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  1. James_Douglas one of my first hopes was to simply change out the trans. I did look at some options and the company who makes adaptors but they were around a grand. I bought the 1” offset mounts from Butchs Cool Stuff so hoping this will be the trick for getting the engine in okay. My floor does need new pans so can cross any clearance issues with trans during floor repair time. mrwrstory thanks good to know. I’m not fixed on a rear and can put in it anything that makes sense. Does anyone know which would be good or better options for a more direct bolt-in type replacement?? This would definitely be very helpful information. I’d love to keep stock rims and wide white walls on the car as a first choice. don_coatney good list. I assume this can narrow down finding the better replacement rear.
  2. Look guys it’s all fine. I was not trying to open Pandora’s box with my asking some guidance from others who are more knowledgeable on my task at hand. my comment was the entire post since it obviously has caused an issue. But I’m fine with leaving it up. Doesn’t bother me. i was recommended to come to this website for assistance. In my spare time from family and kids I use my iPhone to look at hobby stuff so sometimes it’s difficult to navigate. Perhaps I picked wrong forum on here, or wrong site all together. But there are knowledgeable people everywhere As I said, I get it that everyone has an opinion and that’s okay. It’s just one thing to express your view and leave it at that. I thank the latest posters who had some helpful items to look at. and yes, my cousin has done some stuff like this to other cars so it will be done as professional as can be as he’s very good. thank you
  3. Whoever runs this site, yes please remove the post. It’s sad that fellow car guys of any type would treat my post as you all have. in the end, it will be another classic car on the road again and enjoyed. And 55 Fargo, my go fund me comment was a joke to all the foolish comments. I don’t need one to anything I’d like with the car. and Don Coatney, I’m still waiting on that offer. Can’t say it will tempt me. Depends on if your true in the interest or blowing smoke. Thanks anyway guys
  4. Hi all i do appreciate all the views and comments. Yes, that is me (well an older picture) I collect lighting and antiques. and that’s why I do have an appreciation for original. As mentioned my plan was to keep it original. That changed. Understand I can sell the monte engine, but not happening I kept due to from my first car. I see the post on original cars and reliable. Yes, I get that. I’ve got an original 48 Pontiac with flat 6 and 58,000 miles. Runs like a top. I’m prob listing it this year for sale. Not sure. But I’ve now got an 8 year old and a One year old. I enjoy driving old cars and feel more safe with at least One car having a newer drive train with them in it. Keeping in mind of other drivers these days too The comment anything’s for sale. Well tempt me then? Maybe I would sell. Keep in mind, I don’t need the money. But if price is right and someone wants to Truly restore it. Then perhaps that’s a good home for it. you can email me thru my website
  5. For such a car not being rare or expensive, so many people seem very concerned of my way of now getting it on the road to enjoy it. You all act as if I’m chopping up a Duesenberg or something. And Mr.Adams my father and I went to buy that car because I liked it. He has his own bodystyles he likes.
  6. Thanks all sadly my monte got hit around 2000 . I didn’t have classic insurance back then so a fight to keep the car. I started to restore with engine first, then body. But became unemployed. I then thought I’d never finish it and traded the car but kept the motor to use in something. the Plymouth I bought cause I’ve always loved the body style. When I was about 10, my father and I went to look at the exact same car Nd Convertible for sale. As we were trying to close a deal, a man drove up and pulled owner aside. Owner then told us sorry car was not available and sold it out from under us. so this car is not for sale.
  7. 55 Fargo That’s fine and I hear ya. My goal was restore original. Engine has old dual carb setup and a Sears Allstate rebuild tag on it. Firewall still has factory white stamp. i spent over $2k years ago on my 350 and it sits. So unless you want to help with a go-fund-me LOL. It makes sense for me to use what I’ve got. Plus I’ve got a cousin who’s generously going to help me get it on the road. converting to new engine and auto and safe brakes will let me enjoy it with my kids and later in life they or the wife can easily drive if choose But I hear ya. I’ve felt strongly to keep original the whole time I’ve had it. Just getting too old and need to get projects done any way I can now
  8. Hello I’m looking for any guidance i bought a 49 Ply Conv about 8 years ago and haven’t had time till now to get it on the road. im missing starter, flywheel torque, etc so have elected to install a 350 engine from my first car a 72 monte that’s been fully rebuilt just sitting on the stand. And turbo auto trans. my goal is simple swap to Enjoy car not a restoration or full modification hot rod. Just simple and safe to drive me and the kids around. I bought the offset mounts from Butchs Cool Stuff and the Master Cylinder that should be bolt in my cousin is very good at car work and going to help me with this all but never done it in a car like this. Anyone have experience and can give tips on doing this swap??? 1. Radiator - keep original? Add cooler? Is there an aluminum drop in? Modifications? 2. Engine to fit - looks like the heater duct pass sides needs removed? Battery drivers side needs relocated? Any other 3. Rear end - should I keep original? Pros/cons? I do have a 55 chevy rear that I could put in? Who is recommendation for driveshaft 4. Brakes - keep front original or disk? 5. Tips on the engine and transmission swap install 6. Tips on anything else! next will be floors and rockers in the car. thank you in advance!
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