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  1. IT"s FIXED, I think. Last year I removed the glass filter bowl because it was just decoration and served no real purpose. So I added a desposal filter before the carburetor. I cut the metal fuel line and used two short rubber fuel lines on either side of the filter. Because I was running out of small clamps I used the claps that came with the filter. Not tight enough. Replaced the clamp and was able to adjust the carb. Doing the big turn-up up today and I finally bought a real vacuum guage. I also swapped out the bowl section of the carb with another, didn't clean it. Someone told me that sometimes it cracks and it's almost impossible to find the crack. As I stated in post #1 someone used their carb and it ran fine. I'll return the loose clamp and if it runs find it definetely the float bowl portion of the carb.
  2. Ed, there are two passage ways under the accelerator pump, I think I have putting the ball in the wrong passage way. Now I put the ball in the smaller round hole so that gas can't be pushed back into the bowl. I'm also going to reask the question on FaceBook.
  3. I have a couple of carburetors, and I switched parts and used the parts with the least wear in the throtle shaft area. I think I can deal with the idle screw.
  4. While doing my latest carb rebuild I noticed the two things. New idle/mixture screw is loose, it wiggles a bit. It's longer than the old one so I probably didn't notice it before and the throttle base was swaped out. ( I'll search for the other and compare) and secondly, Ithink I've been sticking my small ball in the wrong hole. I have been putting the small ball in the slotted hole under the trottle plunger. Maybe it belongs in other hole to keep fuel from going back into the bowl. I finally thought of that when the ball fell out of the slotted hole after the retaining spring was installed. Let me know if I'm right please.
  5. I just opened my rebuild kit from Mike's Carburetors https://www.carburetor-parts.com/ . I also rebuilt my carb two or three times last year. One of the kits from last year the gasket main throttle holes were too big, so I had to make my own gaskets. I think my problem all year was a air leak in the carb or manifold. Yesterday I made sure the float, floated. In addition to the carb kit I bought a new idle adjustment screw. Hope to clean and rebuild this weekend.
  6. Although, you may not has a issue that can be fixed with a rebuild. This is a good rebuild video. Also check for a air leak with a vacuum guage. There's a lot of threads about carb adjustments.
  7. I am very happy with my WLS headliner. This the only one I have ever done and I am pleased with the result.
  8. Go to the top of the page and use the Links Directory, scoll down to Suppliers, select brakes and steering and check out the first two suppliers. Both Berbuam and Roberts sell your tie-rods for $39. http://p15-d24.com/links/category/10-brakes-steering-suspension-driveline/
  9. I only wish that you have documented the conversion with pictures.
  10. You are asking for a lot a information in one sentence. I assume that you do not have a heater and you want to convert to 12 volt. Most here will ask why convert to 12 volt, but that doesn't matter. If you want to covert to 12 volt and don't have a heater, google "Street rod heaters" and you'll find products that have heat and defroster vents that can be modified for your car. You can search here for 12 volt conversions and find a lot of information. If you can't find the answer to a specific question, just ask someone has solved that once before. Good luck. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/vta-506101/overview/
  11. This company is in the links directory, electrial. Radio conversions - not cheap. http://www.turnswitch.com/radio1.htm I thought odd that they're in Blaine, Mn I want this when everything else is done. So maybe never.
  12. Love the window and the telephone. To think, when the telephone rang we have to walk over to it and answer without having any idea who was calling.
  13. Are you asking me? No the brass tube was a 3/4 inch ID and 13/16th OD and fit perfectly.
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