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  1. CO54

    questions about paint

    Give it a shot....If nothing else a good learning experience. Wish my run around beater was a truck, but for $600 and a clean title, the little PT Cruiser "$hit Shaker" gets the job done for me as a commuter. Wifey took over my Jeep..... funny how that works.
  2. CO54

    questions about paint

    I would think that scuffing/sanding the existing primer and clear would be enough for single stage to stick and cover. In my past painting experiences (all done in the garage at house) I've used the single stage over rattle can primer that had been sanded with 220. Of course I wasn't looking for a trailer queen. I built em for driving and enjoying. My 2 cents. Eric
  3. CO54

    Blizzard fun!!!!!

    We had the rain for 6 hours before the temp dropped yesterday and the snow started flying, so driveway was a skating rink till the sun popped out this morning.
  4. CO54

    Blizzard fun!!!!!

    Well, it's been a fun 24 hours here in Colorado Springs. Got kicked out of work yesterday at 945, watched the weather fall apart yesterday afternoon, watched neighbors fences get blown over and tossed around like leaves in 8 foot sections. Now back at work 2 hours before needed time to have the drive in be mostly dry roads. I know other parts of the city and especially out east of town in the plains got hammered with snow drifts and closed roads....... Record 97mph wind gusts at the airport only 3 miles from the house, power was out for 2 hours, but we all survived.
  5. It's gonna be a long day at the shop, knowing that it's got a spark of life!!!
  6. Brent, Yes the arm pits might get funky from time to time, however this is getting added to next years calendar for me in CO. That is of course depending on when the trip with the wife to Alaska is finalized. Thanks. Eric
  7. How often does the UPS truck have to drop off all your food needs from Chewy.com? I thought it was rough for me with a 4 kids and 2 dogs.......kids are between 10 and 20 all at the house too....
  8. CO54

    remind you of anyone?

    That's impressive........
  9. I 2nd the relay notion too. Additional wiring/components yes, but worth it the long run when done correctly. My 2 cents in past wiring projects with a central fuse box, I would pull all fuses and check circuits as completed 1 by 1 to find any issues that way. Example of only fuses needed for ignition, then moving to accessories and other items, till completed.
  10. This definitely sounds like my kind of gathering, just won't be able to do it this year. Gonna shoot for next year, by then I'll surely have parts available for those who might need or want them. Flippies are the perfect footwear for beer and darts too!!!!!!
  11. CO54

    1953 Dodge - What have I got into

    Just curious with the notes about the fan assembly, does anyone have a PN to reference for a replacement? Thanks. Eric
  12. You have it burping coolant yet????
  13. Looking good! Next thing we're going to hear about is your speeding ticket through the neighborhood on a test drive.
  14. I understand that draft seals are only on cars, however this could potentially work if you wanted to add them: Wrong link in 1st post. https://www.kaiserwillys.com/category/weatherseals/draft-seal-kits/clutch-brake-pedal-draft-seal-kit-fits-46-64-truck-station-wagon-jeepster
  15. Hood welting option: https://www.kaiserwillys.com/category/body/hood/hood-parts/hood-welt-kit-with-rivets-top-of-grille-fits-41-66-mb-gpw-cj-2a-3a-3b-5-m38-m38a1

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