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  1. DonaldSmith

    Electronic ignition again

    For my M-5 transmission, the Pertronix techs suggested adding a 7-ohm resistor to the "grounding" circuit. "Grounding" is in quotations, because the wiring of the Pertronix is opposite that of the conventional points-type distributor. Points-Type: One wire to the coil is hot when the ignition switch is on. The other wire, the "ground" wire, is intemittently grounded by the points. When the points open, the coil fires. For my M-5, the PRI post of the transmission relay is conncted to the ground side of the coil, momentarily grounding the circuit, preventing the ignition from firing, so that the engine slows down for the shift. Pertronix: The ground side of the coil is always grounded. The Pertronix unit plays with the hot side. The hot wire from the ignition switch powers the Pertronix unit in the distributor. The other wire from the distributor goes to the hot side of the coil. It is to this hot post that the circuit with the 7-ohm resistor goes to the PRI contact, to interrupt the ignition momentarily. Clear?
  2. DonaldSmith

    Electronic ignition again

    This is begining to sound like deja-vu all over again, like the discussions on oils and vapor lock. Maybe the sitemaster should start a category of "Perennial but Unresolved Discussions" for such topics.
  3. DonaldSmith

    Electronic ignition again

    Did you call Pertronix for helpp and a replacement unit? How long did you have the Pertronix unit in service? I've got a Pertronix igniter and now you guys are scaring me.
  4. DonaldSmith

    The purple people eater is slowly disintegrating

    My hubcap story, told before. Hubcap lost on the way to a DeSoto convention. Passersby saw it, and called out, so I knew generally where to look. Scoured the area several times afterwards, no luck. Months later, DeSoto magazine had an ad by a co-worker of the man who found the hubcap. The co-worker was a club member. Reconnected with the hubcap. Happy. After that, I marked my name and pnone number inside all my hubcaps. Buick limos with special hubcaps? Believable. The long wheelbase Mopars had heavier duty running parts, including heavier hubcaps.
  5. DonaldSmith

    started on the 55 pontiac

    The body screams '55 Chevy. But with the appropriate moldings and tail lights, it will be a Pontiac again. I wonder if the instrument panel was exclusive to the Pontiacs.
  6. DonaldSmith

    Teaching my grandson to drive a stick

    From the time my wife was nine years old, her father would give her the keys to the truck, to drive around the gravel pit while he caught up on some Saturday office work. She quickly mastered the stick shift. 40 miles on the odometer, one Saturday. Grandma did not know that she was driving over roads right along the deep pits. Fast forward to senior year driver's ed. Anyone want to try driving the manual shift? Llike a champ. The instructor called her father, to compliment him, and perhaps fish for some info. Thanks, but not a word about the gravel pit escapades.
  7. DonaldSmith

    Fuel pump block off plate

    If your blockoff plate is thinner than the base of the fuel pump, make sure to use appropriately shorter bolts, or else the fuel pump cam can bend a bolt, making it a challenge to back out that bolt. Don't ask me how I know.
  8. DonaldSmith

    46 dodge exhaust manifold gasket replacement

    (Don's photo is of an upside down engiine block ((25-inch DeSoto engine that went tnto his recently departed Pymouth.)) The stud by the two valve lifter covers is the offending stud.)
  9. DonaldSmith

    Fire started by CAT.

    Sure, blame it on the cat.
  10. DonaldSmith

    Gone but not forgotten

    Parting is such sweet sorrow. I know, Don, that you put a lot into that car. But you still have the photos. And you still have the Dodge, with the famous Fluid Drive, that will make it easy on your knees. j
  11. DonaldSmith

    218 Timing Issues

    When I got my car from the PO, I found the No. 1 spark plug wire plugged into the 1 o'clock position, instead of 7 o'clock, and all the other wires following around in the correct firing order sequence. It must have been easier to change the wires than reset the distributor shaft I never mentioned to the PO that the distributor shaft was 180 degrees off.
  12. DonaldSmith

    218 Timing Issues

    I'm not following. You set cylinders 1 and 6 at top dead center. The distributor shaft is now set where it is. Now you rotate the distributor body until the rub strip of the points is on the nearest lobe. To rotate the body for minor adjustment, loosen the screw at the base that is looking at you. If the rotation is not enough, loosen the bolt on the underside of the body (major adjustment). Here's where the illustrations and procedures in the shop manual should help. I've been through this; the more carefully I read the manual, the better it turns out. I learned this after blowing out the muffler and having a half-hour ringing in my ears.
  13. DonaldSmith

    218 Timing Issues

    What happens when a lobe is right at the rubbing block of the points? (That's the idea of rotating the distributor.) Maybe the points aren't adjusted to open the specified gap, or open at all..
  14. DonaldSmith

    218 Timing Issues

    For a 6 cylinder engine, the lobes are 60 degrees apart. You should be able to turn the distributor 30 degrees in one direction or the other, to open the points. Check the bolts on the base of the distributor for minor and major adjustments. Somoene recently posted some good pictures of the distrubutor, showing the parts at the base.
  15. DonaldSmith

    A Good Day

    Long Wheelbase Sedan (Such as DeSoto Suburban) vs standard sedan - From an angle, it's hard to tell, but full side tells the tale. I bought a model that claimed to be a DeSoto Suburban. It was actually a model of a standard sedan, with the Suburban two-tone paint scheme. I printed two photos, and added 18 scale inches to one of the photos. Here are the two, for comparison: (Pardon the haze and "invisible" tape.)

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