selector rod. At the transmission, check that the "C"shaped lever is truly in the neutral position. Just one more thing to check .)
  12. Distributor/Points Wiring

    Ground the coil separately? But wait! Remember, the Pertronix circuit is backwards from the usual breaker-point circuit. Assuming you still have positive ground wiring: The hot wire from the ignition goes to the (-) post of the coil. The coil is grounded from its (+) post to the distributor. The points ground the circuit. Points close,. coil energized. Points open, zap.
  13. Distributor/Points Wiring

    Oops; disoriented. You are holding your distributor about a quarter turn from mine. OK, start with the straps, at 10:30 and 4:30 in your photo.. In your photo, at 9:00, is where the external wire connects. Attach one end of your loose black wire to the open screw hole. Connect the other end of that wire to the screw where the flat springs from the points are connected; we see the side of that screw. The red wire from the condenser has to attach to the points somewhere there. My photo shows the strap between the components there. The flexible wire which is already in place grounds the moving distributor plate to the distributor body. I hope this answer is quick enough for you. I type faster than I should, and have to go back and fix the typoooos.
  14. Distributor/Points Wiring

    We'll try: Your red condenser wire goes where the blue-sheathed strip goes, to the points. The loose flexible black wire connects the distributor plate to ground. Your in-place flexible wire connects the outside wire to the moving part of the points. Points closed, coil grounded. Points open, coil generated high voltage for spark.
  15. Charging Issues.

    The bracket shown provides the offset for the alternator . I reused the stock generator bracket, but I had to cut a notch in my alternator. It works. For 49 bucks or so for that bracket, you won't have to fuss.