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  1. DonaldSmith

    ? for auto electricians out there.

    The clock shouldn't need so much amperage. Someone in another thread mentioned a 2-amp or 3-amp fuse? At the back of the clock is the winding mechanism with coil. There are numerous pivot points that may need lubrication. Or maybe the clock is just wearng out. (This coil needed re-soldering its connection to the point system. The coil moves the winding arm, which powers the clock mechanism. As the arm reaches the end of its travel, usually taking a few minutes, the points close, moving the arm again.)
  2. DonaldSmith

    ? for auto electricians out there.

    One can never have too many ground paths.
  3. DonaldSmith

    ? for auto electricians out there.

    One difference between bench-testing and in-car performance of the clock would be the ground circuit. Clock case to dashboard, dashboard to body, body to engine, where the ground cable is attached. There might be just enough resistance in the ground path to compromise the winding mechanism of the clock. That's one heavy-duty thunk every few minutes.
  4. DonaldSmith

    Cruise control, anyone? anyone?

    Not ready to consider a 12-volt upgrade. If I knew the amperage required for a speed control, I would consider an inverter of the necessary oomph. I assume there would be a steady amperage for holding the speed, and more for increasing it.
  5. DonaldSmith

    Another 230 build thread

    I believe that only the semi-automatic and overdrive transmissions needed the downshift contact at the carburetor. A three-speed with the Fluid Drive coupling would not need an interrupter circuit. Wouldn't a 47 Dodge have a three-speed behind the fluid coupling, or was the GyroMatic semi-automatic available?
  6. DonaldSmith

    Cruise control, anyone? anyone?

    I had a 68 Mercury with a clunky speed control. It had a vacuum leak and would not hold the speed. I put a speed control in a Datsun that worked. But for my DeSoto I'm interested in what experience anyone has had with the current devices in a vintage car. i presume that the devices are all electric, no vacuum.
  7. DonaldSmith

    Cruise control, anyone? anyone?

    I have a 47 DeDoto, with the semi-automatic "TIp-toe" Fluid Drive. The leg gets tired after driving any distance. I looked on line for after-market cruise controls, and saw an array of possible ways of putting a system together. Things to consider and work out include: - 6 volt, positive ground (Some 12 volts available through a rectifier, but what amperage would be required?) - Speed pickup - can attach to the speedometer cable. Otherwise, magnets on a moving part. - Controls - On turn signal stalk? separate buttons? - Setup for semi-automatic upshift? - Actuator cable connecton to carburetor linkage? - Pause circuit to brake switch (6 volt again)? to clutch? Has anyone gone through this on a car of our vintage?
  8. DonaldSmith

    10 Inch Wiper Blades

    I had a trick to fit more standard wiper blades onto the hook-end of the wiper arms. With a hacksaw, I cut a slot across the top of the blade housing, to let the end of the hook protrude. Here is a crude photo. To the right is the slot across the top of the housing, with the hooked end of the arm sticking up. Someday I've got to get clearer photos.
  9. DonaldSmith

    armrest removal 1954 chrysler windsor convertible

    Is there a covering on the bottom of the armrest which could be peeled back? I would imagine that in installing the armrests, there would be bolts or nuts accessible from a recess (or recesses) on the bottom ot the armrest, which would then be covered with the leather or vinyl which covers the rest of the armrest.
  10. DonaldSmith

    New truck arrive yesterday

    I ihave a 6-volt, positive-ground alternator. No more worries about the regulator, or low speed lack of charging.
  11. DonaldSmith

    Vinyl Plank Flooring Accent Walls

    Just a wet-blanket caution. Flooring materials that do not pose a fire-contribution hazard on the floor can go up in an inferno when applied vertically. But this is just a house, not a public space or institution. So just be careful.
  12. DonaldSmith

    Ignition Information needed Please

    I have the Pertronix igniter with the semi-automatic transmission. For the upshift, the transmission interrupts (shorts) the ignition, to get momentarily pause the engine, for the shifting. I called Pertronix, and they recommended a resistor in the circuitry. It works. I don't know if overdrives would have the same interruption. So, call Pertronix.
  13. DonaldSmith

    anyone running Lake pipes on their P 15 or d24

    Extreme. Good luck with speed bumps, unless you have the hydraulic trick suspension.
  14. DonaldSmith

    Anybody coming to New Jersey for Lead East this year

    Lead - Is this lead (leed) as to direct? Or Lead (ledd) as in the metal used to fill in customized auto bodies? (The word "read" has the same problem. Present tense, read (reed) the book, past tense read (redd) the book.)
  15. DonaldSmith

    Vent window

    Andy, good information for a loose clamp, but the vent shown has a good clamp; the other does not. So someday I have to fabricate a new clamp for the other vent. Someday; on my To-Do List, under either the "Future" or "Far off" category.

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