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  1. DonaldSmith

    Negative Ground

    The ground wires can touch, since they are both grounded. Keep the "live" wires apart. For a while, I ran a 12-volt fan from two 6-volt batteries, one positive ground, one negative. I got 12 volts betwen the two "live " wires. And I kept the fan circuit isolated from any grounds. I also installed a 12-volt power outlet, and could plug 12-volt accessories, including a hand-held spotlight. But I had to wrap the spotlight shell, since it was grounded. Touch metal, and I would get a 6-volt spark. (Later, I got a 6-volt fan, eliminated the 12-volt fan and second battery, and installed an inverter to provide 12 volts for garmins and cell phones.)
  2. DonaldSmith

    Negative Ground

    From the other Don: You can have two complete circuits, 6 volt and 12 volt, with a common ground. If the 6 volts are positive ground and the 12 volts are negative ground, you don't want to have the live ends get together, or you will have 18 volts. Similar to house wiring, where you have 220 volts for the range and dryer but separate 110 volts circuits elsewhere. The wonders of electrical engineering.
  3. DonaldSmith

    Philco radio model 802

    There's an ancient thread (2007) about me fixing the 602 radio in my 47 SeSoto. The vibrator has moving points that provide an interrupted primary current to the radio transformer, which produces the high voltage (~200 volts) for the electronics in the vacuum tubes. I was able to shock the vibrator back to life by applying alternating current to it. I connected the vibrator in series with a 60 watt light bulb, and intermittently applied 120 volts to the circuit. The alternating current moved the points, and burned them clean. (Warning - house voltage!) I also replaced the condensers (Capacitors). Search Nostalgia Air and Antique Radio. Search 6 volt radio vibrator. Good luck.
  4. DonaldSmith

    Electronics wizard needed...

    R200, etc. ... Made in Sermany? Where's that?
  5. DonaldSmith

    Movie Plymouth

    Miss Daisey's Cadillac morphs from a 55 to a 56 and back. The 55 has the exhaust outlet at the bottom of the bumper end. The 56 has the fender protruding as fitting over the exhaust pipe, and the outlet is oval, at the top of the bumper end.
  6. DonaldSmith

    47 door lock issue

    There is a setscrew accessible by pushing the weatherstrip aside. See the little bump at the weatherstrkp in the photo below. (The screw is a real bear to remove if rusted. Maybe your screw is loose or missing.)
  7. DonaldSmith

    1952 Plymouth Suburban

    It'll buff out? How many of us are tempted to restore this here bidness coupe? Find some rare doors, rare rear glass, etc? Maybe just a mind game? No, I guess some cars are doomed to be parts cars.
  8. DonaldSmith

    Retro fiting Indicators

    Are we talking those flip-out turn signal indicators that used to be common in Europe? I remember a recent photo of a Chrysler that had some sort of light by the rear quarter window.
  9. DonaldSmith

    Electric fuel pump

    I've got the momentary on-off-on switch setup. We're re-plowing the same field. We covered this in a recent thread, but I searched for it and couldn't find it. There must be a trick to have it search "oil safety switch" and not hit every post that has the word "switch" in it.
  10. DonaldSmith

    Electric fuel pump

    Maybe there's gas in the float bowl already? Unless the ethanol evaporated away. Then it's crank, crank, crank. I don't kow how much cranking it takes to work the oil safety switch. Inquiring minds need to know. (Let them chime in.) In my case, the electric pump is for priming and boosting.
  11. DonaldSmith

    Electric fuel pump

    Search recent threads. (Searching is an acquired skill that will serve you well.) Some guys run an electric pump instead of the mechanical pump; some guys use the electric pump as a primer or booster. One critical safety point: An electric pump must shut off if the engine quits running and the ignition is on, as in an accident. Two ways to do this: Inertial safety switch, as in Fords of a few years ago. Bump or roll the car, the pump shuts off. Oil safety switch, which screws into the side of the engine in place of one of the plugs along the oil gallery. No oil pressure (engine not running) pump shuts off.
  12. DonaldSmith

    I need an english translation :-)

    "Oil bath filter" - do you mean the air filter? Or do you mean the oil filter?
  13. DonaldSmith

    Starter Solenoid 1949 Chry Windsor

    Here's where the shop manual helps. My DeSoto manual is probably close enough for a 49 Chrysler. Post with heavy cable from battery: Power for the starter. Also wires to power the horn relay, ammeter and cigar lighters (and convertible switch). Opposite post: Wire from the ST post of the key switch. Turning the key all the way completes this circuit and eneregizes the solenoid, to make the heavy-amperage connection to the starter windings. Post near the heavy cable post: Wire to the elecric choke: When the solenoid is energized, this partially closes the Sisson choke. Post kitty-corner from the heavy cable post: Brown wire to the A post of the regulator. The diagram shows a ground at the regulator, but also shows a wire extending to the A post of the generator. (On my 47 DeSoto, this provided a ground to the solenoid only when the generator was not running, so that the starter would not work when the engine was running.) I hope this helps, but a diagram would be better. But as Leslie Nielson told the frightened stewardess and reluctant pilot, "Good luck. We're all counting on you".
  14. I hit the "L" on my leftie bolts with White-Out, to remind myself which way to crank on them.
  15. DonaldSmith

    Speedometer goes no higher than 15mph

    My 47 DeSoto speedometer (out of the case) has a felt-lined oiling hole near the end of the threaded part that receives the cable.

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