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  1. Fuel gauge finally does not work at all. Used to be it would take a second or two & it would pop up & read. Now nothing at all. Gauge or sending unit???
  2. Thanks for the replies. Do not have the heat shield right now. Was thinking about using the sleeves for spark plug wires when you install headers.
  3. Really? Nobody else has had this problem?
  4. Finally got my B3JA Dump Truck back together, bled the brakes and took it down the road. Got back, lifted the hood to check everything & noticed the fuel in the inline see-thru filter was boiling while it was still running. Shut it down, bubbling subsided some, but still bubbling. Any thoughts? Should there be a heat shield between the fuel line coming off the fuel pump under the exhaust manifold? If so, what does it look like & can I just fab one? Thanks in Advance.
  5. Is there a more modern, easier to find parts for V-8 that will bolt into my B-3 Dump truck? And if so, is there some sort of adapter kit or something that I might need. It now has the big flathead six.
  6. Thanks I'll give that a try. I wire brushed the heck out of it.
  7. I have a spare flathead six motor that came w/my 1951 Dodge 2 1/2 ton dump truck. Trying to find out the size. The normal place just below the head on the block cannot be read. Is there another place I might find this number to determine what I have? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks again for the responses. Mine is mounted to the block/head, but would it be OK to use the rubber brake lines, like the ones going to the calipers/brake drums? Just concerned about the heat. Back to the white smoke coming out of the exhaust, I did a pressure test on the cooling system & only found a coolant leak at the radiator itself.
  9. I would have let the engine run longer, but the return line for the oil filter canister started leaking. It is brittle & broke right loose from the fitting. I plan on repairing that leak & starting it again & see if the white smoke burns off & clears up. My lines are rubber with a mesh reinforcement on the outside. Can I just use steel brake line instead? Also in answer to Mr. Coggins question, I do have a pinhole leak in the top of the radiator. I think the passenger side of the hood caused it. Bit of solder to repair that. Thanks for the response guys!
  10. If the water distribution tube is bad in my dump truck flathead six will it blow white smoke out of the exhaust and smoke under the exhaust/intake manifold? Just replaced the head gasket & fired it up hoping to get back on the road. Smoke again, so maybe it was not the head gasket after all. Also the return line for my canister oil filter broke off. Can I use steel tubing like is used for brakes to replace that? One step forward & two steps back!!! Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. So water does not run through the head @ that point? Reason I am asking is because I had the truck @ idle & my son & I were bleeding the brakes. All of a sudden white smoke started coming from under the hood & out of the exhaust. Shut it down, looked under the hood & you could smell anti-freeze. Figured the head gasket blew. That is what prompted me to pull the head & order a head gasket. When going to re-assembly I noticed the hole in the combustion chamber. Pulled the head on my parts motor & the same thing. Just trying to ensure it is supposed to be there. Thanks for the reply!
  12. Pulled the head off my 2 1/2 ton flathead & was ready to replace the gasket & noticed a hole in #6 combustion chamber about the size of a "BB". There is a brass plug on the top of the head that seems to correspond to that hole. What is that for? I have a spare engine for parts I pulled the head off of & it has the same hole in it. Please help! Need to get this beast back on the road.
  13. Thanks so much. Help me out again, if you can. The gasket I got is copper on (1) side & Fel-Pro paper/cardboard on the other. Which side goes up & which side goes down?
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