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  1. johnjnr

    Date of manufature for 1940 Dodge Coupe

    Hi Andy, Thanks for your reply you certainly know your stuff on Dodges etc. I'm sure in time I will know a little more but with your knowledge and others no doubt my info file will grow. Here is a picture of when it was in great condition in South Africa and a couple more that I have of the car at present. I hope to get it back to somewhere near to the SA condition atr some point. My first task is to get it up and running! Thanks and Take Care John
  2. johnjnr

    Date of manufature for 1940 Dodge Coupe

    Hi AndyD, Thanks for your reply. Im currently trying to get the Uk registration process sorted and the more information i can get the better/easier it maybe. I have no physical proof that the car is a 1940 however the serial number seems to point that way. From what i have previously gained from the web is that exports were called D15, (as per the extract above??) however the engine number on this car starts D14 and as you can see so does the body number. I understand that the ASC stands for auxiliary seat coupe however i do not know what the 4058 stands for. Hopefully when i submit the forms to our DVLA they will then issue me with a new registration document and appropriate age license plate. Any relevant technical info anyone has would be of a great help. Regards JohnG
  3. Hi All, new to this site and residing in the UK and looking for help. I am taking on a D15 Dodge Coupe from my uncle but unfortunately he has lost all the paperwork for the car. I know the car is a 1940 but would like to know when it was built. I have the engine, serial and body nos and these point to a D15 coupe. ie D14 but export model. The exact model specification I'm a little unsure but its a right hand drive and my uncle imported from South Africa over 20 years ago. If anyone can point me in the right direction i would appreciate it. Regards John

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