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  1. Fibonachu

    1955 First vs Second Series Windows?

    So this listing says it is for 1953 and 1954. My assumption (apparently incorrect) was that this was similar to your comment above about the C3 and D-series doors being different, but using the same glass. It appears that either none of the glass vendors know what fits what, or glass for a 1954/early 1955 does not exist?
  2. Fibonachu

    1955 First vs Second Series Windows?

    When you say "everything", do you mean the cab? Or the whole truck? Any recommendations on parts places? LMC has been my go-to for classic truck parts of other brands, but they don't carry anything for this. I have found DCM Classics and Robert's Motor Parts, but I am hoping parts are more available than that. Otherwise my bridgeport might be getting more exercise than I had intended. Thanks for the help on the glass. The 1953-1954 listings look the right shape, so those are probably what I want.
  3. I recently bought a 55 C-1-B to fix up with my son. I am looking at replacement side/back windows, but I am confused by the 1st/2nd series designation from the parts places. Based on the VIN, mine was actually built in 1954, so I assume that it is a 1st series, but I can't find any pictures that note the difference between the two. This looks like the right thing, but says it is the 2nd series and later years version. From what I can tell, the later years had a more square vent. My theory is that the listing is just mislabeled, but wanted some feedback from someone who knew more. Anyone have a suggestion? (I have emailed them as well, but I have had too many vendors tell me their products would work when they wouldn't, so I figured I would ask here as well)
  4. Fibonachu

    Window Gasket insight?????

    I have the same question. I need to put a new back window in my 55 and that looks like it would be the right stuff for a much more palatable price.

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