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  1. Phil Martin

    A coil in the Trunk...

    could it be for afterburner in tail pipe?
  2. Phil Martin

    1950 plymouth special deluxe rocker clips

    I have a set off my 50 Dodge Coronet. Think they would be the same?
  3. Phil Martin

    Not starting

    I've always read to cure this you need heavy battery cables. Surprised no mentioned this now.
  4. Phil Martin

    Fluid drive question

    years ago I had a 53 ply with hy-drive now have a 50 dodge gyromatic. I liked liked hy- drive a lot better except at oil change time.
  5. Phil Martin

    stupidest thing I've ever seen

    When I bought my Dodge I noticed a wire unhooked on regulator. Then saw the battery was hooked backwards. Some people just don't know about positive ground.
  6. Phil Martin

    Still searching for the answer, engine stumbles at 50.

    I got a set of points from rock auto. Best looking points I' seen in a long time. A lot better made set than I'v e been getting from parts store.
  7. Phil Martin

    Highlander material cloth

    Where did you find these?
  8. Phil Martin

    1950 Distributor on a 1948 P15

    my dist looks like the two in pictures. parts store with books instead of puter shows this to be 51 distributor the 50 distributor shows points turned other way.
  9. Phil Martin

    1950 Distributor on a 1948 P15

    My 50 dodge has a 51 dist the points work opposite from 50 dist.
  10. Phil Martin

    First foray into the classic Mopar world ... 49 meadowbrook

    with plugs out should be able to turn with fan blade if it's not stuck.
  11. Phil Martin


    I sent you a PM about carb. Phil Martin
  12. Phil Martin

    Electronic distributor

    I have searched all over for how to convert slant six electronic distributor to use in 230 flathead. Could someone please tell me how to find it?
  13. Phil Martin

    Electronic distributor

    thanks a lot for your help. I knew I had seen it onetime but thought it was on this site
  14. Phil Martin

    Pics from Iola

    Been to Iola 5 times. Love it but can't handle all that walking anymore.
  15. Phil Martin

    Gyromatic question

    Thats what I think too. Not sure exactly how much oil I drained out. But I'm sure it was too much because now it works like it should. I measured 1 quart but not sure how much was left in pan.
  16. Phil Martin

    Gyromatic question

    Your right. Lady in working in farm and home told me 1 qt was 4 pints. I might have taken out more than I thought. I'll put a little more in but it is shifting down like it should now. Thanks for the correction.
  17. Phil Martin

    Gyromatic question

    I found my problem this morning. Operator probs happen a lot.about. About a year ago [yes it took a long time to find] I changed fluid in trans. Jacked car up from passenger side to get at trans plugs. Big mistake, suppose to have 3 pints 10 wt oil. I drained out 1.5 quarts of oil. Put in 3 pints 10 wt oil now it works fine. Sometimes feel like a fool this is one.
  18. Phil Martin

    Gyromatic question

    I can't get my 50 dodge gyromatic to down shift unless I come to complete stop and push clutch in Shifts up ok but not down even if I floor it. Ran all electrical tests in manual and they all check out ok.
  19. Phil Martin

    External resistor or not

    my 50 dodge is 12 volts. I have a resistor and was still going thru points like crazy. I tested and was getting 10 volts from resistor to dist. I switched the wires around on resistor and now get 6 volts to dist.guy tell me resistror is the same either way but this is the way it tests. Car is running way better and points haven't burnt out since I did it.
  20. Phil Martin

    Changing fluid on fluid drive unit

    My 50 dodge didn't start. Unhooked the wire from coil to the, can't think what it's called not, on the aircleaner bracket where wires go to carb and trans. Now starts better than it ever did. If I come eo complete stop it will shift down, take off and let up on gas and it shifts up. The only thing it doesn't do is if I slow down and floor it no down shift.
  21. Phil Martin

    Clunking Sound Coming to a Stop

    Have you checked rear motor mounts?
  22. Phil Martin

    Left me stranded

    Be carefull when you take it off. The pin worked out on mine and when I took it off I wasn't carefull and the arm which the pin holds fell into the pan.
  23. Phil Martin

    49 Fluid Drive advice needed

    Yes when I replaced wires because it would't shift. Now it would't even start. I suspect the interuptor switch may be bad.
  24. Phil Martin

    49 Fluid Drive advice needed

    As I have said before I have the power to the circuit breaker un hooked. In low range I start out in 1st gear push clutch in and it shifts to 2nd gear . I push clutch in when I stop and it always starts in 1st. After it shifts to 2nd I shift the lever to high range. It goes to 4th gear because speed is to fast for 3rd. If I stop and push clutch in and speed engine just a little it will start out in 3rd and shift to 4th by letting up on gas. This all works with no elec power going to trans. I have gyromatic which I believe is same as m6. So they all should work like mine does.
  25. Phil Martin

    Flathead coolant flow help?

    I replaced my radiator when I got my dodge. I believe it is for a mustang. Diminsions worked out for dodge. It runs on warm side in hot weather, would it hurt to put about 4 lb cap on it? It's a new radiator.

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