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  1. Mike S

    Intake + Exhaust manifold removal

    Well gentlemen, I found the issue. The stud between #4 and #5 was the one that did not have a nut on it. However, it apparently corroded so bad that it basically rust welded (for lack of a better term) to the exhaust manifold. I had to use multiple chisels to inch the manifold away from the head evenly just millimeters at a time. (See pic below of the single stud hanging on to half of the manifold. The manifold was cracked in several places and was in bad shape before this. Of course, now it is in really bad shape. 😢 Does anyone have a recommendation of where to find new exhaust and intake manifold for a P15 in a 1947 Plymouth Deluxe?
  2. Mike S

    Intake + Exhaust manifold removal

    I apologize for the delayed response. You guys are awesome! I only had 11 nuts removed.Thanks "greg g"! Still had difficulty finding the missing 2 until "The Oil Soup" posted. One of them didn't have a nut on the stud and the other one was easy to loosen but the nut is just spinning on the end of the stud. Guess the threads on that stud are corroded. However, the manifold still doesn't want to come off. I will wait until the light of day and give it another shot. I will update this post as soon as I make some more progress. Thanks again to all!
  3. Mike S

    Intake + Exhaust manifold removal

    Yep, I found that tricky one in the middle underneath. That was the last one I found. I've been all over it with a flashlight and dont think I've missed any but I'll look for the pics. Thanks Jerry!
  4. Removing intake + exhaust manifold from P15 in my '47 Plymouth. I have removed all nuts from the manifolds studs but manifolds are not coming off. I can wedge a chisel in most spots but not on the exhaust manifolds in the center. Any pointers would be appreciated! Thanks!

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