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    My mother purchased this car for $75. Joined the Army in 1970 forgot to get out.
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  1. 48ply1stcar

    51 plymouth pinion seal

    I haven't installed it yet, but I bought mine at Andy Bernbaum.
  2. 48ply1stcar

    Exhaust leak under exhaust manifold

    I DID IT Well I couldn't get this on even by removing both manifolds. Until today. Didn't jack-up the car. reached up with my left hand using my forfinger and thumb and the rest of my hand flat on the bottom of the exhaust manifold I was finally able to start the nut. Hopefully, this will solved my engine running issues.
  3. 48ply1stcar

    Brakes again

    I sent you a PM Do you need this?
  4. 48ply1stcar

    Brakes again

    Maybe I missed it, is this the front or rear wheel. With all the brake up-grades on this site I would think that many of the readers have plating plates lying around. Try posting a parts wanted in the classifieds. I'll check my garage for a backer plate.
  5. 48ply1stcar

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    Good thoughts and prayers, for you and your wife.
  6. 48ply1stcar

    Got a Problem Need Advice

    I have been dealing with this all year. Yesterday I used a can to feed the fuel pump from a splice on the drivers side under the front door. After still having a fuel to carb issuse I odered a new pump which I have been blaming all summer. Then before pushing the car back into the garage I placed the gas can under the fuel pump. Now I have more gas getting to the carb. Now I have to make adjustments to my carb, replace the fuel-line under the radiator, the only part of the fuel line that hasen't been replaced. Or it could be because the gas can is closer. Started to replace fuel line, too hot and humid to finish.
  7. 48ply1stcar

    ANSWERED King pin rebuild issue

    The part that shocks me the most is that West Virginia has a state vehicle inspection program.
  8. 48ply1stcar

    ANSWERED King pin rebuild issue

    Do you need to replace bushings and other suspension parts? I did my entire front suspension and if I was to do it again I would after taking everything apart (one side at a time) I would have a automotive machine shop install the king pins and bushings in the control arms. The, just reassemble. I replaced the coil springs with Areostar coil springs at 1/4 the price.
  9. 48ply1stcar

    anybody know what this whoosimawhatsit is ???

    It's a ice cream scoop.
  10. 48ply1stcar

    New Trunk Lid

    If someone can make this to bolt onto a 48 Plymouth, I'll repaint my car.
  11. Seen at the Pantown Car show and Swap in St. Cloud, Minnesota.
  12. 48ply1stcar

    Exhaust leak under exhaust manifold

    Well I couldn't put the nut on. So I just took off the whiole manifold, not sure I'll be able to do it anyway. I added this picture to show the exhaust soot from the manifold bolts not being tight. Again something I never checked, because it came from the rebuilder.
  13. 48ply1stcar

    Has anyone ordered parts from rock auto?

    Always satisfied with RockAuto. The only thing I have purchased for the P-15 was the Aerostar coil springs.
  14. 48ply1stcar

    Exhaust leak under exhaust manifold

    My problem is that Grandma treats them like guests, when she should use them as staff.
  15. 48ply1stcar

    Exhaust leak under exhaust manifold

    That's a great answer, but when I saw that it was you I thought finally, some one who knows that I'm just kidding. Andy might recommend a little taste of Forster's before I sent her in. But seriously folks. I've tried a box wrench with the nut taped on one side and still no luck from above. Before I get under the car and try, someone might say don't bother and just loosen the whole manifold and retigthed it. I think that this is one of those times I spend more time thinking about it instead of just re-installing the manifold and replacing the gasket if it tears.

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