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  1. A hashtag is used to "tag" a post with different terms in order to aid when people are searching for a specific combination of words. "a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter, to identify messages on a specific topic."
  2. I have ordered the GL1 through our Napa store to use in my 52 Mercury overdrive. It's what I will use in my 49 special deluxe too.
  3. I've heard you should use GL 1 in a transmission. Is this incorrect?
  4. I have to chime in and say that I am enjoying this thread very much. That Dodge is a fantastic car!
  5. Had a nice hour long drive around central MN this evening. Haven’t been able to take Myrtle out since Sunday with all the rain! Ran great and got a couple of waves. I also upgraded the door hardware.
  6. These photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing.
  7. That sounds great! Had a nice chat with the seller after work. The car is currently getting some brake work done and a couple of other repair pieces. Might get to go see it sometime next week.
  8. The problem is I knew I wanted it when I first opened the ad - ha! I do appreciate any advice about what to lookout for.
  9. Haha! Not married so no one to answer to there. I have a list of things to ask the seller. I am about 4-5 hours north of where it is, so we will have to see! Thanks
  10. Like the advertising said "Drive a Desoto before you decide"
  11. I found a 1951 Desoto for sale a few hours south of me. The pics speak for themselves. Radio Restored Heater, turn signals, back up lights, lighted hood ornament all work. New shocks, carb, battery, starter, exhaust, tires. Correct carpet. Great original interior. Does not leak fluids or smoke. Fluid Drive Brake work being done presently. $6600 Please talk me down from this. I'm going to call the seller this evening.
  12. The carb heat riser on mine does move (the lowers piece pictured does turn by hand and when the motor is running (should it have a spring on it?) there is a similar piece where the bolt pictured is installed, but that does not turn. Will having the heat riser closed cause any issues? I might try this same thing for now to see if the sound changes.
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