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  1. So this is what being fired feels like

    I also got let go from my part time job. I retired 17 yrs. ago after putting in 31 yrs. with Dana Corp. Then went to work part time and was there for 17 yrs. Thought I would be there till I died. Was told it was nothing I had done or anything personal just that it was done due to cost cutting. I understand cost cutting and having a slow time, but being a union guy for 31 yrs. with the UAW, I thought seniority meant something,...........it doesn't. I think the higher ups have plans to move the company out of our area and if that's the plan, then everyone is gone. They also know if they would need me back and stay local, I would go back. For now I am collecting unemployment because I paid in and haven't had a claim for 37 yrs, so I deserve it. If something comes up after that I may go back to work, if not I'll just stay retired.
  2. Saw your posting on the forum about the car shows and I agree about the cost.  call me sometime if you are going to a show maybe we can meetup.  I live in Audubon, PA

    Rich hartung

    1939 Desoto owner

    cell 484-431-8157      Desoto1939@aol.com

  3. Car shows

    Many of my car buddies here in the Philadelphia area have the same talk. A lot of the shows have upped their entry fee from 7$ pre=register to 10 or even 15 and day of show can be 15 to 20. We have also seen that many of the shows are judged which means they hand out trophies or plaques. I have talked with some of these show promoters and have told them if they get rid of the trophies and charge say 5-7$ , they would get many more cars to show up. We also know that the money does go to charitable causes whether it be a 5$ donation or 20$ but if they would not have to buy trophies or plaques and just make it a cheaper cruise in ,there would be lots more participation. We also tell these car shows that if you look around, the majority of these car owners are retired and live on fixed incomes. I look to see what show I want to go to on a weekend and pick one. I can't afford to pay up to 40$ for two shows just to park my car. I know some guys in my area that won't go to a show if they can't win a trophy............they built the car for the wrong reason................I go to have fun, take the car out for a cruise and see my car buddies, which I think is the whole reason I built this.
  4. Interior supply source

    my bad........now that 49D said Canby ,Or.........now I remember!!......knew it was in the NW part of the country but just was off a state or two. As far as dealing with them, I had no problems at all. I guess you will find that with most any company that deals with the public.
  5. Interior supply source

    Years ago, someone on this site gave me 3 different companies that carry material for our older Mopars. The one I used is SMS Fabrics in Ogden ,UT...............they have a website or you can google their name. They had a headliner for my 50 Ply wagon and even made it custom in the same vinyl I used in the interior.
  6. 1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    Beautiful job on the interior!!! Glad you got the gremlins worked out and the car is officially a driver now. We all know that feeling of having a problem fixed when you're behind that wheel.
  7. 1954 Plymouth Suburban Project

    Really like the new grille. I have always been a fan of being different and it does go with the body nicely. You going to paint it or chrome?
  8. Hood Does Not Open All The Way

    I got a piece of aluminum pipe 1 inch dia. Then got some rubber bumpers ,the ones you use on the bottom of a metal table so it doesn't scratch the floor. I put them on either end of the pipe and use it to prop open the hood on my 50 Ply wagon. Here's another helpful tip.......the latch that hangs down in the front is most always a place that you whack your head on the way out of the motor area. I took an old tennis ball and put a slit in it and it slides over the latch. So if I am doing any kind of prolonged work under the hood, when I back out if I hit the latch, my old head is protected.
  9. New radiator - experience with the champion offer

    Some of the radiator companies..............Griffin, Fluidyne, Northern, Afco, Ron Davis, . plus Thomba lives in Germany..............He may be able to figure out what size core he needs and then have tanks built to fit the car. I did that with my wagon but I also have the wherewithal to do that.
  10. New radiator - experience with the champion offer

    I won't knock radiators that some people have in their cars. I work in the cooling industry and have seen radiators that are inexpensive and work fine. But the thing needed to know is the reason they are inexpensive............they are made off shore.........(China). I have talked with customers over the years that have had big problems with off shore rads. One problem is...........if you have a problem, it usually can't be fixed due to crap materials it is made from. When it comes to a cooling system, think about the rest of the car or truck...............do you buy the cheapest parts? Do you use off shore parts for the motor or trans? The answer should be .no, you don't. So why cheap out on a very important part of the vehicle? If a radiator is cheap, then that's what you will usually get.......a cheap radiator. There are lots of radiator companies out there here in the states that could help. Will you pay more money? ....yes, you will but you will also get a product that should keep you running down the road. This is just my 2 cents and passing it on with my experiences from 17 years in the cooling industry.................and no, we don't make radiators so this is not an ad for us.
  11. Creative dash boards

    This is the dash in my 50 Ply wagon. I added Autometer gauges and kept the stock radio insert with radio delete plates. Then did everything in aluminum and powder coated everything in a silver to give it that fresh aluminum look. Also built the custom console with the tach mount.
  12. 1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    Don..............was in Louisville last year. Maybe going to Syracuse this year but not sure as of yet. Hope you get the electrical gremlins figured out.

    I did mine with epoxy primer when we were doing the body work. Then just applied some good VHT black paint.............so all of us are either anal or normal...............we all have OCD to some extent...............Old Car Disorder......
  14. 1950 Suburban 5.7 Hemi project

    Been following this build and it is RIGHT on. Too bad we live so far apart, would be cool to park our wagon next to each other at a show.
  15. 41 Plymouth door bottom seal

    I had a hard time getting rubber seals to fit on my 50 Ply wagon. I ran across a guy at Carlisle who had a universal fit rubber and it fit everywhere and sealed nicely. The best part is it is self adhesive. It's made by Vintique Inc. The part muber I used is HR-701980-L. It comes in a 20 ft. roll. If you type in that number in a search you can find it.