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  1. Any concern with how close the RF brake line appears to be with the headers?
  2. CO54

    1952 Windshield Wipers needed

    Is that a 4 wheel drive hub on the front axle?
  3. CO54

    off the front deck just now.

    The front hit us last night and isn't expected to pass till Sunday. Just kinda sleeting on us here, snow is in the mountains though, just cold with the wind.
  4. CO54

    C Series Gauge Question?

    Thanks for the response, the thought of replacing the gauges with modern gauges (hopefully) inside the original cluster bezel / lens assembly is for a couple reasons. Reliability, accuracy and also ease of maintenance moving forward. I know there are a lot of variables with the gauges that need to be addressed. Old are set up for 6V so resistors would be required on a 12V system along with addressing any polarity issues and lighting issues. The fuel sender is a concern when it comes to Ohms required for the 54, but there are different options available as well. For me personally, I'm trying to update some items to a cleaner engine with electronic temp sender, and oil pressure sensor for example. This is obviously just my opinion and my preference, along with a voltage meter vs an ammeter. I'm just trying to find out what the dimensions of it are so that I can continue to do some research and know what options I have available when I get to that point. Thanks Eric
  5. Been doing a lot of research and planning before I start diving into my '54 C-1 (still in temporary storage), but with my plans of updating to 12V system and going to a 1-wire alternator I'm curious with the gauges. Can anyone give me an idea of the overall dimensions of the C series cluster and how wide the original gauge display openings are? I'm thinking about updating all 4 gauges to newer gauges that'll work with the 12V system easier and provide electrical sensors in the block for the oil/temp gauges. I would like to keep the outside appearance of the factory style cluster, only with new inside guts essentially. Here's a sample of the style gauges I'm looking at: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/atm-1715/media/instructions I know I might have to get creative with mounting, and inside trim, but that's part of the fun right? Thanks in advance. Eric
  6. CO54

    Me and the B-1-D

    The link has 2 parts: VIN Decoder, and the Serial Number break down for # of models by year/SN. http://t137.com/registry/help/decode.php
  7. CO54

    Thief tried to. .

    Link :https://www.dailywire.com/news/41846/heres-viral-photo-bloodied-man-female-ufc-fighter-amanda-prestigiacomo
  8. CO54

    Thief tried to. .

    Heard the same story on drive to work this morning. She's a "Straw Weight" UFC Fighter. 106 - 110 #'s. Couldn't help but laugh after seeing the guys mugshot when I got in the office either. She messed him up good with no effort.
  9. Just my 2 cents, but my '69 Jeep CJ5 had a hand brake cable that went to a drum brake just behind the t-case, my '62 Willys wagon originally did too, and I was able to use a new stock cable and hook to a splitter to put parking brakes on both rear wheels. May be something to look at. kaiserwillys.com or 4wd.com......
  10. CO54

    New member new project

    As a fellow newbie, welcome to the forum. Do what you feel with the truck, and yes there is an abundance of great information flying around this forum.
  11. CO54

    Rear axle and wheels

    From what I can tell that is a Dana 35C rear axle. Just a tough angle to tell on the finished product when looking at the cover. Of course the model number may have been on a tag when removed, but is also stamped on the left front side of the casing by where the casing and shaft meet.
  12. CO54

    New to Forum

    If I read the original vin tag correctly with some research. It was listed as 89 certified net hp, and 100 certified gross. Thought the 218 was only rated at 100 gross, and the 230 was 110 gross?
  13. CO54

    New to Forum

    Kev, The local U-pull n Pay had about 14 ZJ's in it last weekend. 10 with rear axles and disc brakes. Just didn't get under to see if D35C, D44, or Chry 8.25....... Regardless the 3 axle options could work with the Dodge. Yes, even the PITA D35C... lol. They all have a good aftermarket selection of ring pinion combos if needed, plus all the repair parts readily available. I'm gonna do all I can to keep the 218 alive.
  14. CO54

    New to Forum

    Keven, with the front disc conversion, I'll drop from a 5x5 to a 5x4.5 bolt pattern. I'll have to double check the WJ bolt pattern, I know the ZJ, XJ, YJ, TJ are all 5x4.5 though. I've got a few more pics, unfortunately it's bundled up on the in-laws property right now. Gotta get the work area at the house cleared up and ready for all the chaos of tearing it apart.

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