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  1. Here's a better shot of the mockup, I will make a new panel and keep hunting a surround to suit.
  2. HI Andy, yeah I won't be throwing any of the bits I'm taking off away, the wheel is a new Moon wheel along with a heap of other gear that came with the car, all destined to go on a friends Willys Coupe Chassis.
  3. IF anyone has a lead on a 41 cluster surround please let me know, and a good steering wheel for a 40 that would be appreciated.
  4. Cluster has arrived safely and is a bit of an improvement, now to modify the dash to suit and find/make a surround. Steering wheel may also be changed out if I can find a suitable one.
  5. Here's how the dash had been modified.
  6. Been a bit slack with my updates of late, haven't spent a lot of time on the car lately due but now back into it again. A couple of things I am hunting for are the body trims for the cowl section, I have all the trims for the bonnet, doors and rear quarter panels. The other thing I really need is dash parts to suit a 1941 Chrysler, mainly the instrument surround as I have tracked down a mint instrument cluster which is a big improvement over the aftermarket gauge set that came with it. Otherwise I now fully stripped the body and are working through tidying up a few small bits of bodywork left and setting up the tri power on the 318 Poly. Next step will be to get a tailshaft made up and a fuel tank made. Given I am more going for a custom look rather than the street rod style I am thinking of going to steel rims with full size caps so I rolled the car out of my garage at the weekend to get a preview by flicking some caps on the Cragars currently on the car.
  7. Yeah most were from Car Guys garage but they disappeared a while ago sadly.
  8. Yeah Mick bought from an importer around 2010.
  9. HI Andy, that is indeed the manifold I have, along with an iron dual quad and a factory two barrel. I will dig some photos out of the boat engine, it's not the neatest thing getting around due to the marine conversion but when I built the motor I got rid of all the garden hose and bailing twine! Here's a before shot
  10. HI Andy, Sorry for the late reply I have been very busy with work. The engine in the chassis shots is a later one, the trans is a push button whereas the other is a conventional shift alloy t/f so another late block. The number on the good engine is A318- 9?29- 0746. I've owned quite a few Mopars over the years but this is my first foray into Poly engines. Previous cars include a two door Pacer Hardtop in Thar She Blue, a Hemi Orange Big Tank E38, an AP6 Safari, a CL Drifter Van, a CL 770 Charger (265, 4 speed), a Hillman Hunter Hustler and a Hillman Hunter 660.
  11. HI Andy, all the chassis work was done at Car Guys Garage, the Hemi is in a Single Spinner Ford also sitting at the same shop. There are two Poly's with it, the one in the photos is just there for mock up the other is built and to be honest I have not checked the numbers on either yet but will do so once the weather cools a bit, we've had some very hot weather the last few weeks in Echuca and destined to hit 44 by the end of the week again. I don't know the rationale behind the Holden Front end nor why when they did the inner guards they made it impossible to set an alignment on that front end. We have a few modifications ahead of us but I am confident I will get this car on the road, and hopefully take Mick for a spin! Since getting it I have had the car engineer inspected as that had not been done previously and now we will get on and make a few changes suggested by him and finish the bodywork.
  12. Here's a few shots of chassis build.
  13. HI Andy, You are right, I've known Mick a long time and he rang offering his car a couple of months ago so I jumped at the chance. Trav
  14. HI, I've just found this forum whilst looking for information regarding my latest acquisition, a 1940 Chrysler Royal 6 Passenger Coupe. The car has been modified a fair bit by the previous owner who was well on the journey to Street Rod status but sadly funds dried up for him. The car has a rebuilt 318 Poly with a Tri Power manifold backed up by a 727 Torqueflite Automatic trans. An independent front suspension has been installed and disc brakes all round. Loads more work has been done but I will run a separate thread on that one. I'm 38 years of age and had a fair few Mopars over the years although currently keeping the 40 company are my very first car which is an Australian Built 1970 Valiant Pacer sedan which I have owned for over 21 years, a 1934 Chrysler Airflow (project car) along with a 1966 Burton wooden ski boat which I have restored and is powered by a 230 Cubic Inch Dodge Sidevalve with twin carbs on it. Looking forward to having a poke around here and gain some more knowledge before I go too much further with the 40. I have thrown a couple of photos up of my cars, the 40 as purchased and of the other toys.
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