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  1. Do you know the size by chance?
  2. Ideas on turning this without having the 100mm socket????
  3. How do I contact them? I dont have face book.
  4. Good video. Very informative. I liked the oil part. And good tip on the water distribution tube 👍👍👍
  5. So brass wouldn't ruin everything if it accidentally stays in a port?
  6. I have to take off all the accessories( distributor , carb linkage etc) before I can completely take off the head? I ask because I didnt want to take everything off but it's probably best to clean it up.
  7. Amazing feedback. Thanks. I will look at everything over the weekend. I don't know how long it sat unfortunately. But I'm sure all this info will help.
  8. Thanks. Yes, I am working on getting it loose. Just trying to have my options ready also 👍
  9. @keithb7 I checked craigslist but havent seen any engines
  10. So does this look bad? Water in the bolt holes? What should I try next? Sorry. I know 0 on engines. Sorry guys.
  11. Head is off. Managed without taking off all the accessories.
  12. So based on this I'm guessing it's a 230 since its blank.
  13. It was helping with the head bolts. Haha I'm guessing most of the aaccesaories need to come off because they are bolted to the side of the head.
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