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  1. Im in need of replacing at least 3 of the rubber seals on the vent windows as they are either deteriorated or distorted and ugly looking. In order for me to get them from ebay and have shipped to me in Canada it is just about $300 per set which is 1. ridiculous for 2 pieces of formed rubber. 2. not in my budget. Question is first are there and scrap yards that anybody can poi t me to in eastern canada or there abouts for used ones, which i know is a long shot. And doed anybody have any kind of solution to maybe making my own using a seal or rubber from another type of vehicle. I have already put an ad in the wanted section of this forum but it never panned out. Thx.
  2. thx. I will have a look. update when u have it done if you can. I'd like to see.if it works out for you. good luck.
  3. hey. just curious where you bought your guage setup. mine is busted from the previous owner.
  4. I just did the same thing, a whole brake system replacement on my 48. only difference is I honed some cylinders and rebuilt them and replaced others. I did the adjustments basically the same way you described, without a tool and it went great. it's possible though that the original poster has the shoes imbalanced on adjustment cus I know it took me about 10 minutes per corner adjusting and readjusting til I got it right.
  5. thx. I actually looked around the internet and found a site that identifies a tonne of guage bezels (guess somebody had a lot of time on their hands to compile THAT list lol) and it was was listed as a 42-49 New Yorker, Windsor Saratoga and Imperial. The crown emblem makes it different than the one on my P15 tho it could be used. And I didn't know til you mentioned it that dual air ducts was an option. thx again.
  6. ok so these parts are making sense now. I had thought that they were extras but now I realize that they actually belong to my car. my car is still fairly new to me so I'm finding out something new about it every day. when I got the car there were 2 "sleeves" made out of metal and a cardboard like material. they sort of resemble handlebar mitts for an ATV. ive discovered since that they deliver airflow to the kick panels. and now I see the pieces on the left of the picture fit in these sleeves. I'm not sure where the 2 "roundish" pieces fit tho.and the Y adapter is a mystery to me. if anybody has a picture of any of these parts in play It would be a massive help . thanks.
  7. The the previous owner of my 48 Plymouth gave me some parts today that he found. among them was alot of old redundant stuff like brake shoes sans lining and the like. however there were a few interesting pieces that I'm not sure what to call. there is a chrome piece as pictured that is similar to my guage bezel except for the lower middle emblem. the rest are not readily apparrant to me. anybody recognize them?
  8. 8 fact is that I've got the car on jack stands and waiting for a slew of new parts to arrive. as well, we have another 2 months here before the car hits the road for the season. the other thing is when I dipped my finger in the fill hole i pulled out a substance that had no business being in there. just pure neglect and should have been changed years ago. so it wasnt staying in there no matter if I had a replacement or not. today I did in fact get the required gear oil. soon as I mentioned to the guy at the counter at napa what I wanted he knew what the "canadian" equivalent was. it's in the trans now in fact.
  9. now that's about as clear as it could ever get. thank you for all of that info. I have been left scratching my head with confusion because theres alot of jumbled and conflicting info put there (not talking about this forum). this clears it up and helps alot. thx Andyd.
  10. thx for responding. apparently Napa doesn't carry the Gl1 in Canada or at least I cant find it. Cant find it anywhere else either. I'm also having great difficulty in finding an equivalent 80w90 mineral oil while searching online. perhaps when I go to a few stores I may find something. In the meantime do any Canadian members have any suggestions for an equivalent? or what have you used? thx
  11. I have a 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe Sedan with a 3 speed on the wheel. It has a 218 23 inch block 6 cylinder. Its all original so nothing has been altered requiring original servicing needs to change. I am after searching the forum for an answer as to what fluid to put in the " trans" but I cant come up with a definitive answer. I've actually come up with alot of different opinions but cannot find the right stuff. Last night I drained fluid from the tail end of the trans. It is the part with a square head fill plug on the right side and a square head drain plug on the lower right side. I dont know if this is what's called a fluid drive trans or not and that's probably what's leading all of the confusion for me. What drained out was like a gear oil consistency but it was very old and needed to be changed. I'm going to Napa tomorrow to pick up some parts and would like to know what I'm supposed to be putting back in there for fluid. As well, is there another part of the trans that needs servicing or fluid change or is that the only part? Thanks in advance.
  12. shipping to where I live from so.e of these suppliers is inhibitive so I made my own. I used a boat trailer roller and just cut to size with a chop saw. I know some will say that it's not original so dont do it but when you are trying to save a few bux this is a great alternative.
  13. By the looks of those plates your friend is a welding instructor. lol. I remember when I completed my welding program we started off using those same plates. Like was mentioned already watch videos, read some theory and you will learn quickly.
  14. I'm sure there are.those 9f you who have had to replace those ribs that run from side to side of the P15 or similar. They are undoubtedly a real rust magnet and eat away over the years. I just added a little on to a couple of mine when I fixed some body mounts but over this coming winter I have it in my mind to lift the body up a couple inches and replace/repair the rest of the ribs. has anybody done this and what did u use for the rib.
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