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  1. Thanks for the responses , these all make sense for taking it on trips. Right now the temp gauge isnt working so that's first on the list , any tips on how to get the original working or should I install a never gauge ?
  2. How can we bulletproof the 1954 Plymouth Savoy , so were not afraid to drive it everywhere . These were used as taxicabs apparently and the hearty motors used for industrial applications , so cant be that hard even though it's a 54 .
  3. Just pulled the 6 out of the newly purchased 1954 Plymouth Savoy and replaced the main seal. The car is now difficult to start and when finally runs it sputters doesnt rev up exc then dies .What could be wrong typically after pulling the motor and putting it back in
  4. I'm typing with a bandaid on my finger, it is a 1954 Plmouth Savoy.
  5. I can find rocker replacements for the 2 door 1954 Plymouth Savoy , who sells then for the 4 door,?
  6. My son and I just picked up a Plymouth Savoy for a good price because it needs a main seal. Please give us some advice about how to do this job. Thank You
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