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  1. My first project ,1941 Chrysler Windsor Sedan 242,6 cyl.


    Please help me find where to buy or provide  your thoughts on the correct replacement of Special Hydraulic fluid ( some one suggests, Universal Hydraulic #134 from Tractors Supply, AW32, MoPar#10w, ISO32) for the FLUID COUPLING and the quantity required  to  fill.


    Thank you


    41 Chrysler Windsor


  2. Thank you Andy ! I would prefer to buy an American Made products having worked in the steel industry for 40 years Chinese steel does not compare and I just just want it to be right. Your experience and no issues with that Gates pump is reassuring. Thanks again. Richard 1941
  3. Thank you for your help. I would never rebuild my old pump. I was considering buying a modern replacement , Gates 42554 which has better impellors and seals ,however it is made in China. Have any of you used this pump and can comment on it quality or reliability? Richard 1941
  4. Pleade provide me with your opinions of Chinese made Gates 42554 Water Pump as a replacement for my 1941 Chrysler Windsor L6 cyl.242ci before I purchase. Thanks in advance Richard 1941
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