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  1. Thank you sir, I’ll look into them. I started trying to halt the rust in the rain gutters, is there supposed to be any sort of seam sealer in the seam?
  2. One of the first things I would like to address is water ingress. Anyone have suggestions on windshield seal suppliers?
  3. Hopefully, after parting out the body, it will be revenue neutral.
  4. Ok everyone, for the purists, the stock nazis, & the easily offended, avert your eyes now. For anyone still morbidly curious, here goes. After taking measurements I decided upon a Chevy S10 for a chassis swap. I found that the single cab, long bed was the correct length so I sourced one with a 4.3 & auto trans as this combo will allow the easiest for a future V8 swap. So so I tossed the tow bar into the Ghia & headed out to snag this jewel of a donor.
  5. It still has the original license plate on the front of it.
  6. And here it is now... it has an azz on it that a Kardashian would be jealous of.
  7. Here’s the beast the last time that I saw it...
  8. So.... Is the inability to post any more pics due to being a new member or is there a daily limit?
  9. Unfortunately, no. While I'm pleased to get it back, the engine, transmission driveshaft, brake master cylinder, & all linkages & pedals are gone. The floor & firewall have been cut out as are some of the crossmembers & the front clip is just resting on the frame.
  10. I took it to a body shop to get it painted. Two weeks later, the shop was gone. Cars, business, AND the damn building, nothing but a gravel lot. Apparently, the building was built years before without a permit, upon needing some plumbing repairs, permits were applied for, city inspector got involved & the property owner was given a week to remove everything before incurring fines & everything disappeared. The guy I got it from was a scrap metal guy who bought it as a lot of 20-30 cars from an estate & couldn't bring himself to crush it so he squirrelled it away for another 6-7 years.
  11. The police never filed a report because I had not had a chance to transfer the title into my name before it disappeared, they decided that I did not legally own the vehicle at that point & I could not file a report.
  12. Hey y’all, new here. I just recently recovered a 1947 Plymouth business coupe that was stolen from me in 1999. I found it on Craigslist listed for sale without a title, most amazingly, I still had the damned title. I contacted the seller & set up an appointment to see it, after confirming that it was the same car, I informed the seller that I had the title to it & upon seeing that the VIN# matched, he let me have it back (with an agreed $200 for his towing expenditures.).
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