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  1. Cpt.Fred

    Time for an overhaul...

    ha, cool idea. still, i hope you don't have to touch those fittings too often later on :)
  2. Cpt.Fred

    Time for an overhaul...

    i'm jealous of you blasting cabinet nice work on the oil return and carb!
  3. Cpt.Fred

    Time for an overhaul...

    also, great work with the o-ring butterfly shafts! what's the story with the speedy sleeve and the balancer?
  4. Cpt.Fred

    Time for an overhaul...

    Jim, just like Andy i just stumbled upon the picture of your water pump rotor. i remembered, a guy i know from switzerland had cooling trouble on a mopar flathead, took the coolant pump apart, found one of those 2 blade rotors like yours in it and then decided to replace the pump with one of these models, like i have on the bench right here: afterwards he said he had a better cooling and more coolant flow, if i remember correctly. i have both chinese and oem pumps with the multi finned rotors, both have been working fine. maybe you want to consider a swap as well, regarding your turbo plans and everything... but hey, if the shop said it would be up to the task. hope he knew abouth the turbo i went for the 3/8" oil fitting on my oil filter swap and decided to run the line around to main oil gallery, so i did not have to drill the pump boss twice. looks good so far. can't wait until you fire yours up for the first time, keep up the great work! Fred
  5. Cpt.Fred

    Time for an overhaul...

    that's true, but i think it is a very narrow boss to drill the 2 holes in, like you did on your engine... don't know if i want to try to pull that off. plus we're running equal lenght tube headers, that take away lots of space. it's like a snake's nest on that side. but i haven't really decided yet, maybe i'll just measure some more and then go straight to copying your method :-) good one on the gear! the one i took out of mine is completely shot.
  6. Cpt.Fred

    Time for an overhaul...

    sure does help, very cool! thank you! where did you get that super nice original cam gear? i've gotten CNC'd ones the last time i ordered them new. i'll get my engine back from the shop next week, will do the full flow conversion and then start the assembly (after cleaning it for days on end ). i plan to drill the oil pump boss, plug it from underneath, get rid of the cross over tube in the crank case and instead enter the main oil gallery directly with an outside oil line. and now back to your thread!
  7. Cpt.Fred

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    the documentary of the Peking- engine build on your FBpage is great. even more things to keep in mind, learning and taking notes here!
  8. Cpt.Fred

    Time for an overhaul...

    ok, that's a lot quicker than i'd thought. cool. thank you!
  9. Cpt.Fred

    Time for an overhaul...

    looking forward to your documentation of putting the timing gears and chain on in the correct way to get the valve timing right... i'm going to face the same challenge soon on a 230cui Dodge engine, this here will basically become my step by step manual to double check everything i'm doing. also i'm looking into getting a set of custom forged pistons for another engine, how long did it take JE to get yours made (the second time when they got it right)? I was also going to get a price estimate from Ross to see what they charge. yours aren't teflon coated or anything, are they? Fred
  10. Cpt.Fred

    Time for an overhaul...

    looking good! thanks for documenting your whole journey in this thread, and sharing all the pictures. a fine example of what internet message boards should be like. Fred
  11. Cpt.Fred

    Hi from England

    hey there, really nice car you got there greatings from Berlin, Fred
  12. Cpt.Fred

    Exciting 1933 Dodge project!

    fantastic project! you guys do great work... very cool! thanks for sharing.
  13. Cpt.Fred

    Shaving a 218 head vs. a standard 230 head?

    the pictures of the different chambers are very interesting, thanks for sharing. also, thanks for that milling chart, great info! i have a 1947 dodge 230 on the engine stand right now and the pistons on TDC are between 0,029" and 0,016" below the deck. also i never saw any of these engines having the pistons level to the deck from the factoy, yet. (but i admit i haven't seen more than 10 different ones)
  14. i finally got my tachometer rebuilt last week (the guy had it for 6 months ) so when i've put it in the car i can tell exactly what the engine spins. right now it's more like 2200 at 85mph or so. the people that are winning the flat head classes here are running serious machinery, passes in the low 8s. i won't be able to keep up with them, but like i said, this is a cruiser otherwise we'd have chosen a different cam...

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