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  1. My car sat for 26 years and I was able to bring it back to life and actually drove it to work after two summers. That was in 1997. Now I have a rebuilt engine and I haven't been able to drive on the highway since I pulled the old engine. I have replaced all of the ignition parts, except the little wire which shows that it has continuity. Disassemabled cleaned and reassembled carburetor, then did a complete rebuild, found things wrong and they were corrected. Cleaned fuel pump tried a rebuild. valves were loose. re-installed Airtex fuel pump with new diaphram and gasket. Added a electric fuel pump.Each step was followed by a test drive, no change in drivability. I have tried using the electric and mechanical pump togeather. I haven't tried the electric pump by itself. Should I remove the mechanical pump before I try a test drive? I ordered a little distributetor wire through NAPA. Having a $1.25 part shipped cross country. Plan on trying a different carb, although I used the other from 1997 to 2012 without any issue.? HELP.
  2. 48ply1stcar

    Rear axle question

    Also more top end with fewer RPM. With a newer rear axle and brakes, cheaper and greater access to replacement parts.
  3. 48ply1stcar

    Hesitation And Stumbling Under Load and Starting Out

    Where have you been all month. I have blamed every possible component for my stumble at 50 MPH and at the end of 2nd gear. Thanks for the information, hopefully this may solve my issues.
  4. 48ply1stcar

    13oz coffee can vs Carter B&B

    Just to prove that a flathead will run with a 13 oz coffee instead of a Carter B&B. When I disassembled my carb, The larger ball in the wrong hole and stuck, the small ball was missing. When I found that I was thrilled that I had found why my car stumbles at higher RPM. I was sure that must have been my problem. Fixing that made NO difference in the way the car ran.
  5. 48ply1stcar

    Engine bogs when accelerating from a cruising speed.

    UPDATE No fix yet, fuel pump issues addressed in other thread next is carb rebuild. Also replaced the points, no difference.
  6. 48ply1stcar

    CHANGE TITLE "Fuel Pump, Putz"

    UPDATE. Back to where I started. Starts good, tops outs at about 48MPH and stumbles. I haven't rebuild the carb yet, but there's nothing in the kit that I haven't replaced or nothing I haven't cleaned (I think).
  7. 48ply1stcar

    U joint yoke ?

    I have had this in mind for when I change the rear axle.
  8. 48ply1stcar

    CHANGE TITLE "Fuel Pump, Putz"

    Rich the biggest reason I changed the title of this thread to "Putz" is that I had the fuel regulator in backwards, hence no fuel. Rebuild of old fuel pump no success, valves were too small. Yesterday I put the diaphragm and bowl gasket in the AIRTEX FUEL pump. SUCCESS. I used a rebuild from Vintage American Auto Parts. I think this kit is perfect fit for the AIRTEX 71203. Hope to go for a test drive after I get back from "Back to the 50's" car show at the Minnesota State Fair grounds. 12,000 cars
  9. 48ply1stcar

    CHANGE TITLE "Fuel Pump, Putz"

    My wife's uncle said they did that in the Army, back in the 50s. I have to assume that Military contractors back then manufactured parts that didn't fit, just like products today.
  10. 48ply1stcar

    CHANGE TITLE "Fuel Pump, Putz"

    AN UPDATE OF ALL THE THINGS I HAVE DONE, RIGHT, WRONG OR JUST STUPID! 1. Installed Carter P4259 on the frame in front of the rear spring mount, at the same time I installed a Mr. Gasket fuel pressure gauge at the carburetor. No fuel to the carb. Also the pump is large and hangs about inch below the frame. 2. I made a by-pass around the electric fuel pump. No luck. Later I put a check valve in that line. 3. Rebuilt fuel pump I found on the work bench, The one with the glass bowl. It was my first rebuild of a fuel pump. Doesn't work, I had to use a punch to remove one valve and a seal puller to dig ou the other. New valves are too small and fall out of place. The kit came with washers the size of the valves, still fell out so I put a dab of fuel resistant sealer on the edge to help. The pump doesn't pump and I can pull fuel through the pump with a hand vacuum-pump. Tried pumping into a coffe can, nothing. HERE'S THE WORST PART. While trying to get fuel to the carburetor I tried it without the fuel regulator. Finally realized I put the regulator on backwards. Removed the regulator, but it doesn't matter because the fuel pump doesn't PUMP. I have a pretty car maybe a should happy to use it as a lawn ornament. Administrator, maybe I should be given my own FORUM of things not to do, or I could be used as a bad example.
  11. 48ply1stcar

    Time to clean the workbench.

    Use a claymore, you'll be able to direct the blast.
  12. 48ply1stcar

    Time to clean the workbench.

    I have no idea my they call them work benches.
  13. 48ply1stcar

    Time to clean the workbench.

    This was the fuel pump I was going to rebuild, it didn't have a glass bowl. The bottom of the pump, brass looking disc was bolted on, no bolt and no threads inside. This one of two work benches. This what I found on my work bench while looking for chisels, I don't remember where it came from, but guess I'll rebuild it.
  14. 48ply1stcar

    CHANGE TITLE "Fuel Pump, Putz"

    The rebuild is a different block. when my 53 218 started to die I bought a 230. They both needed to be rebuilt so I had the 230 rebuilt. I just seems that the mechancial can't pull through that pump, Carter P4259. Everybody on this site gets to learn through my mistakes.
  15. 48ply1stcar

    CHANGE TITLE "Fuel Pump, Putz"

    Thinking doing this to relieve pressure. I found this picture on a FORD site. Now I wonder if the by-pass line has a fuel filter or a check-valve mounted there.

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