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  1. 48ply1stcar

    P 15 Interior- What to do?

    Remembered this post thought you might find it interesting.
  2. 48ply1stcar

    39 dodge duel horn wiring diagram

    I hope this helps.
  3. 48ply1stcar

    electric wipers

    Isn't a 47 Dodge body the same as a P-15 body? I was considering the Newport Engineering 12 volt, with a seperate power suppy.https://newportwipers.com/product/1946-48-dodge-and-plymouth-wiper-motor-clears-stock-radio/#wiper-motor
  4. 48ply1stcar

    Teaching my grandson to drive a stick

    I know some real Army heros, but your the man. I often brag about my wife and daughter. When I met my wife she had a Ford Maverick with a three on the column. Our first car in Germany was a Opel Rekord with 4-on-the three, yes FOUR. When other kids in our area would take their driver's License test on a testing area that is closed to real traffic, my daughter took her test on the city streets in Minnesota, in the winter with a Five-speed Toyota. One proud Dad.
  5. 48ply1stcar

    Fuel Mixture Screw doesn't change the idle.

    Yes I do, I've noticed that they have different thickness. Multiple gaskets per set.
  6. 48ply1stcar

    Fuel Mixture Screw doesn't change the idle.

    Thanks everybody for the information. Maybe I'll get a chance to work on the car in the next couple of days. And I will post the solution.
  7. 48ply1stcar

    Fuel Mixture Screw doesn't change the idle.

    I'm sure I'm using the distributor from the 218.
  8. 48ply1stcar

    Fuel Mixture Screw doesn't change the idle.

    Swap that out from my box of carbs. I drove the car from 97 until 2012 with this carb. I switch the block from a 53-218 to a rebuilt 56-230. I just transferred everything to the new block. The car still has my 68-69 High School Parking permit.
  9. I have seen a lot of threads about my issue, but no answer. Hard to tune-up my car when the idle mixture screw doesn’t change the idle. Many said you, “must have a manifold leak.” Re-installed manifolds with new gaskets. Rebuilt the carb no change. A member of my Plymouth club brought his carburetor to my house one night after I re-installed the manifolds. He installed his carburetor, and I quote, “I hope my engine runs this smooth after I get it back together.” So, I must be doing something wrong with my carb that I’m not seeing. I have disassembled and cleaned my carburetor, made new gaskets because the others had center holes that were bigger than the throat of the carb (Summit Racing). This carburetor is cleaner than most of the coffee cups I used in the Army. What am I doing wrong or what am I missing.
  10. 48ply1stcar

    51 plymouth pinion seal

    I haven't installed it yet, but I bought mine at Andy Bernbaum.
  11. 48ply1stcar

    Exhaust leak under exhaust manifold

    I DID IT Well I couldn't get this on even by removing both manifolds. Until today. Didn't jack-up the car. reached up with my left hand using my forfinger and thumb and the rest of my hand flat on the bottom of the exhaust manifold I was finally able to start the nut. Hopefully, this will solved my engine running issues.
  12. 48ply1stcar

    Brakes again

    I sent you a PM Do you need this?
  13. 48ply1stcar

    Brakes again

    Maybe I missed it, is this the front or rear wheel. With all the brake up-grades on this site I would think that many of the readers have plating plates lying around. Try posting a parts wanted in the classifieds. I'll check my garage for a backer plate.
  14. 48ply1stcar

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    Good thoughts and prayers, for you and your wife.
  15. 48ply1stcar

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    I have been dealing with this all year. Yesterday I used a can to feed the fuel pump from a splice on the drivers side under the front door. After still having a fuel to carb issuse I odered a new pump which I have been blaming all summer. Then before pushing the car back into the garage I placed the gas can under the fuel pump. Now I have more gas getting to the carb. Now I have to make adjustments to my carb, replace the fuel-line under the radiator, the only part of the fuel line that hasen't been replaced. Or it could be because the gas can is closer. Started to replace fuel line, too hot and humid to finish.

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