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    Born on 28th of December 1962, working in an enginnering company for Automotive Industry
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  1. Sorry gents I think I am wrong here. Should have presented myself in the Mopar truck forum. Is someone of the mods able to shift this or to delete it? Thanks in advance and best regards
  2. Hello everyone I am new to this forum. I am living in Aachen, Germany. 2 years ago I purchased a Dodge Wc51 because I like to work on vintage cars. After 15 years working on my Landrover Defenders, I looked for a new challenge. But it should be a 4X4 Jeep. The Dodge WC was always causing my attention due to its nice shape and the simplicity of its construction was a strong contrast to the Landrovers. So I bought one from the Belgian Military Vehicle Club here nearby. The are all driving US Army cars or tanks from WW2 due to the close battle of the bulge and the Hurtgen Forest which is just 2 miles from here. The US Army left most of the material here, which is now often being restored. But in Germany there are not a lot of experts on these vehicles. So hopefully I can find some help here from time to time. Or maybe I am able to contribute. Best regards
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