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  1. I recently attempted to hammer the u-joint pins in and out, no go. Then I tried to use a large vice to press them out and back in, pretty tough to get it done correctly. I'd have given anything to have a good press. Still don't have them back together as the replacements seem to be a hair too large for the flange to go over. Now have the engine out and disassembled, beginning the slow process of putting it back together. with a little luck and a big box of goodies from Andy Burnbaum it will run again some day.
  2. LeRoy

    Dirty Oil!

    Thank you Adam I wasn't necessarily thinking of a closed system. My thinking was thinking the vacuum above the carb would be enough to suck the fumes out of the crankcase (PCV) and let the fresh air come from the atmosphere via the filler cap. After reading your response and looking at the factory document it looks like the filtered air from the carb is the supply going into the filler tube and the PCV / manifold vacuum is the discharge. Makes sense now. Thank you, I appreciate the advice. Andy
  3. LeRoy

    Dirty Oil!

    Hi all I'm brand new to the world of old Dodge and much like Harvie I have some white smoke from the draft tube and oil filler breather on occasion. I'd like your thoughts and input as well. I've got even compression and good oil pressure so I'm in no hurry to open the engine up (I'm confident rings and rod bearings are in my future) Currently my car has a small paper filter in place of the original oil bath air cleaner. I'm planning to go back to the original air cleaner and I may install a PCV valve as a part of that project. My thoughts before reading this thread were to install a PCV valve in the draft tube and route the vacuum end into the air cleaner. I'd need to install a "PCV intake tube" in the lower section of the air cleaner and I see the factory method has you using that location as a vacuum source. My questions: Do you think it appropriate to use the oil filler breather as the air supply for the crankcase and a PCV valve in the draft tube as the air discharge from the crankcase? It looks like the factory recommends a different thought process on where to draw crankcase fumes from? Would I be better off to discharge the fumes ahead of the air cleaner 'element' or after it just above the carb throat? If you introduce the fumes above the carb does that eliminate the vacuum leak i'll be creating? Thanks in advance for any advice. Andy
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