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  1. captden29

    Starter repairs

    nice work.good looking car. i love the grill on that year. i guess the broomstick just holds it open wider. start it and drive it. capt den
  2. captden29

    mufler explosion

    trying to do a simple tune up, i ended up with the wrong rotor. after cranking too much with no start, a spark got into the system and blew the muffler apart. i tried to contact Kepich exhaust for a new one as that is where it came from. their phone number is no longer in service. are they out of business? where else to look for just a muffler? 1954 Windsor 6 cyl. capt den
  3. captden29

    mufler explosion

    it was a combination of things, but the dist. was in properly but the wires were off by one or two.the timing was bad because i played with the arm on the underside of the dist. not really knowing what it is there for. i still do not know why it is there and the manual does not mention it. what big box store sells mufflers? i ordered new tune up parts that are NOS and not Chinese. i put all the old stuff back in and the car runs fine. what's the old saying about if it's not broke? while i got the car up for the muffler i can do the universals. i finally found a set for a reasonable price. captden
  4. captden29

    251 L head runs bad HELP!!!!!

    you need steel core wires. try a new condenser. china stuff can be bad even new. 118 lbs of compression is like a new engine. check the dist. lead wire to the points. the insulation can wear off from the dist. plate moving when you accelerate. capt den
  5. captden29

    rear axle bearings

    i would like to clean and grease the rear axle bearings but i do not have the special puller the book calls for.is there a newer puller available,or some other way to remove them. what about the seals? i am nervous about this job. old age i guess. was a time i would just dig in and figure it out as i went along. i want to drive the car longer distance and feel this maintenance would be a good idea. i am sure it was never done before. thanks, capt den
  6. captden29

    rear axle bearings

    thanks dodge. i seem to not understand the way this is set up on my 54 Windsor. i should have mentioned the car and year. i believe the axle has 2 bearings, and i only wish to do the one in front of the seal. maybe i need to look more carefully at the manual. the one i want to service only takes grease from a small hole in the axle housing. i am told that the grease in there can be dried up and needs replacing and the bearing repacked or maybe replaced. capt den
  7. captden29

    Flathead to Hemi swap?

    did that swap in a 54 Windsor. welded in the motor mounts, no clearance issues with the steering. driveshaft and rear need to come from a hemi car, bit all bolt in.maybe the rad.? mine was automatic, yours is the gyromatic. good tranny. not sure if yours is the 25 inch block. if not, that could be an issue. capt den
  8. captden29

    Chrysler New Yorker 54 Transmission and Power Steering Oil

    Lino, absolutely beautiful car. i have a 54 Windsor convertible. i use Dex 111 in the tranny and any brand power steering fluid. i have the service manual if you need any info quick. i have been a fan of the 54 Chrysler since 1966 and have owned many of them. yours looks like the Newport model. my wife and i have thought about a trip to malta. would love to talk to you about the country. capt den
  9. captden29

    Gas tank outlet barb fitting

    why not pay the $30 for the fitting and pretend the tank cost $30 more than you actually paid? i agree it is a ridiculous price, but considering the money we put into these cars the convenience would be worth it. i must admit that i searched for over 2 years to find universals for my 54 Windsor because i refused to pay $140 each for them from a vendor. then i found them for $340 each and wished i paid the $140. however, i recently got them for $65 each. worth the wait? only because my driveshaft did not fall out in the meantime. you might have been able to bargain a little since you bought the tank from him. price gouging venders are out there, but so are the good ones. paying a little extra can be worth it to keep the good ones in business. about twelve years ago i went through the same thing for a tank on a 53 imperial. i forget how it got solved, but it was not too expensive. that is a unique part. capt den
  10. captden29

    Proper torque

    i make mine tight and then a small snug up. no tire shop ever touches mine as they will surely forget the left hand threads. dennis
  11. rustoleum grey primer will match your grey paint almost perfectly. capt den
  12. captden29

    Wide-Whitewall Radial Tire Choices

    fyi, the green rim has the oval hole for the stem, so you will need the special stems that it uses. ask your tire shop, but they are readily available. i have never used bias ply, but they are known to wander more than radials. i do not know about the radials that look like bias.personally i like a bigger tire, so the 215's would be my choice. less money too. i tried 235's on my 54 Windsor, but they rubbed on suspension, so i went to 225's. without power steering, all parking lot maneuvers will be hard no matter the tire. i went back to blackwall for the original look, but now i wish i got whitewalls. dennis
  13. captden29

    Heater Control Valve

    i cannot help you locate one, but i do know there are companies like texas air that rebuild them. maybe they can help. i took mine off and had the heater core fixed about 2 years ago and now i forget where the heater valve even goes back. it is a 54 Windsor and i guess somewhere there is a diagram for this. good luck finding one. i do not think i have an extra, but i will look. dennis
  14. captden29

    "original sale date

    cost is around $45. dennis
  15. captden29

    "original sale date

    Chrysler historical society may be able to provide you with a build sheet. it will have the date of first sale and where sold. dennis
  16. captden29

    Starter Removal

    on my 54 Windsor it took every wrench of every angle to get the top bolt off. it is hidden behind the starter motor body. not impossible but time consuming . not familiar with what a moon wrench is, but i may even have some. i buy unusual size and angled wrenches at flea markets if they are cheap. always found a need for them if only once. capt den
  17. captden29

    48 Chrysler New Yorker starting issue

    my car has sat for 3 weeks due to the hurricane. i tried the wingnut thing and the car started very fast. thanks. now back to installing new carpet. captden
  18. captden29

    48 Chrysler New Yorker starting issue

    so John, if you loosen the wing nut on the air cleaner the gas you put in there goes directly into the carb? none goes into the oil bath area? i always take the whole air cleaner off to do the same thing. capt den
  19. captden29

    46 dodge oil pressure

    54 Chrysler only has idiot lites for amp and oil, so i never know the oil pressure.i do know from owning other mopars of this era that 20# at idle and 40# running are good numbers. if it ain't broke...…! capt den
  20. captden29

    Bath time

    Russ, my 54 has a 265, which is silver. trans too is silver. oil pan is not green. i keep meaning to lube the linkage joints. the trans is very difficult to get in drive after not using the car for a while, but loosens up after driving a day or so. i am afraid the issue is in the steering column, but may just be the linkages. i will try my pressure washer. capt den
  21. captden29

    need help with carpet

    i purchased carpet for my 54 Windsor convertible from JC Whitney. a fair product for the price. it needs some cutting to fit well. i have cut the front. now i am not sure how to prepare where it is cut so it does not keep fraying. also, where can i get a grommet for the dimmer switch hole? i just had the seats recovered and they are beautiful. the carpet is a dark grey and the seats are a red and off white. i will post a picture when the wife gets home and she shows me again how to do that. this may inspire me to get the car painted. maybe maaco?. budget is important. thanks for ant tips. captain den
  22. captden29

    need help with carpet

    thanks for the replies. ebay has it all! i am going to try the instabind that greg showed. like to make it more of my own work. will let you know the results. capt den
  23. captden29

    Door won't open. 1952 Dodge coronet

    i once closed my door on my 54 Windsor and a screwdriver was left along the bottom. door did not want to open after that. i forget how i got it open after that, but once i realized what it was i figured it out. capt den
  24. captden29

    Wheel cylinders and parts

    these guys can re sleeve. apple hydraulics, NY, 631 369 9515. capt den
  25. i am trying to remove the armrests. the handles are off, door panel pulled away, but the armrests appear to be bolted to the door from behind them where i cannot see what is there or even get a hand in there. the arm rests are covered with material all around, they do not have bolts under them as in my 53 imperial. i do not see how they could have been put together this way, let alone be removed. funny thing is there is duct tape on the paper panel under the door panel. this was not used in 1954, so someone has been in there. may not be relevant to this issue. does someone know the procedure to remove these? thanks. capt den

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