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  1. We have moved on from the lettered tractors to trying to get just the 20 and 30 series. We also have somewhere around 30 in our collection, which is too many to try to store and deal with. I would like to just have a R, 80, 820, and 830 and a puller to simplify things. My dad is 70 years old and enjoys things with motors more than sports so it has been something that I can do to spend some time with him when we aren’t working, but like every other hobby it’s expensive. I thought that COE would have been fun to have put on a 12 valve dually chassis and made a show tractor puller.
  2. What kind of tractors do you collect? We are into the green ones and I have a few mutt Cockshutts and Minneapolis.
  3. Im more of a Ford and GM guy, but I just thought this was cool. This one has rust on the hood where mice had been running.
  4. Maybe I will regret not buying it. I had never seen a dodge coe before.
  5. This was sold online today. I didn’t exactly know what it was worth, but would have really liked to have it. It sold for $3950, I bid it up to $3850. The owner said that it did run.
  6. I farm part time with my dad and we had a little road trip the other day. In discussing this pickup he recommended keeping it original as well, now you guys have me thinking about it.
  7. New guy here. I think I may actually get a chance to work on this thing this winter. I bought it about 8 years ago from a family friends estate. The pickup had been in their family its entire life. Has anyone considered putting a newer hemi in these pickups?
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