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  1. Just for comparison, my d24 has no grinding 2 to 3. The only grind I get is if I put it in 1st to soon after depressing clutch. So I don't think it's normal, like has been stated, check clutch adjustment, if that's good, probably worn synchro.
  2. Happy Father's day to all the fathers out there! So the shifter knob that was on my 48 was not original, it was a big aluminum knob and with each drive, was getting looser. I though the previous owner told me he had the original knob when I bought the car. Luckily, he didn't throw nothing away. The car came with boxes of parts. Including a bunch of new parts not yet installed like a whole box of different wiring harnesses. Anyway, I dug through the boxes and found the original shifter handle. And found why it's not on the car. The threads were completely stripped out. pulled the aluminum handle off and it's not got the correct thread size. It was held on by wrapping the shifter with Teflon and other tape to make a tight push on fit. thought I'd try a heli-coil in the original shifter. Worked great! Nice and tight and should be better then new as far as holding force. took the 48 to the auto parts to buy the heli-coil kit Friday, then to the local cruise in Saturday evening.
  3. Ebay. I just searched but looks like the listing had ended.
  4. I done the math, figured out the speedometer ratio adapter needed with the 3.55 gears. Come out to 1:1.3333 so I ordered it this week. Now the speedometer is right! The wife and I went crusin and stopped in for a banana split at the local mom and pop dinner.
  5. No problem with mine yet. Gotta be about 2 years old now. I put mine in a empty case to look more original.
  6. Glad you're going to get some use from the rearend and glad to have meet you and your wife! Also glad you didn't get stuck in traffic in the tunnel. I hate that tunnel and I go through it twice a day during the work week. I did replace my generator with a 60+ amp powermaster alternator that looks like a generator. It's just wishful thinking to put ac on the 48 although it would be neat to put ac on a 6 volt positive ground system. I'm sure I wouldn't be the first. The wing rubber from steele leaves something to be desired. Left a gap on my car between the vent window and door window. It's already ripped. I also replaced the cowl weatherstrip. It fit good but was a pain to replace. Looking fwd to reading more about your car! Thanks Sam. Scott.
  7. The wife and I was running late to the cruise in due to weather so we put the 48 on the interstate with the 3.55 gears. Something we wouldn't attempted with 4.11 gears. We run 62 to 65 mph, not to bad, stayed in the right lane and actually passed one car! Ran into light rain. One thing I didn't document yet, the windshield, vent windows and some of the window weatherstrip was bad when I got the car so I had the windshield and vent windows replaced with new glasses, the weatherstrip for the windshield, vent windows and weatherstrip on the rear glass replaced with steele products rubber. There's still a little water getting in from the window laces, guess that's next. The 3.55 gears are proving to be a good move. It's getting hot down here in Mobile! Looks like quite a challenge to put ac on a 6 volt positive ground car! Gotta hurry with the 58 plymouth for this weather! Once the sun went down it was nice.
  8. I know my terminology for this type choke is wrong, I guess the correct terminology would be "automatic choke" there's a bit of manifold vaccum that pulls air up the tube and across the choke spring, if that air is heated, the choke reacts.
  9. Well that got me to searching the Internet and best I can tell, this was added to my car, possibly when the carb was changed to a carter wa-1. Looks like the original carb didn't have a vaccum choke setup. Also appears my exhaust was drilled and taped for the bolts to hold it on. There are 3/8" nuts used as spacers to keep the shield just off the manifold. The bolts holding it down are 1/4". I gotta say it works.....whoever did it had a good plan for back in the day.
  10. Here's a shot at the choke vaccum tube attaching to the heat shield. There's 2 bolts (shown) holding it to the exhaust manifold
  11. On mine, there's a heat shield type piece bolted to the exhaust And the tube bolts to that shield. More of a heat containment shield. I can get a picture if you need.
  12. New tank installed, new sending unit is reading accurate. I checked it by knowing what it should read as I put x gallons in. I put about 2.5 gallons in to get to the fuel station then would stop pumping and check gauge and the gauge read as expected. Yesterday took the car to Dauphin Island for the annual car show. Plenty of shade, good time!
  13. Have you taken a good look at the front? If for some reason the front driver side is sitting lower then the front passenger side it would cause your rear passenger side to sit high. You stated you had to add air to the front driver side and that brought it to 1". What about the front tire size, Is the DS smaller than the ps? What's the current weight distribution of the front? Could be a couple things working against you like low ds tire pressure plus slightly smaller tire plus a little more weight on the front ds.....
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