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  1. woodrow

    Hello from the UK - ‘54 Dodge Suburban

    Where I live wagons are really coming into their own. Yours is an awesome example of why they are so cool! Like all you've done with the vehicle but I love the results with the motor. from where I'm looking it looks like it's better than brand new in appearance. Good luck.
  2. woodrow

    Proper trunk setup

    thanks rich.
  3. woodrow

    Cool P15 Photo

    the police cars pictured have them mounted on the grill behind the passenger side bumperette. not sure if that is the location after the optional bumperette has been added or just where it was located for those police cars. I'd think it was the former not the latter. surprised tho, that back then the police force went with the special deluxe model with the chrome and additional bumperette and other things over the cheaper, chromeless deluxe model.
  4. woodrow

    Cool P15 Photo

    the bumpers on the P15 cars have a 3rd bumperette in the center. Early push bar concept I guess
  5. woodrow

    Proper trunk setup

    I did a search and could not find anything on this. I'm getting the 48 P15 ready for the upcoming car show season and would like to know if there is any particular method to storing everything. I have a spare tire on rim, bolt and spare retainer, wheel chock, number jack and plate, and lug wrench. If anybody knows the proper layout or perhaps can even post a picture that would be greatly appreciated. I'm particular when it comes to details like this and considering that I'm lucky enough for my car to come with this stuff then why not do it right.
  6. woodrow

    Stolen business coupe recovered after 20 years

    wow...this is very interesting to see it come back to you. Funny tho how the car had no hub caps in the last pic you had of it and now it does...almost like somebody did in fact attempt to make the car road ready instead of it just sitting somewhere being cannibalized. oh and I see you've figured out the picture thing.now keep em coming
  7. woodrow

    Stolen business coupe recovered after 20 years

    I thought the same thing at first. you are probably getting a message telling you that there is a 3 MB limit. just means your pic is too big. you need to make your pictures under 3 MB the ones you want to post anyway. download an app called photo resizer and you should be good.
  8. woodrow

    Stolen business coupe recovered after 20 years

    What a great surprise. Just curious about the whole back story and the theft. Even more curious if you have managed to trace the timeline or who had it between you and the guy selling it.
  9. woodrow

    Emblem Restored/Before and After pics

    yes it's an 89 mustang with the 5 liter 302 High Output engine. they call that era of mustang's and some similar Ford cars "foxbody". I sure can post the paint. I will be in my garage tonight getting ready to have my Plymouth appraised tomorrow so I will get a pic of it then.
  10. woodrow

    Emblem Restored/Before and After pics

    I have dozens of cans of spray paints from past projects. if you notice the first picture, I took it on the hood of my 89 foxbody 5.0. believe it or not the paint on that car is a near perfect match to the emblem. and I of course have a spray bomb of the paint on that car for touch ups. but it took a lot of comparing the emblem to other cans of paint before I realized the similarity. but ideally you would remove all of the backing material on the emblem and really be able to do any dark color. i think black would look really good.
  11. woodrow

    seat adjuster

    I have one of the larger ones on my work bench. I'll check the size tomorrow with the micrometer if u like. I would say they are a pretty common size and not hard to source. issue is that once you get them u will have to prevent them from rolling out again. theres a reason why they got away in the first place. in the mean time I would take the seat out if you haven't already and look around for them. they couldn't have gotten very far unless somebody already picked em up. I believe there are two large ones per track.
  12. woodrow

    Emblem Restored/Before and After pics

    I started wet sanding with 600 grit, then 1200, 2000. Its important to know that the back of the emblem is coated with a solid rubbery material. this material has become dried and flaking off in some areas causing the emblem to become see through in some areas. However, more of the material has not flaked off and is in fact adhered very well. the back of the emblem is not smooth , rather it is very rough so cleaning off the stuff that never flaked off is pretty well impossible. So the trick was to find a paint which is the same color as the coating and I did. so after many coats of paint the back looks good and uniform. after drying between coats with a heat gun I used some plastic lens push and the buffing wheels and just kept pushing til it looked good. it's not perfect but I'm happier with it now then before I started. before I install it I will probably polish some more and then give it a couple coats of wax.
  13. Just thought I would show a before and after picture of my center dash Plymouth emblem. Since I got my car a couple of months ago I have been attacking every little detail that I can address without going overboard financially. I've been loathing the appearance of the dash emblem as it was just awful looking while basically being a very prominent feature of the dash. Your eyes are kind of drawn to it. So tonight I fixed it. Or at least I feel I made it look better. I might start posting a few before and after pictures in this thread as I myself find that to be thoroughly entertaining and interesting. Please feel free to post your own as I would love to see them.
  14. woodrow

    41 ply coupe p11 i think

    You got that right! If its Mopar, it's expensive! From the window rubbers to the chrome garnish it can really put a strain on the wallet. I usually spend a bit of time every night just looking up parts for my '48 P15 just for kicks and I'm blown away by the prices. Wouldn't want to be building an old Mopar right now and start with only the bare body. These prices would certainly be inhibitive. On a lighter note, spring made an appearance here today so it wont be long before the toys come out !
  15. woodrow

    Clock not working: any usual suspects?

    I took the clock out today to have a look. I didn't see anything there that I could possibly or conceivably alter that would result in an operational unit. I couldn't even get into the area where the gears were. I was surprised tho that of the 2 wires coming from the unit that one of them was simply for a bulb. I did put some power to the other wire and grounded the body of the clock just to see if perhaps a little jolt might produce some results but to no avail. I may in fact just do as somebody mentioned; switch to a quartz mechanism. or just leave it one altogether. I have it back together now and somehow forgot to get one picture of the damn thing! I usually take pictures constantly when I am working on something on one of my cars but totally forgot this time. oh well, on to the next item. thx for all the replies.

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