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  1. OK, I can make the gouge marks face the front, but should I worry about not having any vertical slots on these new pistons? The originals have semi- vertical slots on one side that connect with a horizontal slot, and then some small holes on the opposite side. The new pistons just have horizontal slots on both sides. Chris
  2. Hi All, Just got a set of pistons for my '47 218, that's in my '42 Power Wagon. They're from Sealed Power, 37P, std. bore. The Dodge manual instructs how to install on the rods in relation to the slots on the one side of the piston, and then to install in the block in relation to the valves, but these new pistons have no slots on the sides (aside from horizontal slots on both sides) ; they're symmetrical on both sides, except for a 1/4" long gouge or cast in slot about 1/16" deep on the top edge of the piston face in line with the wristpin. Can I put these pistons on the rods any way I choose, and do those face "gouges" have any significance? Thanks, Chris
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