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    1951 Dodge 2-ton Dump Truck (B-3-HHA-192)

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    Formerly from Pittsburgh, Pa. (Steelers Fan) moved to Jacksonville, N.C. when I retired from USMC
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  1. RedHot71

    Brake Master Cylinder Replacement

    I was afraid of that. Mine is a B-3 JA. Same/Same?
  2. Waiting on a new master cylinder I ordered for my 2 1/2 ton dump truck. (Centric #130.81004) Bore size is 1 1/4". I have recently found one that is supposed to be for my truck, but bore size is 1 1/2". Have I ordered the wrong one or does someone know if what is en route to me will work with that size truck? Wanna go ahead & get the other on it's way to save time if it is necessary, & I'm sure if I install the Centric, I won't be able to return it.
  3. RedHot71

    Master cylinder replacement

    Ordered one from Parts Geek this morning. Made by Centric. Thanks for the info.
  4. RedHot71

    Master cylinder replacement

    Just installed the new re-sleeved wheel cylinders from White Post, but it seemed worth it. Now I want to replace the master cylinder seeing as the brake fluid has all leaked out after (3) days. Any info on part #'s would be appreciated.
  5. I have a 1951 Dodge 2 1/2 ton dump truck & need a master cylinder. Do not care if aftermarket or not. Original # is Wagner Lockheed # FE-786. Anybody had to replace theirs on this type truck? I understand Centric makes a replacement & they are pretty reasonable. Please Advise.
  6. Does the bottom rod that controls the butterfly get new seals & bushings? I think that is where it is leaking from. Also, where do I find the actual part # for the carb to order the kit or replacement. The parts manual just have chronological #'s.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Took the rod loose from that pivot point where it connects to the carb. From there to the pedal is fine. There is a catch point when I manually operate the carb & it leaks out the front towards the bottom where a rod goes up into the carb.
  8. Having problems w/the carb on my 1951 2 1/2 ton dump truck. Would just as soon replace if not too costly or maybe purchase rebuilt unit. Problem is all I can find is for a 230 cu. in., not the 250 mine is supposed to have. Any thoughts. Thought it was my throttle linkage, but come to find out it is the carb.
  9. RedHot71

    Throttle Linkage

    Will a throttle linkage set-up from pedal to carburetor off of a 1953 B-4 fit a 1951 B-3? I'm having a problem with mine hanging up no matter what I do. Already replaced the pedal w/new, lubed all joints, but still there is a catch in it. Could it also maybe be the carburetor itself?
  10. Is there a trick to installing a replacement gas pedal on a B-3 truck. I have tried several times & do not want to ruin the new pedal. It just will not seat & stay seated on the pivot studs. I must be doing something wrong. It looks like it would just pop into place.
  11. RedHot71

    51 B-3 2 ton brake cylinders

    Anyone out there had to replace their gas pedal before? Cheapest I can find for replacement is $49.95. Part #451964.
  12. RedHot71

    51 B-3 2 ton brake cylinders

    Thanks, That has been bugging me. Took the pedal completely off & that didn't help. The rod going thru the hole in the firewall seems awful sloppy. I will clean & check all pivot points & look for something binding. Just noticed that the battery cable leading to the starter has been taped up. Could be the culprit. Will get someone to operate it while I investigate.
  13. RedHot71

    51 B-3 2 ton brake cylinders

    Sprayed w/white lithium grease, did not appear to help. Does the dry lube work better?
  14. RedHot71

    51 B-3 2 ton brake cylinders

    That sounds right. Mine has the 2 speed rear end & is JA as well. I'll check those part #'s out. Thanks. Sent wheel cylinders to White Post Restorations in Va. yesterday. Part #'s did not compute to anyone here in Jacksonville, N.C. Can't wait to get this thing back to work! While waiting on cylinders, I have begun a basic tune-up. The throttle linkage seems to be hanging up until I hit the gas pedal again hard. Anyone had an issue w/any part of their throttle linkage? Just started happening.
  15. RedHot71

    51 B-3 2 ton brake cylinders

    That sounds right. Mine has the 2 speed rear end & is JA as well. I'll check those part #'s out. Thanks.

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