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  1. Since the clutch set up does fit in the old bell I'll be using the old trans but the rear seal was leaking so I took it to a local trans shop. Hes going to change front and rear seal for what seems like a good price.
  2. Well shes in there. I have to check the travel on the steering rods as is sits I have about 2.5 inches clearance. No the rad on the other hand has a lot less room than I anticipated.
  3. I am really tryin to not take it apart but that decision will be made this evening or tomorrow morning. I will dry fit to see exactly what needs to be modified.
  4. I pulled measurements and they're the same as the old one just looks different and I figured out last night that the clutch fork is vertical as the original was horizontal that's what I was trying to figure out why the linkages were different.
  5. I thought I was going to have to move my sump mid engine but I think I'll be able to get by just trimming a little fat.
  6. Dustin


    It's a 56 Plymouth plaza. And I'm not real sure how to send a PM on this forum.
  7. After getting home and tinkering with it I think I will just have to fabricate about a 4 or 5" linkage to go from existing to the new clutch fork lever. I will do my best not to make any irreversible mods to anything on the car itself. And after pulling some roundabout measurements I think I'll be able to get by with minimal modifications to the oil pan.
  8. I may have to just eat it and spend the money
  9. I found a few different places that offer clutches throw out bearings and pressure plates for around $150. But I was hoping to just use the trans that's already together but I'm unfamiliar with this linkage
  10. The bell housings are the same length but the one I took out needs a clutch plate and throw out bearing that's why I want to use the new one just dont know the mechanics of the new clutch set up and I'm trying not to take it apart to figure it out.
  11. It's not an option that motor is going in that car come hell or high water, I guess I need a little knowledge of the new clutch set up but dont want to take it apart to understand it
  12. Alright I'll be stuffing a 25in motor/trans in my Plymouth Friday. The trans that came out needs a new clutch and throw out bearing so I was trying to use the set up that I bought together to save time and money. But the new trans has a different clutch set up. Would it be possible to modify my original linkage to work the new one?
  13. Dustin


    That makes sense as to why the engine looks and seems to be in great shape. It is a 25in the original motor in car was a 23 but I bought it now so it's going in one way or another.
  14. Dustin


    So it is an overhaul tag? Is the 11981 the date or something else.
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