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  1. That's a good find, especially from upper Michigan. Just spent a week in Hillman at the family cabin in late June.
  2. After 2 weeks vacation, I come back and catch up on all the progress. Interior looks great, along with all the little touches here and there. Happy Birthday too.
  3. I also looked at the website and found a few options that I thought would work too. One I liked best from the Spaenaur catalog was PN# 096-001 and 096-002 from the DB Series.
  4. Radar, thanks for the input on a better understanding of the lock operation. Nifty, I've read about others finding door latches from an Aussie drivers door to put locks on the driver side too. My question now is, are there replacement door locks/keys available or am I looking at the locksmith to cut a key to my existing door lock on the pasg side?
  5. Was able to pull the dog house with the removal of 6 major bolts and 2 minor ones. 2 bolts inside the door jambs going into front fenders, 2 bolts under the radiator support going through frame cross member for the major bolts. Also had 2 minor bolts from inner fender to tabs on the frame. Then it was lift and walk forward, it does help to have the front wheels off.
  6. I'll be keeping all the suggestions in mind, when I pull the body back out from temporary storage. Working on frame and driveline stuff first, then the body work will begin.
  7. Perfect, I thought that was a fabricated tool, I didn't even think of a bearing splitter.
  8. Steering wheel bolt only. Nothing else.
  9. Is it possible to borrow this bad boy?? PM me. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for all the input, it was a 2x4 that I drilled a 1 1/2" hole in, then ripped down the center. We screwed them together and rented a 7 ton 3 jaw puller that kept slipping off the wood, even when tried as a 2 point puller. Went the redneck way in effort to get it off. Finally hit a wall and said screw it, till I find a suitable puller. We pushed the whole column up into the cab, strapped it up, and pulled the body yesterday afternoon. Just got back from a day of fishing with the family. Frame is back on jack stands in the garage.
  11. Been spraying steering wheel splines for a week, been trying everything I can to get it off, here it sits now, and still not budging. I know we had to do some redneck engineering, but I don't have Dodge tool # C-232 as outlined in the manual....... Does anyone have any suggestions or a known good puller I could borrow??? Really trying to get the cab off this weekend, so the frame work can start and all can move forward.
  12. Prefer crayons, more colors to pick from and chalk is boring......
  13. We had a chip develop into a crack we pulled it a few weeks ago. Hoping I can still salvage it in the future when everything else is done, and just use it as a temp till a replacement can be located and installed. That is one thing, I'm liking about the 2 piece locking strip ours came with is it maybe reusable if needed.
  14. Thanks, for the responses and knowledge.
  15. So not necessarily something to be overly concerned about?...
  16. I planned on doing a 2 piece gasket like mine had, but I'm still interested in the glass cost/fit. Especially since I'm a good year behind you in progress.
  17. Pulled the head off yesterday, manually turned the crank and verified everything is moving with pistons and valves. That was great news for a truck that was parked in '73. Otherwise engine history is unknown. All the exhaust valves are white with a chalk like substance. Input please?
  18. I agree, they have all stopped by and asked about it. We do our best to clean up the driveway and keep everything either in the garage, or stored under a tarp on the side or back of house. Also fortunate to not have a HOA in my neighborhood.......
  19. No broken bolts or issues either.
  20. The Arizona dirt is everywhere, and doing a good job of making a mud trail down the driveway and street.
  21. When I was stationed in Japan, those things ran around everywhere non-stop. I never tried to get my 6'5" self into one though. Another lesson learned with them was 4 "in the bag sailors" can pick one up and move into a questionable parking spot at the corner of a building.
  22. Finally getting started on my C1, and I've searched the forum, watched 48Dodger's youtube videos, looked through the manual I have too. Just trying to figure out all the main attachment points I need to make sure I get removed, before rounding up extra hands to pull it off. Does the radiator support have to come out with it all? Any tricks or gotcha's that I should know about? Any, and all insight is appreciated. Thanks Eric
  23. Still in the teardown process, but trying to plan ahead. I've used the search function with no luck. I'm curious if any one has added wireless door lock actuators to their trucks? The universal kits I've found seem to be straight forward in operation on a 12V system, and getting the wires through the door jam isn't an issue either. Sample Just looking for some input. Thanks. Eric
  24. Seat is there, no covering though, also missing passenger side glass. It had a few layers of wood in the bed with a spare laying back there, no fluids other than oil. I'm finding out that I was probably taxed for a couple hundred pounds of Arizona dirt that has been collecting in every possible corner, nook, and cranny possible. Got a bug last night and started hosing stuff down after ripping the wood out, driveway now has a dried desert running down it. Plus it has that monster rear bumper on it from it's farm life.
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