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  1. Ok, now the present. The car has 4.11 gears and I don't like driving it over about 52mph, the engine seams to be reving higher than I'd like. By reading on this forum, it should take it just fine but I'd like to put more hwy friendly gears in it. Kinda hard to take out perfectly quite rear with new brakes and a driveshaft that has no vibration, although the front boot tore since the last time I had it on the lift. I got a mopar 8-3/4 from a b-body, put 3.55 gears in it, all new differential and pinion bearings and seals. Fit great! Ordered a driveshaft from driveshaft specialist in TX. They seam to know exactly what I needed. I'm still waiting on the driveshaft and having withdrawals, the weather couldn't be better to cruise around in the 48 and mine won't go nowhere! Lol! Maybe it will be more enjoyable once it's going again....
  2. Thanks! The car photographs with my phone and lot better then it looks in person. There's areas where the paint has chipped and surface rust, the chrome is showing a good bit of age.....the roof has a dent....but I'm going to drive, maintain and enjoy it the way it is. Reading others post like Worden 18 has got me inspired to drive it more often then I do. Here's a b&w in front of some homes built in the late 20's or at least the brick one.
  3. The wife and I at cruizin the coast.....maybe 2017.
  4. Another thing the wife and I wanted was a way to charge our phones since sometimes we're gone all day and for crusin the coast, all day each day. I also knew the speedometer couldn't be right, would be nice to plug up the gps for an accurate speed and to guide us around when we are out of town. So I put these 3 pods on a bracelet I built.there's a voltage gauge on the left. 2 usb outlets in the center and a 12 volt outlet on the right.the usb outlets need nothing but wiring straight into the 6 volt electrical system. I have them wired to stay hot while the ignition is off. The 12 volt outlet required a converter and turns off with the ignition. That's a Bluetooth speaker I use to listen to some old hank, elvis, buddy holley....I could go on. It also stays charged by the usb outlets.
  5. I might start a thread on the 58 but first want to get up to the present with the 48. I added turning signals with the clamp on column type aftermarket unit since my car didn't come with turning signals. I has to change the bulb sockets for the duel filament type bulbs. Also replaced the little button reflectors in the tail lights. Most of the ones I've seen are faded pretty bad. Don't remember where I got the replacements. Here is the car at the Dauphin Island car show. We had a blast that day!
  6. Thanks! I got a thread on another forum but could start one here. I didn't think the 58 fit to well into the p15-d24 category. https://board.moparts.org/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php/topics/2238209/58-plymouth-savoy-5-7-hemi-nag1-dakota-front-clip-build.html#Post2238209
  7. Hi Dan. Wow you've had your 48 a while! I sometimes wish mine was a 4 door when we have someone or our dog with us. It's a little difficult getting in the back but once back there, very roomy abs comfortable. The carb I put on can be found all over the Internet for less then 100. A knock off of a Carter type YF originally used on Ford 250-300 straight 6. I had to cut the throttle linkage ball off since it was pressed like on and not removable. Then drill the hole just a little so the 48 throttle ball thingy would bolt on. I haven't even adjusted the idle, bolt it on and drive it. No problem with the fluid drive causing it to stall although I think I need to idle it up just a hair. I got a piece of 1/4" brake line to make the vaccum choke tube. The adapter for the breather is a piece of exhaust tube welded to an exhaust flare.
  8. Thanks. One other issue is faced was running warm....the previous owner put a aftermarket temperature gauge in it because the original temperature gauge didn't work. I find a OEM on ebay, much happier with the factory gauge working now. It would idle and run at low rims all day and not get to hot but 5 minutes of running at 50mph would climb fast. I had the radiator rodded out and fixed a small leak but that didn't fix it. There was no spring on the heat riser so I had to make a stainless steel strap to hold it closed. The biggest problem turned out to be the vaccum advance on the distributor. At speed with low load, the vaccum advance wasn't pulling the timing where it needed to be. I tried to order one but they where back ordered with no ETA. So I modified a vaccum advance can from a small block mopar. It works!
  9. Thanks Andy! I about got my ass run over when I came to Perth. An Americans instinct when crossing the road is to look left for oncoming traffic. That will get you run over when the traffic is coming from the other direction! I looked at your profile and looks like you've been a hotrodder for a long time! My hats off to you!
  10. Worden, thank you! I spent a couple hours the other night reading 32 pages on your thread. I'm usually not one to post stuff such as this but after reading your thread, kinda pushed me to start a thread.
  11. We enjoyed the 48 for a couple months and I noticed acid seeping out of the battery. Btw, still running the 6 volt positive ground. The lights were good and bright, amp gauge always charging. After a little searching on this site and general Internet searching, I figured out it was over charging. Oh, I also bought a service manual soon after purchase so was able to use it to adjust the voltage regulator. Worried I'd damaged the battery, I put a optima 6 volt in a empty case, had to modify the hold down so it fit.
  12. Thanks! The 58 is far from being done but it now has a 5.7 hemi, nag1 transmission, power rack and pinion, power disk brakes, vintage air under dash ac and heat.
  13. I'm likely to step on a few toes for not trying to put the right carburetor on it but after fighting with wore out carburetors fir 2 years, I wanted to gamble on something new.....no regrets! I was a little sceptical about a knock-off no name cheap carb but it works and works well.
  14. I built an adapter to use the air cleaner
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