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  1. peteandvanessa

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    I'll have to get some pics, but the other end of the cable fits perfectly in the factory support bracket that's mounted on the flywheel inspection cover. All you have to do at that end is to cut of the factory adjuster from the old hand brake cable, leaving about 4 inches, then use a cable clamp to fasten the new cable to the original factory adjuster. Sweet solution (and a bit of luck I guess) 🙂
  2. peteandvanessa

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    Found an awesome solution to the emergency brake for my 53 1/2 ton emergency brake cable ( you can't buy a new one anywhere). Go to Napa Auto parts and buy a front handbrake cable for a 2005 Ford F150 (about $50). At the barrel crimp end, trim the barrel down a little with a Dremel. Then you can slot it into the hole on the handbrake shaft, you will also notice that the outer sleeve will fit into the retaining area of the handbrake in the engine compartment perfectly. Then on either side of the retaining area, take you Dremel and cut a shallow slot. That will allow you to use the original retaining clip. On the other end of the handbrake cable, just buy some u shaped cable clamps (I haven't finished that part yet but it's easy). And voila a brand new heavy duty emergency handbrake cable....sweet 😁
  3. peteandvanessa

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    Just going to beat a few of the dents out with a big hammer, pull the front end out with some chains and a come along, the scotch brite the metal work and clear coat it. The only area I'll do a full cleanup is the cab area, most likely I'll make my own seat covers, I'll have to break out my sewing machine (yes, I really do own a sewing machine)
  4. peteandvanessa

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    The new emergency brake band turned up in the mail. Now I can have a working handbrake
  5. peteandvanessa

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    Been busy today with "Tug". Clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, transmission are all in. Basic wiring done, radiator plumbed in. He starts from the foot starter and ignition switch is working as are the oil and temp gauges. Sweet. Still need to tidy up the top hose (it's too long, but it's all the local store had).
  6. peteandvanessa

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    Cleaned and painted the emergency brake brackets (still need to clean up the transmission). The brake band has seen better days, so I have a replacement on order 😁
  7. peteandvanessa

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    It does seem strange and with the DMV you have to tread carefully I guess. What one person at the DMV says, might be contradicted by another DMV employee. I guess you just have to jump through the legal hoops with them.
  8. peteandvanessa

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    Just to document what folks will need to do in California, to get a title when the title is lost/missing and there's no old registration or record in the DMV system and all you have is a Bill of sale: The documents you will need are: 1. Bill Of Sale from the seller (REG 135) 2. Statement Of Facts (REG 256) 3. Vin/Serial Number Verification (REG 31) 4. Title Application (REG 343) 5. Non Planned Operation (REG 102) 6. Weight Certificate from a Certified Public Weighmaster
  9. peteandvanessa

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    I filed the paperwork at the DMV this morning. All I need now it to get a weight certificate and they will issue me a new title - Yay!!!

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