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  1. Oh, it was just stuffed in there... wasn't on the pivot ball...though oddly enough it was hooked up to the clutch slave cylinder... I can slip the fork onto the bearing from underneath, so i know it will go on there, but it will not go on when i try to put it in where it belongs... i think the bearing needs to pivot a little to seat on the fork, which it cannot do with the tranny input shaft sticking through it.... i just really don't wanna have to pull the tranny to fix this...my shoulder is killing me....
  2. When i bought my truck it came in boxes, drivetrain and cab were assembled...kinda.. anyway, this is where i'm at... got brakes working, moved on to the clutch..replaced master and slave cylinders...and discovered the clutch fork is not on the throwout bearing or pivot ball, it's just kinda stuffed into the bell housing... It does not appear the clutch fork will go onto the throwout bearing with the tranny already installed... am i wrong? Please tell me i am wrong....
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