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  1. Bbdakota

    Oil answer

    Be careful when purchasing, I don't know the difference but when I got my oil from tractor supply, the gallon container was lubricating oil, not motor oil. I even ran across sae30 lubricating oil in Walmart that stated not for use in engines. I didn't look on the tractor supply oil for that statement. The containers look the same..... read!
  2. If you know the options, ie. 4.11 or 3.73 or 3.5, etc. You can Jack up one rear tire, mark the position of the tire and driveshaft, rotate the tire 2 revolutions and count how many times the driveshaft rotates. If it rotates 3 and a half times, you got 3.5 gears. 4 and just a little, 4.11 gears.... at least that is the easiest way if there's no tag or stamping. Note, positive traction rears, bring both rears off the ground and rotate the rears 1 revolution. There might be a stamp on these rears, Hopefully others with more knowledge about these cars can chime in.
  3. My license plate tells my age. I'll actually be 51 in a few weeks.
  4. This link explains it pretty well, worth reading if a person is in your shoes. The wire running down the steering shaft is for the horn. A wiring diagram for your car would also be helpful. Goodluck. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/turn-signal-wiring-how-to.869492/
  5. Finally replaced the temporary coolant recovery tank with what I wanted. Since the car never came with a recovery tank, I wanted something unique. I swapped out the radiator cap that came with the radiator for a 7psi cap. With 50/50 antifreeze, I should be good to 240 degrees.
  6. I'm going to be the black sheep with most on this forum. I don't like twisting my 230 very high. I changed my rear from 4.11 to 3.55 using a 71 b body 8-3/4 and couldn't be happier with the cruise rpm now. I still won't go above 65, mostly under 60. With the 4.11, 52 mph is as high as I wanted to twist the 230. It would go there but seemed the engine rpm was to high for the load it was under. I like a nice low rpm putting along cruise vs a screaming engine building unnecessary heat. Just my 2 cents though.
  7. Nobody would ever know about that 1/2" if you didn't tell them. Should not cause any issues. I don't like the idea of running wheel spacers myself but there's many out there. Btw, I really like what you're doing here! Hope to keep following your build until it's done.
  8. Yes, both have to come off together.
  9. Looks like a really nice deal. Good thing a deal like that don't show up around here, my wife has done put her foot down about me buying any more cars....... I'd sure miss her cooking!
  10. From my ride around the bayou for a test ride. The water was slick earlier. Also, the bayou is filled with small boat yards. Here's one from Coden. And a shot at the docked shrimp boats as I crossed the Bayou La Batre bridge.
  11. Also cut off the warped exhaust flange and installed a new one. No exhaust leak now.
  12. She's ready for cruisin weather and cruisin the coast! Radiator made a difference in the running temperature. The old radiator would let the temperature creep up as the car got heat soaked even though I had a 160 degree thermostat. Eventually the gauge would be at the red, and every now and again, into the red a little. Never boiled the coolant. I took the car for about an hour in different driving conditions from hwy speed to creeping along and could not get the gauge no higher than 180. I didn't realize the old radiator wasn't dissipating heat as good as it should. This new one sure does. As soon as the thermostat opens you can tell the air from the engine fan is hotter than before. Supper happy I decided to change the radiator. I got another thread I documented modifications needed to install a ec52ply radiator in a d24.
  13. I ordered mine from driveshaft specialist in Texas. I did change rear ends but they can supply you a bolt in driveshaft for your application with a few measurements.
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