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  1. DonaldSmith

    P15 door hinge repair progress

    Repair, right rear door, lower hinge, quick and dirty, 2004. Suitable for light duty and occasional use. I sacrificed part of a door hasp, beat it into shape, trimmed the width, and drilled some holes.
  2. DonaldSmith

    30 amp circuit breaker

    30 amp circuit breaker for a cigar lighter? (My 47 DeSoto has a separate cigar lighter circuit that bypasses the ammeter. I haven't checked for a circuit breaker at the lighter. )
  3. DonaldSmith

    Need a name for this bolt/screw.

    Yep, hex-head sheet metal screw. I bought a few at the local Ace Hardware for my snow thrower, to match what was on there. Different diameters and lengths. For screwing the plastic shroud to sheet metal. Holes already drilled in the sheet metal,so self-drilling not necessary.
  4. DonaldSmith

    Happy Birthday Marines.

    This is what happens when political opinions creep into the discussions. Guys I like, on opposite sides of the yelling match. Breaks my heart. Come on, guys let it go. Mr.webmaster, shut this down.
  5. DonaldSmith

    218 Timing Issues

    Remember, it takes two revolutions of the crankshaft for one revolution of the camshaft. Turn the crankshaft twice and the dots will line up twice. One time, No. 6 is ready to fire. Once more, and No. 1 is ready. You can tell which is No. 1 by the valves being closed, or by the old thumb-on-the-spark-plug-hole trick. So, with the crankshaft approximately at TDC and No. 1 ready to fire, the distributor should be installed with the rotor pointing to 7:00 o'clock. It sounds like more than one guy has lined up the dots, installed the distributor, and found that he has to run the No. 1 spark plug wire to the 1:00 o'clock position to have the engine run.
  6. DonaldSmith

    My First Car -- P15 1947 Plymouth Deluxe

    Re: Post 238 and collapsible steering column: The safety consideration had bothered me on my 47 DeSoto. I think I solved the issue when I installed power steering. I cut the steering column jacket just below the shifting apparatus at the cowl. I and added a bracket to support the column and a bushing to support the steering shaft. I cut the shaft and had a splined plug welded in. Then I added U-joints and D-shafts to connect to the power steering gearbox, whose shaft was not in line with the steering shaft. It looks lke the U-joints and shafts would now allow for collapse in case of a front-ender. If you had the U-joints and shafts in line with the steering gear, I don't know if the assembly would fold in a crash. There are telescoping shafts available, but I didn't have room for one in my setup. (I typed this in 16 point font; the better to see the typos before posting. Usually, I post my message and then I see the glaring typos.)
  7. DonaldSmith

    Dropping transmission - any pointers?

    I used a Harbor Freight transmission jack. Better than just a floor jack. The transmission jack has a strap, to keep the transmission from rolling off, especially important with the heavy semi-automatic. The jack also has an angle adjustment, to help line up the transmission. The jack has to raise the transmission as the transmission is drawn to the bell housing. Using all-thread to help line up the transmission is a good idea. I used bolts with the heads cut off. As I remember, the semi-automatic has limited bolt space, so I was switching long and short bolts as I used the bolts to draw the transmission to the bell housing.
  8. DonaldSmith

    P15 Inner Fender hole Identification Question

    I wouldn't touch the metric system wth a 3 meter pole! (Edit: The spark plug holes are metric.)
  9. DonaldSmith

    Heater Control Valve

    Answer to Cold Bliue: The top red hoses are for the dual heaters (Top-of-the-line DeSoto). The lower red hose is the drain hose for the air distribution box, or whatever they called it. In theory, any water that gets in the cowl vent, drains out. Right.
  10. DonaldSmith

    Heater Control Valve

    From the "It ain't stock. but it works" department: (4 Seasons 74828, a sheet metal zee, and some plumbing parts)
  11. DonaldSmith

    1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    What an awful welding job! Looks like something I would do. Maybe the experts will chime in, with helpful suggestions. Good luck - we're all counting on you.
  12. DonaldSmith

    Electronic ignition again

    Per Post #37, the 7-ohm resistor is working fine with my Pertronix with semi-automaitc transmission (M-5)
  13. DonaldSmith

    Electronic ignition again

    For my M-5 transmission, the Pertronix techs suggested adding a 7-ohm resistor to the "grounding" circuit. "Grounding" is in quotations, because the wiring of the Pertronix is opposite that of the conventional points-type distributor. Points-Type: One wire to the coil is hot when the ignition switch is on. The other wire, the "ground" wire, is intemittently grounded by the points. When the points open, the coil fires. For my M-5, the PRI post of the transmission relay is conncted to the ground side of the coil, momentarily grounding the circuit, preventing the ignition from firing, so that the engine slows down for the shift. Pertronix: The ground side of the coil is always grounded. The Pertronix unit plays with the hot side. The hot wire from the ignition switch powers the Pertronix unit in the distributor. The other wire from the distributor goes to the hot side of the coil. It is to this hot post that the circuit with the 7-ohm resistor goes to the PRI contact, to interrupt the ignition momentarily. Clear?
  14. DonaldSmith

    Electronic ignition again

    This is begining to sound like deja-vu all over again, like the discussions on oils and vapor lock. Maybe the sitemaster should start a category of "Perennial but Unresolved Discussions" for such topics.
  15. DonaldSmith

    Electronic ignition again

    Did you call Pertronix for helpp and a replacement unit? How long did you have the Pertronix unit in service? I've got a Pertronix igniter and now you guys are scaring me.

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