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  1. Hood Release Cable/Knob 1948 Dodge D-24 View Advert Hey Folks Would anyone know where I might find a hood release cable for a 1948 Dodge D24? My right cable broke off today when I went to open the hood. Thanks a lot Bill Advertiser 48 Dodge Guy Date 09/21/2019 Price Category Individual Member Classified Wanted Ad  
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    Hey Folks Would anyone know where I might find a hood release cable for a 1948 Dodge D24? My right cable broke off today when I went to open the hood. Thanks a lot Bill


    Weedsport, New York - US

  3. That would be kind of a neat feature if that were it, Marc... but it's a turn switch... on and off... which had a red jeweled cap. I think what my dad was guessing is probably what it is. You use it to turn on the back up light and turn it off when it's done. Since that wasn't standard equipment, and neither was the windshield wiper fluid button, it stands to reason that those are the two auxiliary features along with the starter button.
  4. Ha! Thanks Jim. That would kinda go without saying... especially since, when I put my foot on the brake pedal, it went all the way to the floor. We used the parking brake to stop it and secure it during the towing. Since then there has been a rebuild on the master cylinder and new brake lines installed. Once the tires go on we'll know more about the rest! Thanks for your concern, but my mechanic is pretty diligent about things
  5. Thanks for posting Donald. Looks like that required some ingenuity on your part! I'm looking to keep everything as authentic as I can on mine. I have a call out to a place that might be able to do a rebuild on mine. Fingers crossed!
  6. Hey there... Thanks for posting the detailed photos. I haven't checked to see if it flashes on mine or not. My heater looks pretty much like this one. And pictured below is the heater valve unit that I need to find a replacement for OR I understand there was a guy in California who at one time did a rebuild on this thing.
  7. This is pretty much it... although it also doesn't have the windshield washer fluid pump button which mine does. And I found these on Ebay not too long ago... hoping I could use the red one on my existing socket/switch but it didn't fit even though the seller said that it would.
  8. Hey Dan Thanks for the welcome. I spoke with my dad last night. He said that he only dimly recalled the switch being there and having never used it the handful of times he drove it. I guess, in part, because it wasn't working. But he seems to think that it was a switch you would turn that would glow red and trigger the single white back-up light by the trunk on the rear right-hand side. Since most cars didn't have back-up lights, he said, at that time this was an option or an after-market addition, likely. And if you turned it on and it glowed red, you would know then to turn it off once you'd backed up. Sounds plausible to me!
  9. Hey Frank Yeah, I've seen the different colors in the graining of these dashboards. Even though I love my car, I'm not crazy about the grey/brown color. Much prefer the walnut look.
  10. Thanks... I think so too. Mostly because I have such a history with it. I used to sleep out overnight in the backseat when I was a kid. Or sit in it and turn the headlights on and pretend I was driving down the highway late at night in our garage. Till the battery died! It was mostly just covered with sheets and eventually a custom car cover and was just something I would visit once a year when I went home to Missouri and peak underneath to see and to breath in that musty old car smell I remembered so well as a child. I appreciate your appreciation!
  11. Hey Busy I thought that, too, at first. But it's actually a turnable switch. On and off. Back and forth. It's been referred to as a dashboard light... but it's still a mystery to me at this point.
  12. Andy Thanks for the welcome... and glad to know that you appreciate this car as much as I do. It's a handsome car and I can't wait to drive it. I've driven at least once a week in my dreams since I was a kid. Tires, clutch and re-cored radiator and we're in the final stretch! I'll post more pics once I get it back from the shop and looking good. All the best!
  13. Also... has anyone had any problems going with G78-15's as opposed to 710-15's. They are appreciably less expensive in the wide whitewalls and a couple "tire guys" said they were interchangeable. I'm about to order and I believe I'll be going with the Royaltons unless anyone has had a negative experience with them. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the recommendation, Don!
  15. Hey Dave Thanks for the insight. Yeah... I think it's a switch that turns right and left for on and off and the base of the old bulb is broken off inside it. If we can get that out and put a bulb in it, we'll be able to tell a bit more about what kind of dome it needs. I will definitely look into your suggestion! Thanks
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