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  1. This is the dash in my 50 Ply wagon. I added Autometer gauges and kept the stock radio insert with radio delete plates. Then did everything in aluminum and powder coated everything in a silver to give it that fresh aluminum look. Also built the custom console with the tach mount.
  2. Don..............was in Louisville last year. Maybe going to Syracuse this year but not sure as of yet. Hope you get the electrical gremlins figured out.
  3. I did mine with epoxy primer when we were doing the body work. Then just applied some good VHT black all of us are either anal or normal...............we all have OCD to some extent...............Old Car Disorder......
  4. Been following this build and it is RIGHT on. Too bad we live so far apart, would be cool to park our wagon next to each other at a show.
  5. I had a hard time getting rubber seals to fit on my 50 Ply wagon. I ran across a guy at Carlisle who had a universal fit rubber and it fit everywhere and sealed nicely. The best part is it is self adhesive. It's made by Vintique Inc. The part muber I used is HR-701980-L. It comes in a 20 ft. roll. If you type in that number in a search you can find it.
  6. wow..................looks so cool all back together...........
  7. I get where you are coming from when it comes to putting the car back together. I did the same thing and you stand back and say to yourself "it was together and fit nicely, why the hell doesn't it fit back together"? Anyway, I really like the way you have combined old and new to make this thing so nice. BTW..........I had my glass guy glue in my glass on the sides and rear hatch also the windshield. The pass and drivers doors had to be cut special because I removed the wing windows. They all had to be cut due to the chop. Can't wait to see this outside in the will be a head turner.
  8. I have been to 3 Dog garage near my home many times. This is a working museum with lots of old hot rods and road racing cars. It's only open by appointment and then for only about 4 hours. just thought I'd share some pics I took. The one pic is of the 36 Ford that won the Ridler award back in 2006 I think. All these car are owned by Ross Meyer
  9. casper.....................the site will say Harley Davidson but on the left side of the site it has a a list and at the top is wall hangings. You must also type in the "dash" between each name.
  10. I had to look for the info and found it. The company name guys name is Don Atwood..........
  11. Saw this ad on FB of a company that does plasma cutting from a photo. I contacted him and asked about doing one of my wagon. Sent him a pic and he cut it out and emailed the pic. Price was $50 including shipping. I painted it to kinda match my car and hang it on my shop wall. It's cold rolled steel about .060 thick.
  12. love that color...............great just goes to show that a paint job is 95% preparation.........
  13. Here's some pics of my 360A motor in my 50 Plymouth wagon. I had my buddy at D&W powdercoating do my valve covers, air cleaner and battery cover in a chrome powder with a satin clear. It matches how I did the interior parts and I like that look of plain aluminum without the hassle of having to polish everything.
  14. I was pondering using one of the new EFI type systems on my 50 Ply wagon. Then I sat down on figured out..............need a return line in the tank....have to run either an inline pump or put a pump in the tank.......put O2 sensors in exhaust ........make room under hood and under dash for computer and wires.....and last but not least, spend upwards of $2200 for a complete kit. Now after sitting and asking myself............"this is not a daily driver and although it would be a great upgrade, is it worth it if I don't drive it everyday? I figured a new 600 Holley is $350 and if I ever have a problem on the road, I can fix it. So I will sacrifice better mileage and cold starts for piece of mind and more money for other stuff I will need.
  15. I've run MSD 6A boxes in both of my cars. I don't think any of them were made for positive grounds. You may be asking for lots of smoke and possibly fire if you do this. I would talk with MSD before you try this.