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    1951 dodge coronet 2 door

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    Married ,3 boys , trying to get them interested in cars / car show
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    Completions specialist / oilfield


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    At the moment trying to get this ol dodge road worthy

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  1. Sorry if this is a dumb question...... I’m new to flathead 6 , if I ditch my heater box can I plug heater hose ports on head ? Or do I still need to run hose from front to back of head , to maintain water flow through head ?
  2. Davknz


    bitchin thanks a ton , yeah figure I could replace 1 drum for 500 bucks or just the whole rearend for probably not much more lol , plus would be worth it in the long run with parts
  3. Davknz


    So recently purchased 51 coronet bit of a turd however motor is pretty dialed in as in fires right up any was looking for an inexpensive rear axle swap , one that maintains 5x4.5 bolt pattern and is pretty much plug and play (if possible) I had a heck of a time with rear drums and they are a bit pricey was looking for something alittle easier to source parts for . I’m building a bomb (lowrider) so not really worried about keeping it original. Thanks in advance
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